Can You Put Knobs On Kitchen Drawers?

What's something that you use in your kitchen every day but probably don't notice?  Drawer handles! Most kitchen drawers have some sort of a handle on them, but you might want to look into updating yours! There are tons of interesting types of handles that you can install to add some new style to your cabinetry. However, what if you don't want to use a standard pull handle? Could a knob work? We have researched the possibility of putting knobs on your drawers so that you can know all of your options when picking out new drawer handles!

Yes, you can put knobs onto your kitchen drawers! The installation process is very easy, and many individuals even prefer it over installing traditional pull handles. The trickiest part might be deciding where to place the knobs on the drawers and placing them in the same spot on every drawer. There are many different shape choices for knobs, and each comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

  1. Round and oval
  2. Square or rectangular
  3. Other geometric shapes
  4. Unique shapes

There are few things stylistically better than having eye-catching accents in your kitchen. It might be tempting to drive to your local hardware store and pick up some knobs right now, but you might miss out on some beneficial information! Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of picking out and installing knobs on your kitchen drawers!

retro metal cabinet knobs in the kitchen, Can You Put Knobs On Kitchen Drawers?

Putting Knobs On Your Kitchen Drawers

Traditionally, pull handles go on kitchen drawers, but styles and trends change. Now, putting knobs on your kitchen drawers is just as common as using pull handles! There is a wide range of options to choose from when picking knobs. Let's look at how exactly to install knobs on your drawers and some of your style options to choose from!

How Do You Put Knobs On A Drawer?

Knobs are overall easy to install on your drawers. The first step is to mark one dot for where you want to place the knob. Next, use a drill to put a hole through the wood for the knob's screw. Pre-drilling a hole will not only make it easier to get the screw through but also help stop the wood from splintering. Lastly, place the screw through the hole from the inside of the drawer and firmly screw it into the knob on the outside of the drawer!

How Do You Center The Knobs?

For symmetry and function, knobs should be placed in the center of your drawers. However, depending on the type of drawers you have, you may want to put them in the exact center or centered towards the top of the drawer. For drawers that are just one flat piece of wood, you will want to put the knob in the exact center. For drawers with a frame and a center will want to put the knob in the center of the top part of the frame.

To get the knobs in the same place on all of your drawers, you will want to take two exact measurements. First, measure each drawer horizontally and mark the center with a pencil. Then, measure them vertically and either mark the center or where you want to place the knob towards the top.

The knobs should go in these places so that they function correctly. These spots are the most well-supported parts of the drawers. This way, you will pull the center of the drawer, and both sides will share the force equally so that one side doesn't wear out faster.

Here is a great video showing the installation process on drawers and cabinets!

Can You Install Knobs Without Drilling?

There are a couple of different ways to install knobs without drilling. The two easiest methods for you, and your cabinets, are using a gentle but strong adhesive on standard knobs or buying stick-on knobs.

One popular method is to use command strip adhesive. To do this, cut the command strip adhesive so it fits on the bottom of the knob and then stick it to the drawer. Buying knobs that are already made to stick on are applied the same way, except you don't have to cut the adhesive down to size!

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Styles of Knobs

1. Round And Oval

Round is the most traditional shape when it comes to knobs. It's simple and compliments classic style choices very well. They can be flat or more like balls. To keep this accent simple but give it a little something extra, you could even choose oval knobs.

They are a little more unique looking than round knobs but still very minimalistic. Both round and oval knobs come in various finishes, but the most popular are black or silver.

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2. Square And Rectangular

The next most traditional choice of shape for knobs is square. Square knobs are still very traditional-looking, but they catch the eye just a little more than round knobs. They are usually flat, but if you look hard enough, you can find some cube-shaped knobs.

A close choice to square that brings a similar style is rectangular knobs. These knobs stand out more than square knobs but still have a very classic look. Both of these shapes come in many colors and metal finishes.

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3. Other Geometric Shapes

This is where the choices start to get more unique and fun. Geometric knobs are the perfect blend of personalized preferences and classical tastes. They come in different types of shapes and can be flat or have some dimension. The main characteristic of geometric knobs is having many different flat sides.

Just like the other shapes mentioned so far, these knobs come in similar finishing and colors. However, they are commonly found in stand-out finishes like gold.

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4. Unique Shapes

Style choices don't get any more unique than choosing one of these knobs. They come in many shapes and sizes and have more variety than any other type of knob. That is because they can be shaped like anything!

Some examples would be diamonds, different types of animals, and flowers. These knobs usually come in a color associated with their shape, but they can also be a metal finish or even transparent. Choosing to put uniquely shaped knobs on your kitchen drawers is the ultimate way to make them and your style stand out!

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Can You Mix Pulls And Knobs In The Kitchen?

Custom kitchen cabinetry with a maple drawer pulled out for demonstration

You can mix pulls and knobs in your kitchen. In fact, it's a style trend right now! The best way to do this is to assign pulls to either drawers or cabinet doors and knobs to the other. The most common choice in this situation is to put pulls on drawers and knobs on cabinets, but that doesn't mean that you can't do it the other way around!

When deciding to do this, you want to make sure that things match as much as possible. For example, put all of the same pulls on the drawers and all the same knobs on cabinets. Mixing things up more than that could easily make your kitchen's hardware look chaotic overall.

Should All Kitchen Hardware Color Match?

This is a matter of preference. It is possible to make your kitchen look cohesive when having two different colors. An example of this would be to match the cabinet knobs to the sink faucet and match the drawer knobs to things like light fixtures.

However, any more than two colors and things can quickly look out of sync. If you're worried that you might not like two different finishes, then perhaps you should stick to the traditional choice of matching all of the hardware. This will look more uniform but less unique.

Finishing Thoughts

retro metal cabinet knobs in the kitchen, Can You Put Knobs On Kitchen Drawers?

To wrap things up, not only can you install knobs on your kitchen drawers, but doing so even has some benefits. The first is that they are generally easier to install than pull handles. Next, it gives you that many more choices to show your style in your kitchen's hardware! Just make sure to center the knobs when placing them on your drawers for the most symmetrical look and the best long-term function.

With all of this new information about how you can change up the look in your kitchen, all that's left to do is start shopping for some knobs!

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