Luminarc Vs Corelle: Pros, Cons & Major Differences

It's like a holiday when it's time to choose new dinnerware. Dishes use various materials and come in different styles. However, variety can also be a problem. What if you have to choose between Luminarc and Corelle? If you'd like to put them head-to-head, you've come to the right place! 

We have to look at three elements to determine which is better: the material, durability, and variety. In terms of durability, Corelle is one of the best. This brand of dinnerware will last you a long while. If you want variety, Luminarc is the better choice. In addition to tableware, they offer cookware and glass storage containers. 

There are more details we'll cover if you'd like to know the differences between the two. In general, shoppers love Corelle because they're one of the most durable tableware options you can buy. On the other hand, Luminarc offers variety at a price point that won't bleed your wallet. If you'd like to learn more about them, keep reading. 

A collage of a luminarc and a corelle dishware, Luminarc Vs Corelle: Pros, Cons & Major Differences

Luminarc Vs. Corelle: Comparing The Brands

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There are many factors to consider when purchasing new items for everyday use. Nevertheless, it also helps to know other details that don't necessarily make or break the product. Let's go over a detailed breakdown of each brand, starting with Luminarc.


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If Luminarc isn't a familiar brand name to you, it's because they're not from the US. On the contrary, they're a brand of tableware based in France. Luminarc manufactures a variety of products at an affordable price point. 

The best part is that their tableware/kitchenware is nothing to scoff at. It's durable even at an affordable price.

Material And Durability

You might see some negative reviews here and there about this product; the common complaint is how they hold up. More precisely, users complain that it breaks easily. 

The problem with this criticism is that we can't verify what happened on the shopper's end. It could've been a mistake on the user's part more than an issue with the product itself. In any case, Luminarc products should be able to last you a long while. 

Luminarc makes its products out of tempered glass. For this reason, their products are dishwasher and microwave safe. Tempered glass is not the same as ordinary soda-lime glass. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger! Therefore, you can expect it to survive a few knocks here and there. 

Thermal Shock Resistance

The best part about it is its thermal shock resistance. It shouldn't explode as long as the user doesn't expose it to a temperature difference of 100F. The only material more thermal shock resistant than this is borosilicate glass.

In addition, Luminarc's dinnerware can withstand temperatures up to 275F. Of course, you'd have to proceed with caution in this situation. More specifically, you wouldn't want to pour cold water over it straight away. Otherwise, it will crack. 


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Luminarc also offers cookware and tableware of different materials; opal is the other material they use. Of course, this applies to some of their products, like their everyday tableware. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Their cookware uses a material they refer to as culinary opal. Some suggest it's up to five times more resistant to thermal shock than regular glass. According to Luminarc, it can handle baking and roasting up to 480F.


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People who love aesthetics won't be disappointed by the variety Luminarc offers. It's nearly impossible finding something you don't like in their lineup

If you like simplicity, Luminarc offers a wide variety of white dinner plates. You can spice it up by choosing some with different design choices. 

On the other hand, those who want color also won't be disappointed. Luminarc's tableware comes in different colors, design choices, and art styles.


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Corelle is a brand name that you might recognize. Your friends and family might even own some of their products, and it's easy to see why it's popular. 

Their line of tableware is some of the best you can buy. Corelle is an American kitchenware brand. You will find that most of Corelle's dinnerware is made in the United States. 

However, that's not true for all of their products. Corelle mugs and glasses are made in China. This is something to keep in mind if that matters to you. 

Material And Durability

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Corelle uses a unique type of glass; they call it Vitrelle. It's not like your ordinary glass or tempered glass. As Corelle claims, it consists of a three-ply laminate.

If we had to describe it, it would function like reinforced glass. Corelle does this by laminating a thick core—usually opal glass—with two layers of thinner, lighter glass pieces. 

The top and bottom layers use clear glass. Therefore, you're never really touching the core opal white glass you see. This lamination process makes it highly durable. 

Finally, Corelle also tempers their dinnerware. Therefore, it's also microwave and dishwasher safe. Corelle claims you can use their dinnerware in preheated ovens up to 350F.

Like Luminarc dinnerware, they'll last you a long while. In terms of thermal shock resistance, we can't say it can freely move in and out of the oven from a cold surface. However, we know it's tempered glass. 

For this reason, you should treat it as such. Don't expect it to perform like borosilicate glass. It won't be able to handle temperature differences above 100F; for example, avoid moving dishes from the fridge to a preheated oven and vice versa.


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If you're not interested in glass dinnerware, Corelle also offers stoneware. It's a product that comes from stoneware clay. 

Stoneware is often glazed to give it a colorful, shiny look. However, the change in material doesn't affect the quality. Most of Corelle's stoneware products can perform the same as their glass counterparts.

Therefore, they can work in ovens, microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers. One detail to keep in mind is the manufacturing location. Corelle's stoneware lineup comes out of China. 


In the aesthetic department, Corelle leaves a bit more to be desired. However, they still offer a variety of choices. They lean more on the safe side. You can pick plain white dinnerware or choose some with floral designs. 

Their stoneware lineup offers plates of various colors. So, your choices are not limited. There's no doubt you'll find something that catches your eye.

Price Point And Availability

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In general, Luminarc dinnerware sets will cost less than Corelle's. So, if you break a few dishes, you won't necessarily have to worry about replacing them. However, they're not as widely available as Corelle. 

You will only find Luminarc products in stores like Costco, JCPenny, Macy's, Publix, and Total Wine. Of course, it's more readily available in online stores. 

In contrast, Corelle is available everywhere. From Walmarts to Targets, there isn't a place where you won't find it. Even if it costs more, you can easily find it in stores to replace your previous dishes. 

Plus, Corelle's price is easily justified. Their three-layer glass makes their dinnerware that much more durable. 

Which To Choose?

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Now we have all the information at hand. As we can see, Corelle and Luminarc hold their own. Luminarc offers a variety of design choices, artistic styles, and colors at an affordable price point. 

In contrast, Corelle's products are reliable, well reputed, and widely available. If you had to choose one, which should you pick? It depends on your personal needs. 

If you need reliable dinnerware, you can't go wrong with Corelle. Their Vitrelle glass is tough to beat. Even if it's more expensive, it's a buy-it-for-life deal. 

The only problem with Corelle is their simplicity, which could also be a strong point for some. If you want to try something new, go with Luminarc. They're lightweight and durable; plus, they'll look lively in any kitchen! 

In Closing

It's always hard to pick one of two products. Luminarc and Corelle are two dinnerware brands that seem worlds apart. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Which brand are you bringing home? In any case, we hope you found this informative. 

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