30 Pallet Flooring Ideas For Homeowners

Using and installing wooden pallets as flooring can be difficult. Finding the right wood for your project takes time and planning. Are you looking for inspiration for your pallet flooring project? We've researched this topic and have ideas to share.

There are tons of designs, colors, and styles to choose from for flooring using wooden pallets. Floor designs range from modern and minimalist, to rustic, classic, and many more. You can use recycled and old wood, then apply a wood stain to enhance the color of the grain.

If you are still undecided about the design and materials you want to use for your wooden pallet floor, we will help you out. Continue reading through this post, as we have collected 30 pallet and pallet-inspired flooring ideas.

photo of a minimalist modern design bedroom with pallet wood flooring attached on the floor, X Pallet Flooring Ideas For Homeowners

30 Pallet Flooring Ideas You Will Love

We have listed some of the best wooden pallet flooring ideas for your home.

1. Recycled Wooden Pallets

These recycled pallets make the floor look captivating and creative. The pallets were used for transporting coconut oil. A semi-gloss finish was applied to beautify the wood.

2. Old Wood Planks

Creating your pallet design takes effort, but the finished product can be creative and artistic. The cost is affordable, perfect if you have a tight budget for redoing your floor. These old wood planks did wonders to the floor.

3. Medieval Inspiration

The design of these wooden pallets looks classy and unique. The different angles and sizes made unique patterns and gave the floor a medieval look.

4. Upcycling Pallet Wood

This pallet flooring is beautiful and suitable for residential floors. One of the best materials you can use for your home, wooden pallets can be used to construct furniture, walls, ceilings, and floors.

5. Rustic Look

Recycled wooden pallets gave this living room a stylish new look. The pallet scraps make the floor look rustic yet inviting.

6. DIY Red Wood

This DIY pallet-inspired red wood floor design is affordable yet looks elegant and expensive. Matching red flooring with wooden furniture and earth colors brings nature into your home.

7.  Shades Of Wood

This native pallet design is amazingly chic yet affordable. The different shades of wood give a dramatic look to the aesthetic of the dining room.

8. Unique Patterns

The intricate, unique patterns from different wood sizes and shapes make the floor eye-catching.

9. Oak Logs

These round oak log pieces make for a striking hallway. Using logs to redesign and add style to the hallway is an innovative idea. It looks unique and creative.

10. Shapes In Wood

The design of this pattern captures the eye. The design requires planning before starting the project, but the materials used are still affordable.

11. Upcycled Dark Oak Wood

The dark oak wood makes the room look dramatic and rustic. The room feels homey thanks to the patterns and the dark color of the wood.

12. Cozy Oak Pallets

The simplicity of these oak pallets matches the wooden cabinet, making the kitchen area look cozy and calm.

13. French Oak hardwood

This French oak hardwood pallets create a perfect, timeless aged look. The light, classy wood flooring matches the white walls and black accents.

14. Metal And Glass

Metal and glass are also used as pallet flooring. The metals used as pallets are aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel. The photo shows a glass floor with stainless steel caps.

15. Puzzle Pieces Pattern

The puzzle patterns in the photo are brilliant and fun to look at. The color combinations of the woods used matched and blended well together.

16. Vintage Wood

This wood flooring looks classic. The colors and patterns match perfectly with the fireplace bricks, and the white and gray combination mixes well with the authentic wood pallets, creating a dramatic ambiance.

17. Inexpensive Solid Plank Wood

Using inexpensive wood pallets for your floor that look expensive is a brilliant idea. The dark flooring in the photo is attractive and captivating. This simple wood design gives a dramatic feeling to your living room.

18. Bamboo Flooring

This bamboo flooring is inexpensive and durable. Bamboo floors can last for decades with proper care and minimal exposure to high heels, scratches from pets, and grit.

19. Vintage Hardwood Planks

These hardwood planks look vintage after staining. Putting stain on old wood adds a statement and also protects the wood. Matching the stain color with your furniture and fixtures will do wonders for the aesthetic of your home.

