My NutriBullet Stopped Working – What Could Be Wrong?

You always start your day with a smoothie or other healthy drink that you make in your NutriBullet. Until today, that is. Like always, you wake up, mix your ingredients, and turn on your NutriBullet, only this time it doesn’t work. What could be the problem?

Your NutriBullet may have stopped working for the following reasons:

  • If the blender doesn’t spin, it could be due to exposed wiring or the NutriBullet accidentally being unplugged.
  • If the blades don’t cut, they may have dulled, you might have overfilled the NutriBullet cup, or the blades may be jammed up with food debris.
  • If the NutriBullet leaks, it may be cracked, the extractor blade’s rubber seal may be destroyed, or you didn’t secure the cup to the extractor blade tightly enough.
  • If the NutriBullet doesn’t power on, a cup tab may have broken, the blender cord might have gone bad, or the NutriBullet is unplugged.

A young woman making a fruit smoothie drink using a nutibullet after loading it with fruit, My NutriBullet Stopped Working – What Could Be Wrong?

In this article, we’ll elaborate further on the above NutriBullet problems and their solutions. We’ll also discuss how to clean a jammed-up NutriBullet and what it could mean if the device is blinking at you. Keep reading, as you won’t want to miss it!

Why Won’t My NutriBullet Work?

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with your NutriBullet. Some of these issues are attributed to user error, while others happen with time and age. We’ve categorized all NutriBullet failures into three categories: problems with the blender, the blades within, or with the NutriBullet leaking.

Per the information in the intro, here are some handy troubleshooting tips you can use today.

Blender Issues

The Blender Stops Working Midway Through

If your NutriBullet turns on and then stops working as you’re blending your smoothie, you have a few things to blame. For starters, the blender might be old enough that certain parts have lost their protective covering. The wires may be stripped away as well, which is a safety hazard. We’d recommend unplugging the NutriBullet and discontinuing use immediately.

You may have to remove the NutriBullet’s casing to see internal components and whether they’re stripped. Here’s a handy guide on how to do that.

To preserve your NutriBullet’s components, don’t put the blender itself in the dishwasher. Other parts, such as the lip rings, lids, and cups, are dishwasher-safe.

Also, although it seems obvious, check that your NutriBullet is plugged in. Sometimes it’s as easy a fix as that!

Blade Issues

The Blades May Only Partially Cut Food

If you hear the motor running and the blades move when you turn on your NutriBullet, but the food only ends up partially cut, that’s an easy fix. More than likely, the blades are old and have become dull. If you replace your blades, the new ones will be sharp enough to cut your food.

The Blades Won’t Cut at All

What if the blades won’t move even though the internal components of the NutriBullet are working? One of several things could be happening here, so let’s talk about these more now.

You Put Too Much Food In

The NutriBullet cup has a recommended fill line. If you go past that, the blades might not be able to slice through your food.

You Put The Wrong Foods In

The NutriBullet is a blender that is recommended for softer foods like fruits and veggies. It can also easily handle liquids. Putting in heavy solids might be too much for the NutriBullet. The blades can’t cut, so they stop working.

The Blades Are Jammed Up

Failing to clean the blades between uses can lead to an accumulation of food debris building up. Give the blades a thorough cleaning to ameliorate this issue.

The Blade Motor Won’t Work

Close up of woman making fruit juice using nutribullet at home in kitchen

Your NutriBullet blades are powered by a motor. If the motor stops working, it could be because you ran the blender for too long. Even if you have to do a lot of blending, you’re supposed to use the NutriBullet in one-minute increments. Blending for too long at once could burn out the motor.

Leakage Issues

If your NutriBullet leaks out the ingredients for your pureed beverage or smoothie, that’s a bad sign. Here are the reasons this may happen:

Overfilled NutriBullet

Not only does a NutriBullet that’s too full risk putting a strain on the blade, but you could see an overflow of food or liquid.

NutriBullet Cracks

Whether these cracks are on the exterior or interior of the blender, the cracks give the liquids you pour a place to travel. You’ll probably need to buy replacement parts for your NutriBullet to fix this issue.

Extractor Blade Seal Damage

The extractor blade has a gasket underneath it, which is a rubber seal. If the seal begins to break down, the extractor blade can’t attach to the cup as well. That leaves you prone to leakage.

Loose Extractor Blade

Another simpler issue that could make your NutriBullet leak is a loose extractor blade. If you didn’t screw this on all the way, then you can expect fluid to come out when you run the NutriBullet. If the blade won’t attach securely, you might need a replacement.

How Do You Fix a Jammed NutriBullet?

Oh no. Your NutriBullet is all jammed up, and you’re not sure what to do. Jamming typically occurs between the latch and the container jar, which becomes stuck. To try and fix this yourself, look for your NutriBullet’s plastic activators, of which there should be three. These are white levers.

Each of the activators may be able to move down if you press on them, so try doing that. They may not necessarily budge right now. If that’s the case, then take some vinegar, oil (cooking oil should be fine), and hot water. Slightly moisten the plastic activators and let the mixture soak in for a couple of minutes.

Then you should be able to press on the activators without any trouble, and they should release. If not, then you can repeat the process. If you’re still having problems after trying a second time, then you might want to contact NutriBullet support. You could need new activators.

Why Is My NutriBullet Blinking?

The NutriBullet has a power light to indicate problems with the device. For example, if parts of the blender are misaligned, and it’s not safe to run your NutriBullet, then you might see the power light blink at you. Choosing the wrong lid for blending may also trigger the power light to come on.

Don’t ignore a blinking power light, as it’s indicative of a problem. Instead, stop what you’re doing, check if you have the right cups and that everything is in alignment, and then wait for the light to turn off. If it doesn’t, you can again reach out to NutriBullet support for troubleshooting.


A young woman making a fruit smoothie drink using a nutibullet after loading it with fruit.

The NutriBullet is an awesome blender, but it’s not impervious to problems. The blades can stop working or become dull. Sometimes your blender fails in the middle of mixing food, or the rubber seals break down over time.

Most of these issues are easy to repair on your own. Good luck with getting your NutriBullet up and running!


  1. Did you unplug it for an hour then try again? If it overheats it has a thermal fuse that will reset after unplugging and cooling.Otherwise you should contact their customer service!

  2. I have Nutri Bullet 900 series it does not lock, i checked clean

    rubber is ok can i have customer service Telephone number
    in uk.

    • Did you notice if any liquid came out while blending and possibly when doen through to the motor? It happens and then it can cause an electrical short circuit. It’s happened to me twice and I’m given up on it. I prefer a regular upside blender now. Done with their stupid design which is flawed and then they don’t want to back up their products when it’s the design that causes it. It does have an emergency drain that takes the liquid down through a tunnel but it still seems to seep
      through the rubbers and other holes into it as well.

  3. Nutribullet 1000 pro made 5 smoothies then quit. Best buy would not do anything because it was past 30 days. Manufacturer sent me a new one and it won’t turn on as well.

  4. I had the same issue and discovered that one of the three plastic tabs built into the upper chamber (jug) where the food is placed was broken off. You need all three tabs to be there to engage the motor on-off switch. My broken tab happened to be the one directly below the handle so it was not obvious that it was missing!

    Temporary fix for me was to place a short piece of toothpick or matchstick in that location and then using the remaining two tabs operate the machine until I get that jug replaced. (cheap plastic doing a critical job)

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