LG Dishwasher Touch Panel Not Working – What To Do?

Do you have an unresponsive LG dishwasher touch panel? Would you like to try a DIY diagnosis and repair before anything else? Well, we've done plenty of research and have the answers for you!

If your LG dishwasher touch panel is unresponsive, here are some things you can do before calling technical support:

  1. Observe if the buttons or keys are unresponsive only during cycles.
  2. Reset the appliance.
  3. Determine whether the touchpad, control panel, and main control panel are working.

Throughout this post, we will discuss our answers in bite-size pieces and explore the reasons for touch panel malfunction. If you want to keep learning, then read on!

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How To Fix LG Dishwasher Control Panel

Unresponsive touch panels can make our heart beat skip a beat, but not in a good way. Luckily, there isn't usually a need to worry if you follow these steps:

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1. Observe if the buttons or keys are unresponsive during cycles

The appliance's touch panel will become unresponsive if the control lock is activated. It prevents settings from being changed mid-cycle. This feature leaves only the power button unlocked.

If this feature is selected, the code letters CL is displayed on the control panel. Try deactivating this feature by simultaneously pressing the Half Load and Energy Saver buttons.

You must also observe if the panel is unresponsive for specific options only. Know that for every cycle; there are only limited accessible options. Your manual contains a cycle guide that tells which buttons are available for certain cycles.

For newer versions, there is also a Child Lock function. If the lock indicator is illuminated, simultaneously press the rinse and spray keys to deactivate the feature. If this does not work, you may have to reset your unit.

Read more about LG's Child Lock feature in this article: How To Turn Off Child Lock On LG Dishwasher.

2. Reset the appliance

To reset your dishwasher, turn your unit off by pressing the power button/ key. Next, disconnect the appliance from its power source or trip the circuit breaker for 30-60 seconds.

Then, turn the breaker back on, plug the appliance back into the power socket, and start a cycle. If this does not work, your machine might require service.

3. Determine whether the touchpad and control panel or main control board are working

You can try to determine the cause of the faulty function. It could be one of two things. It is either a defective touchpad, a control panel, or the main control board.

Voltage Test

photo of a dishwasher-repair-with-multimeter-

To know which of the two is the root of the problem, you must conduct a voltage test. You first test the main control board to see if it receives electricity from the power source.

Here's how you can do this:

  1. Unplug your LG dishwasher.
  2. Locate your control board in the unit. Depending on your dishwasher's model, it may be on the top or bottom of your unit's door.
  3. If your control panel is on the top side of your unit's door, proceed to loosen the screws inside of the unit's door with a screwdriver.
  4. Once you gain access to the control board, test for electricity continuity from the plug to the board. Make sure your unit's switch is turned on for this.
  5. Look for a short circuit using a multimeter. Take one-meter probe and touch it to a live pin on the plug and the other probe to the brown pin on the board. If there is a connection between the plug and board, the multimeter should read a few ohms.
  6. If you do not get a reading, try moving the probe to the different wires until you get one. This means that the control board is receiving power, yet it cannot transmit electricity to the touch pads.
  7. If the touchpad is responding, check if the display correctly responds to the buttons or keys. If some keys respond correctly and others do not, then the touchpad and control panel might be the problem. Other signs of a malfunctioning control panel are a flashing display and random beeping sounds.

Watch this video for probing the main control board on your dishwasher:

As a precaution, when you use a multimeter to test for electrical activity, hold on to the plastic portion of the probe. This will keep you from getting shocked.

These devices are versatile as they can give a reading in different units.

How To Replace The Touchpad And Control Panel On An LG Dishwasher

If you wish to replace the touchpad and control panel, follow these easy steps:

  1. Before touching anything, disconnect your appliance from the power source.
  2. With a screwdriver, loosen the six screws on top of the dishwasher door. Support the control panel with your hands before removing the last screw.
  3. Once the final screw is removed, carefully pull the control panel away from the door.
  4. Next, depress the locking tab to disconnect the electrical connector on the right side to separate the panel from the door completely.
  5. Now to replace the control panel, align the connector and push in until it snaps in place.
  6. In placing the control panel back, align its tabs with the slots on the door and sit the panel in place.
  7. Secure it back on with screws and test if the panel is working.

Some manufacturers, like LG, have their touchpads as a part of the control panel assembly. Therefore, the manufacturer will require replacing the whole panel assembly even if only the touchpad or control panel is defective.

Watch this video to give you a detailed review on replacing your control panel:

How To Replace Control Board On Your LG Dishwasher

In cases of a defective main control board, follow these steps to install a new one:

  1. Turn the circuit breaker off or unplug the dishwasher.
  2. First, unscrew the outer door panel and remove it from its place.
  3. Next, release the control panel by removing its screws.
  4. You can now disconnect the display board wire, light display wire harnesses, and the power switch connector.
  5. Before disconnecting the rest of the control board wires, take note of their orientation. The wires will be arranged similarly when the new board is connected.
  6. If the board has retainers, untwist them to release the wires.
  7. Altogether remove the old circuit board by removing the screws that hold it against the panel. Depress the tabs and pull the board out.
  8. To install the new board, align it against the panel and snap it.
  9. Now you need to screw the board against the panel, reconnect all the control board wires and keep it in place with the retainers.
  10. Reconnect the harnesses and power connector.
  11. Place the panel back and secure it with screws.
  12. Reposition the outer door by aligning its slots with the tabs at the bottom of the panel. Then, Screw it in place.
  13. Restore power to the dishwasher and check its functions.

Here's a video tutorial on replacing an LG dishwasher's main control panel:

How To Locate LG Dishwasher Serial, Model, And Part Numbers

Your dishwasher's serial and model numbers are needed when replacing parts. That's why it is essential to learn where to find it.

For most LG dishwashers, the manufacturer's tag is located on the upper right interior of the door.

photo of a open-door-built-dishwasher-kitchen-integrated

Serial And Model Numbers

The model number differs from the serial number in format and signification.

The model number is nine character combination of letters and numbers. The first three letters signify the brand, category, and type of dishwasher.

The following four numbers spell the series, noise level, racking system, and model year. The last two letters refer to the color of the item.

On the other hand, serial numbers are a 12-character series that reveals manufacturing details. The first three numbers identify the year and month of manufacture.

The next two letters that follow are codes for factory identification. The next five characters are technical information determining the assembly and assembly line time.

Part Numbers

The control board number may not always be accurate when you need to replace parts due to possible mid-production changes to the appliance. Look for the barcode sticker on the control board to ensure you order the correct part number.

Usually, these are white or yellow stickers near the electrical connector plug. But some can be found under the board epoxy or on the back or side of the housing.

Refer to these stickers, as part numbers directly printed on the board are not always accurate.

LG circuit board part numbers usually are 11-character letter-number combinations. In some stickers, the last 2-4 numbers have a bigger font size than the first nine characters.

Here's a video explaining how to find all these codes:

Any LG dishwasher parts that fail within one year from purchase will have full warranty coverage or parts and labor. Visit LG's website for the complete details on their limited warranty coverage.

To Finish

photo of a man opening and closing the dishwasher. Washing dishes in the dishwasher. The man cares about the house, does his homework

To summarize, using our guide, you can diagnose and replace your LG dishwasher touchpad and other defective parts. However, if your appliance is less than a year old, you can have your contractor service your unit free of charge.

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