LG Dishwasher Soap Not Dissolving – What To Do

Dishwashers cut a lot of time out of your everyday chores, but they are certainly no help when faulty. What are you to do if the soap in your LG dishwasher does not dissolve? We have done the research to help you troubleshoot this problem!

The soap in your LG dishwasher may not be dissolving due to any of the following:

  • Washing time is too short compared to soap quantity
  • Soap dispenser holes are clogged or dirty
  • Spray arms are obstructed
  • Soap tablets are getting stuck in the dispenser
  • Mechanical issue

When you encounter either of these problems, check your dishwasher for what the cause could be. From here, you can take the proper steps to fix your machine.

In this post, we will go over how to identify the cause of your dishwasher soap not dissolving. We'll also share a brief rundown of what you can do to address it. With that said, let's dive right in!

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Why Is Soap Still In Dishwasher After Each Cycle?

Incorrect use is the main culprit for soap staying in the dishwasher after a cycle.

Ensure you are well acquainted with the user manual of your LG dishwasher. The knowledge helps you know how to troubleshoot your appliance should any problems arise.

There is soap residue in  the dishwasher after a cycle because of the following:

Too Much Soap

If you put too much soap in comparison to the dish load, you can be left with soap in the dishwasher after a cycle. A regular load in the dishwasher only needs two to three tablespoons of detergent.

Locate the soap compartment on the cover of your dishwasher and slide the lid open. With a closer look, you will notice that the compartment has markings to help measure the amount of soap you need. Pour out your detergent up to anywhere between the 15 to 25 markings.

Remember, the amount of soap you need can vary depending on how dirty your dishes are. Slide the lid close to avoid spilling any detergent. Do not forget to close it properly!

Adding Detergent At The Wrong Time

Before starting any cycle, add the detergent to the dishwasher compartment. The soap won't be dispensed and used up if you pour it in once the process has begun. The only exception is the rinse cycle.

Using The Wrong Soap

Putting tablet in dishwasher

It is crucial that you only use detergents that are specific to dishwashers.

Do not use regular dishwashing soap or dishwashing liquid. Your dishwasher cannot process this type of soap, leading to suds filling up your dishwasher during cycles.

So, if you are struggling with soap that stays in your dishwasher even after a cycle, look into your wash routine to see if you are making any mistakes.

What To Do When LG Dishwashing Soap Isn't Dissolving

Now that you are aware of what could be causing the issue with your LG dishwasher, you can proceed to fix the problem. The fix for your dishwashing soap not dissolving can vary from a quick DIY job to something more complicated.

Therefore the solutions are:

Using The Correct Soap

If you are using the wrong or too much soap, make adjustments to the kind or amount you use. Most of the time, this will solve your issue instantly.

As detailed above, use dishwasher-safe soap, and pour soap at the right moment or the right amount for your dishwasher load.

Do not worry about your dishes not cleaning as long as you have at least two tablespoons of detergent in your dishwasher soap dispenser. Using less soap is suitable for both your machine and your daily expenses!

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Cleaning Your Dishwasher Soap Dispenser

Your dishwasher soap dispenser can get dirty and clogged over time with leftover food and soap residue. When this happens, your dishwasher soap may not dissolve properly, nor will it be dispensed during a cycle.

There are various ways to clean out your dispenser. Just be sure not to damage it in the process. Do not try to pull it off the latch, tug, or strain it. Remember that it is not a handle.

You can avoid buildup by cleaning your dishwasher regularly, but if you are going to be focusing on just the dispenser, you can try these methods:

  • Pour hot water into the latch to dissolve whatever is clogging your dispenser.
  • Soak the inside of your dispenser with a dishwasher-safe cleaning solution or vinegar.
  • Brush the dirt and residue away with soap and water or a dishwasher-safe cleaning solution.

Whichever way you wish to clean the dishwasher dispenser, make sure it is rinsed out properly. You do not want to accidentally damage your machine or dishes the next time you run a wash cycle.

Keeping The Spray Arms Unobstructed

Dishwasher filter screen in bottom of dishwasher and spray arm

If the dishwasher spray arms are not positioned correctly, your dishes will not wash well. You might obstruct the spray arms if the dish rack above it covers them.

Move the spray arms to a more convenient position. This way, the water can evenly rinse over your dishes and get into the dispenser to dissolve the soap.

Making Repairs Or Replacements

A broken dispenser door spring will prevent it from effectively dispensing your soap during a wash cycle. Likewise, you will also encounter problems if the lid is stuck or broken. At this point, you will have to repair your dispenser.

Check your dishwasher or its manual to see which model you have.

You might be able to find a replacement dispenser made for your LG dishwasher via their customer service. You can look for one online or where you originally bought your dishwasher.

Quick note: you might mistake an overfilled dispenser for a damaged dispenser spring.

If you have detergent in the compartment and the lid won't close, this might be because you put too much. The detergent can spill into the sides and prevent the lid from closing.

Should this happen, all you have to do is to clean off any excess detergent around the compartment.

If your dispenser is working fine but doesn't dissolve soap correctly, you might have an issue with the machine itself. The damaged dishwasher may be difficult for you to repair on your own.

At this point, it is best to call up a professional to check it and help fix your dishwasher.

Can You Throw A Dishwasher Pod In The Bottom Of Your Dishwasher?

Wash pod

Some people prefer using dishwasher pods or tablets instead of detergent. Your first instinct might be to put the pod in the detergent dispenser, but this could damage it.

What LG recommends instead is tossing the pod to the bottom of the dishwasher. Before starting a cycle, place it in the washer tub next to the filter.

Some dishwasher pods are too big to fit in the compartment. However, if the pod is small and allows the lid to slide shut, place it in the dispenser compartment. Other tablets can take too long to dissolve and get stuck in the holes.

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Does LG Make Reliable Dishwashers?

LG Electronics as we know it today has been around since 1995, and since then, its appliances have risen in popularity. LG brand dishwashers come in various models, each with unique features.

Their current lineup offers anything from budget-friendly dishwashers to more heavy-duty ones. As a brand, LG appliances are a safe and reliable choice. They provide smart dishwashers that are a great addition to the modern American home.

One benefit to using a dishwasher from a famous brand is the availability of replacement parts, repair services, and a guaranteed warranty.

How Much Do LG Dishwashers Cost?

Built-in kitchen dish washing machine

Online, LG dishwasher prices start at $599 but can vary depending on the retailer.

An average dishwasher can cost anywhere between $400 to $700. If you take good care of your LG dishwasher, like any appliance, it can last between 10 to 15 years.

The function and longevity of your dishwasher are up to the user. Keep this in mind if you ever encounter a problem with your dishwasher.

To Finish

Your LG dishwasher soap might not dissolve for several reasons. Whether it be due to improper dishwasher use, the wrong kind of soap, or just a dirty dishwasher, the solution is usually a quick fix!

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