LG Dishwasher Won’t Start – What Could Be Wrong?

Is your LG dishwasher failing to start? Have you performed a reset only to find that the dishwasher still isn't working? Well, you're in luck. We have researched the most common reasons why these dishwashers may experience start delays. We will discuss them in this post.

If the dishwasher is experiencing issues, it's likely due to an unlatched door, power issues, water problems, or other types of component failure. It may also be something as simple as the door not being closed all the way. The error code on the dishwasher will indicate the pending issue. And it's best to use your user guide to troubleshoot the issues.

The dishwasher may not start due to several different issues. Let's take a look at the most common reasons why LG dishwashers may malfunction and how to troubleshoot them when they do. We will also discuss a few other common problems with LG dishwashers at the end of this post.

A professional worker repairing the dishwasher in the kitchen, LG Dishwasher Won’t Start - What Could Be Wrong?

Reasons Why Your LG Dishwasher May Not Start

The Drain Pump is Broken or Clogged

The drain pump works by forcing water through an impeller and down the drain hose. If the hose becomes bent or clogged, it will not function properly, and you may see the lights on the control panel flashing. This will definitely prevent the dishwasher from initiating a new cycle, and you'll need to check the pump using a multimeter.

If the pump does not have continuity, you will need to replace it before using the dishwasher again. Note that this part isn't repairable. You'll simply have to purchase a new one, unfortunately.

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Burned-Out Wires

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The wires and the dishwasher are connected to the control panel, pumps, and filters. Sometimes, these wires become faulty or experience a shortage. Then the unit will not operate or may experience specific malfunctions.

If you have experience with electronic components, you can check multiple wires using a multimeter and read the error codes on the control panel. If not, it may be best to reach out to an experienced appliance technician to test and place the wires.

The Touchpad is Faulty

LG washers come with a touchpad for easy operation. However, once the dishwasher reaches 7 or 10 years of age, the touchpad can begin to malfunction. Oftentimes it's the result of blown fuses or burned-out wires.

You may be able to replace the touchpad itself, while you will need to replace the entire control pad in other cases. However, when this becomes an issue, it may mean the dishwasher itself is on its last leg.

There is an Issue with the Power Supply

This may seem obvious, but you'll be surprised by how often dishwasher cords can become loose. Always check the power cord first and the control panel to ensure the dishwasher doesn't have power. You'll also want to check the cord for any signs of fraying or other damage that may cause it to lose its continuity.

In some cases, a power outage will cause issues with the power supply. If this happens, always reset the dishwasher at the circuit breaker. After resetting the circuit breaker, reset the dishwasher on the control panel and initiate a new cycle.

Issues with the Door Latch Switch Assembly

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Most LG washers come with a latch assembly to electronically lock the door before starting a new cycle. When the dishwasher's cycle is complete, the door will automatically unlock.

However, when the sensor in this assembly becomes faulty, the dishwasher will not sense that the door is completely closed. As a result, the unit will not power on. You can test the latch switch sensor using a multimeter.

If it doesn't have continuity, you will need to replace it. Also, if the latch feels loose, you will need to either reposition it or replace it if it has damage.

The Child Lock is On

If the dishwasher fails to start, the issue can also be with the child lock. While the child lock button on LG dishwashers may vary by model, you can typically enable and disable the child lock by pressing and holding the "Spray" and "Rinse" buttons simultaneously for about 2 to 3 seconds. After this, the child lock indicator will illuminate, indicating that the child lock is either activated or deactivated.

The Washer is Stuck in a Cycle

Often referred to as a "hung cycle" issue. The issue may be with the washer being stuck in a cycle due to compartmental failure component failure, or it could be that the unit simply needs to be reset. If you find that the washer is stuck in a hung cycle, try doing a reset on the control panel.

If this doesn't work, consider doing a reset at the circuit breaker to help restore the unit and then initiate a new function.

The Time of Control is Malfunctioning

The timer control connects directly to the dishwasher control panel. It controls when the heat cycle begins and ends. At some point, the timer control can malfunction, particularly if the dishwasher is of a certain age.

This can cause the unit to fail to initiate a new cycle or to become stuck in a certain phase of the current wash cycle. When this happens, you will need to replace the timer.

The Motor Relay Switch is Faulty

The motor relay switch is what initiates a new cycle after you press the "Start" button. Like other components, it can become faulty over time, and when it does, the dishwasher may fail to start.

On LG dishwashers, this component is typically located right behind the front door panel, and you can replace it in a few minutes. This is an easy fix that you can typically perform yourself.

The Thermal Fuse has Blown Out

The thermal fuse prevents the control board of the dishwasher from overheating during the wash cycle. If the fuse blows out, however, the entire unit will not fail to operate. You can test the fuse using a multimeter.

In some cases, the wires connecting the fuse can be bad and not the fuse itself. If the fuse is working, but the connecting electrical wires are bad, you will need to replace them.

The Drive Motor has Burned Out

The drive motor is what provides electricity to the dishwasher from the power source. If the motor burns out, the dishwasher will not initiate a new cycle, or it may stop in the middle of a cycle. This will require a professional repair most of the time.

However, if you are familiar with the appliance's mechanics, you may be able to replace the motor yourself. You can reach out to LG directly to find a list of resellers (either online or local) that may offer the replacement part.

How Do I Put my LG Dishwasher in Diagnostic Mode?

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To initiate the diagnostic mode on your LG dishwasher, you can usually press the "Power," "Upper Only," and "Delay" buttons simultaneously. However, this may vary by model. It's best to refer to your user manual to determine how to initiate the code for your specific dishwasher.

How Do I Fix my LG Dishwasher Not Starting?

The best thing to do if your LG dishwasher isn't starting is to take a look at the error code on the display. From that, you'll need to refer to your user manual to determine what the issue may be.

Oftentimes it may be something as simple as the door being open, latch issues, or the child lock. However, it could be an electrical or water supply issue.

Why is my LG Dishwasher Flashing?

The flashing indicates that there is an issue that will prevent or delay the wash cycle. Refer to the user's manual and note the frequency and color of the flashes. This will help you determine how to troubleshoot the dishwasher.

How Do I Reset my LG Dishwasher?

You can easily reset your dishwasher by simply unplugging the power cord for about 30 seconds. This will give the dishwasher time to reboot. If the dishwasher is hardwired, you can also flip the switch at the circuit breaker off and then back on.

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully, this post has provided some insight on why your LG dishwasher may fail to start a new cycle. It's best to always reference your user guide as a starting point to assist with mechanical issues.

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