20. Diamond Design With Wood Stain

The intricate style of this diamond-shaped flooring blends well with the walls and doors, giving a unique twist to the design. The alternate colors of light and dark diamond shapes add drama to the kitchen's mood.

21. Rustic Wood Planks

The kitchen looks and feels rustic. The wood floor blends well with the compact space. The wood planks match the vintage furniture of the kitchen area and the faded paint of the fixture.

22. White Oak Shell Beach Hardwood

This white oak wood flooring with rustic grade gives the illusion of a larger space. This flooring looks neat and gives a light feeling.

23. Dramatic And Rustic

This pallet wood flooring on the deck gives a vintage feel. The rustic look adds to the dramatic mood of country living.

24. Squares of Redwood

Squares of redwood  create a classy, edgy look.

25. Rustic, Unique Red Logs

These uniquely shaped red log slices give the floor an earthy, rustic look. This design brings nature into your home.

26. Old Wood

This beautiful pallet design is simple and affordable yet beautifully arranged. These wood planks were about to go to waste but turned out to be perfect for the floor.

Saving the old wood for your flooring project is economical and nature-friendly.

27. Reclaimed Wood Floor

Finding free yet sturdy reclaimed wood can be difficult, but you'll feel rewarded by the outcome once you finish your flooring project. Applying a wood stain can make a huge difference.

28. Minimalist

This pallet-inspired floor design is Scandinavian minimalist using white wood in a diagonal pattern for an elegant, fancy look.

photo of a white bed sheet on the bed pallet wood flooring on the floor of room

29. Diagonal Patterns

This bedroom with a wood floor in a diagonal design looks creative and artistic. It matches the blue wall and carpet, providing a light vibe to the room.

photo of a modern bedroom design pallet wood flooring on the floor

30. Stars On The Floor

This creative design is pleasant and fashionable. The wooden pieces are delicately arranged to achieve a lovely pattern.

Are Pallet Wood Floors A Good Option For Your Home?

A pallet wood floor is a perfect choice over a concrete floor. A dull floor can be transformed into a stunning and stylish floor at an affordable price.

Pallet flooring is ideal for residential flooring, making it rustic, classic, and eco-friendly.

What Are Shipping Pallets Made Of?

Shipping pallets are mostly made from recycled wood, low-grade, or reused wood with color streaks, coarse grains, and knotholes. Most pallets are made from oak and yellow pine, but other types are available globally.

What Are The Best Wood Stains For Your Pallet Floor

Using wood alone is not enough to give life to your floor. You can also stain the wood with the color you desire.

Single color or alternate color combinations are great ideas. Here are some suggested wood stains available on the market:

Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Wood Stain

This oil-based wood stain has a rich, even color that is deeply penetrating. It enhances the natural grain of the wood in one coat. It is easy to apply and quick-drying.

Click here to check out this wood stain on Amazon.

Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain

This wood stain is ideal for all interior applications. This product is oil-based and fast drying. It can fully cover the wood in one coating. Using this product will enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Click here to check out this wood stain on Amazon.

Birchwood Walnut Wood Stain

This wood stain is water-soluble and non-bleeding. It produces rich, clear colors without smearing or clouding the grain.

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Saman Indoor Water-Based Wood Stain

This indoor water-based wood stain is perfect for any DIY indoor project. This product protects wood from graying and fading. It cleans up easily with soap and water. Samand stain is safe for its humans and pets.

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Furniture Clinic Wood Stain

This product is perfect for wood applications. The wood stain penetrates the wood, giving additional protection against nature. Furniture Clinic is safe and non-toxic.

After applying this product, finish your project using wood wax or wood oil for the best results.

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photo of a minimalist modern design bedroom with pallet wood flooring attached on the floor

Installing DIY pallet flooring could be a lot of work, but wood pallets are inexpensive and eco-friendly. Find the right wood planks and plan the project for an excellent outcome.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. You may read these posts for more home ideas:

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