Ninja Foodi Won’t Turn On – What To Do?

Pressure cookers are one of the most convenient appliances you can own. Regarding a Ninja Foodi, it's one of the most versatile machines you can add to your kitchen. However, like most machines, there comes a time where it won't work. More specifically, the Ninja Foodi won't turn on. If you're wondering what to do in this situation, let's find out! 

There could be several reasons why the Ninja Foodi will not turn on. We will have to troubleshoot the machine to help us narrow down the problem. The first reason could be because the power cord is not properly connected to the wall socket. Alternatively, the Ninja Foodi might not be turning on because the outlet has tripped. These are the two primary reasons why it will not turn on.

Of course, there might be more problems that will require solutions. Machines are complex. So, it might not always be easy finding a fix right away. To look for what's causing difficulties, we can troubleshoot and find what scenarios describe our situation the best. If you'd like to take a deeper dive, keep reading ahead.

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It Won't Turn On

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Let's take a deeper dive into why your Ninja Foodi might not be able to turn on. As mentioned above, the first reason could be because the power cord is not connected correctly. Plug it in fully and test the Ninja Foodi again. 

If that doesn't work, check the wires for any signs of damage. This case varies since we can't know the exact details of your situation.

For example, if you've used a Ninja Foodi for a long time, the wires might be slightly damaged from simple wear and tear.

Check For Marks

If you own pets, sometimes they can get a little too playful with the cables. Your cat or dog might have chewed on it when you weren't around.

There could be an unnoticed rat problem. Regardless of the animal, you'll be able to see scratch or bite marks on the cable. 

Try Another Outlet

The next step to see what's wrong is to test the appliance on another outlet. Does it turn on when you connect it elsewhere?

Is it still not turning on no matter the outlet you plug it in? If it doesn't work on any outlet, it might indicate a defect inside the Ninja Foodi. 

In this case, you can call the manufacturer if it's still under warranty. Otherwise, it might be best to throw away the machine and purchase a new one. 

It Works On Other Outlets

However, if the Ninja Foodi turns on when connected to other outlets, that one outlet might have tripped. Though, the circuit trips for a reason.

As some suggest, a standard 1400 watt Ninja Foodi draws 12.1 amps. If you have other appliances plugged into the same outlet, you might be overloading it. 

Additionally, as some suggest, most outlets in your home are rated for 15 amps. So, if you're going to utilize a Ninja Foodi, make sure the outlet can support the load it requires.

That doesn't mean a Ninja Foodi requires a dedicated circuit. Still, you should be mindful of how much power you're drawing from one outlet. 

Why Did My Ninja Foodi Shut Off?

Of course, not being able to turn it on is not the only problem you will face when working with a Ninja Foodi. In some cases, the Ninja Foodi will turn on and work well for a few moments. Then, it suddenly begins to shut off.

There are multiple solutions to this problem. Though, only one will fit your situation. As some Reddit users suggest, you should first try the Ninja Foodi on another outlet.

Most wall outlets are rated for 15 amps. If it's constantly shutting off on a standard wall outlet, it might need more power than that outlet can give. 

As a solution, plug the appliance into a wall outlet rated for 20 amps. Give it a test run. If it works without shutting off, continue using that outlet for Ninja Foodi activities. 

Pot Detection

Another problem you might run into is the Ninja Foodi not detecting the pot. If this is the case, the machine will automatically shut off because it detects no food inside.

To fix this, jiggle it a bit until the appliance recognizes there's something inside.

Error Codes

The next problem you will encounter is error codes. Before shutting off, the Ninja Foodi will give you an error code to specify the problem.

However, the most common problem is the inability to establish a solid connection between the heating element and the pot. 

Faulty Machine

Finally, we come to the most dreaded answer. You might have a faulty machine. If so, you can contact the manufacturer to replace or fix the unit. 

Why Is My Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Not Working?

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If you're in a situation where everything works except the pressure cooker, you might consider yourself lucky. If the pressure cooker is not working, we can narrow down our problems.

In this case, the problem might be insufficient pressure buildup. 

As some suggest, insufficient pressure buildup comes from a worn-out pressure valve or gasket. Regarding the gasket, you will need to inspect it for any cracks or signs of damage. If you find any, you will need to replace the gasket. 

Pressure Valve

The pressure valve is another story. If your Foodi is hissing and not reaching pressure, check if the valve is in the "SEAL" position first.

Once in place, you shouldn't hear the hissing noise anymore. If it persists, you will have to tinker with the silicone seal. 

Stop the Foodi from cooking. Vent if necessary. Then, remove the pressure lid. Identify the silicone ring and press down on it. The silicone should lie flat under the ring rack. 

You'll know it's fully installed when you can lightly tug on it to rotate it. If all goes well, the pressure cooker should work as intended. There should be no hissing sounds anymore! 

How Long Should It Take My Ninja Foodi To Pressurize?

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Now that the pressurizer is working, you might want to know how long it should take for it to pressurize. As the manufacturer suggests, it can take up to 20 minutes.

The time is dependent upon the amount of food present inside and the temperature of the ingredients. 

If 20 minutes is too long of a wait, there are some methods you can do to make the process quicker. The first method requires you to use hot liquid in the pot. The other approach depends on the situation.

Are you thinking about sauteing or searing? Ninja recommends you start with those functions first before switching to pressure cooking. 

How Can You Tell It's Building Pressure?

The next concern is knowing how to tell if the appliance is building pressure. After all, it would be annoying to wait 20 minutes only to find out it wasn't doing anything!

As the manufacturer suggests, there will be a rotating light indicating the cooker is building pressure. Once it reaches pressure, a countdown timer will appear. 

Why Does My Ninja Foodi Smoke?

Step by step. Cooking beet soup, borscht with organic vegetables in multicooker.

Smoke coming out of a Ninja Foodi can be a bad sign. But, in any situation, you have to make sure it's actually smoke.

As users suggest, steam emissions aren't a rare sight with Ninja Foodi. You'll know it's smoke if a burning smell accompanies it. 

Heating Element

If a burning smell follows the smoke, you might want to inspect the element. There might be a buildup of food crumbs or grease on there.

So, it's crucial that you clean the Ninja Foodi grill after every use. Once there are no remains, the smoke emissions should stop.

Fatty Foods

The next cause is a common one. You might be cooking fatty foods that drip oil or grease onto the hot grill. The oil burns and begins to smoke when it makes contact with the heating element. 

However, we can't always avoid cooking fatty foods in a Ninja Foodi. So, the way we can work around this is by using one of two ways.

As others suggest, if you want to reduce the smoke, reduce the heat or the oils present in the cooker. 

Final Takeaway

While a Ninja Foodi is a useful addition to the kitchen, it presents problems of its own. Once in a while, they will not work as well as they've used to.

And, finding a fix for the obstacles that show up can be a pain! We hope you found the information above helpful. 

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