Kitchen Curtains Above The Sink [11 Gorgeous Ideas]

Do you have window treatments on your kitchen windows, specifically the window above your sink? There are different styles of treatments to choose from, and each can create a different design in your kitchen space. Some people prefer shades that cover the whole window, others prefer only top coverings, and yet others prefer no window treatment at all.

Before putting curtains up, you will need to decide why you want a window treatment. Do you want more privacy in your kitchen? Maybe you want to hide a bad view or frame a beautiful view. Or you could use curtains as the focal point for your kitchen.

Whatever your reasoning, window treatments can make a great addition to the decor in your kitchen! Then you need to decide what color scheme or style you are aiming for. Do you want a solid color, a sheer and see-through treatment, or one with designs like flowers on it?

There are a few different specific types of window treatments that you could choose from. These include valances, sheers, shades, or blinds. To give you some creative inspiration, we created a list of 11 gorgeous curtain ideas for above your kitchen sink. Without further ado, let's take a look!

A white inspired kitchen with white cabinets and white countertop with a window decorated with flowers and floral designed curtains, Kitchen Curtains Above The Sink [11 Gorgeous Ideas]

1. White Sheer Shades

These shades are a great addition to any light or dark-based kitchen. They let in natural light which will help brighten any kitchen. They allow for easy changing, whether you want them up or down.

Large and modern designed kitchen with black cabinets, light gray countertop and windows with blinds

This is a great feature because you can easily cover whatever view you have, adding privacy, or you can keep them open and show off the beautiful view that your kitchen window gives. Also, the basic white color means they will match any color cabinets and walls.

2. Brown Sheer Shades

Modern inspired kitchen with stainless steel long handle cabinet and small plants near the window with blinds

This picture is a great example of colored sheer shades. These shades will help bring in natural light while also adding some color to the kitchen. Sheer shades like these are a great way to add small pops of color to a potentially bland kitchen.

This can be great to add personality without being overbearing or overwhelming. Once again, they are also easily adjusted to leave down or lift up. A big plus to sheer shades is that they do not blackout all of the light, yet they do tone down the amount of natural light coming in.

3. Shades But With A Pop Of Color

Retro inspired kitchen with a red round table, red circular handles and a light blue tiled blacksplash

The kitchen in this image has grey cabinets, red features, and a beautiful blue backsplash. There is so much color in the kitchen, however, the walls seem to be all white. To help reduce the chances of the white shade blending with the white walls, they chose a shade with a bit of blue.

The shade with a blue stripe helps to tie the color scheme together and adds a bit more excitement to the plain white shade. This shade can be pulled down for added privacy or to block out the backyard if needed. Otherwise, with the shade up, natural light is let in and brightens the kitchen.

4. Sheer Floral Curtains

Retro inspired kitchen with a black and white curtains in the window and cyan colored kitchen cabinets

In this image, there definitely seems to be two focal points. The bright teal cupboards are one and the curtains are the other. The floral pattern really draws the eyes and invites a cottage vibe into the kitchen.

This type of curtain is mainly for decoration, although some can be untied and closed for various reasons. With this type of curtain, you have to be careful that they are not too long, as it can sometimes be a problem, either with the ends dipping into the sink or being a fire hazard if near the stove.

5. Curtains To Frame The View

A small frameless window with small gray curtains and a wooden kitchen countertop

The angle of this image truly showcases the largest potential reason for these curtains. The reason being to frame the view of the rustic shed in the backyard.

These green striped curtains truly accentuate the rustic and cottage vibe that this image and kitchen are portraying. These curtains are great decorative pieces, yet they are still useful for privacy and blocking some sunlight when they are closed.

These white horizontal striped curtains are a great choice to frame the view from your kitchen window.

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6. Another Option For Sheer Florals

A white inspired kitchen with white cabinets and white countertop with a window decorated with flowers and floral designed curtains

While these curtains may look similar to the other floral curtains that we have looked at already, they are different. These window treatments add more flare to the kitchen, as it sticks to a fairly bland and neutral tone.

They are floral, mainly for decoration, and sheer to allow for natural light flow. Once again, it is important to watch the length of these curtains to avoid any accidents.

7. Red Valance For Decoration

A white classic designed kitchen sink with a whit framed window with a small red colored curtain

This image shows a perfect example of a decorative valance. You can use a valance as decoration as many people do because they only cover the top of the window. These are perfect if you love the view out your window and just want to be able to look out while doing the dishes or working at your kitchen sink.

This particular valance, with red and gold stripes, matches the farmhouse style sink well. Some people may believe this type of window treatment is going out of style, however, it just may not match a modern kitchen. If you style the rest of your kitchen to match it, it will look great.

This black and white, buffalo plaid valance is a great way to spruce up your kitchen window.

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8. Gold And Red Valance

A white framed kitchen window with floral designed curtains decorated with sunflowers

Looking at this picture you probably notice two things, the first being the big window with the beautiful green leaves. The second thing you probably notice is the valance curtain on that large window.

This is definitely a decoration with personality! This bold color and design choice can definitely add some color to this kitchen, and it surely catches your eye. Choosing a valance can be the small pop of color that you need in your kitchen.

9. Simple And Intricate Valance

An empty kitchen with white countertop floral designed curtain in the window and a small black kitchen faucet

This particular valance has a lot of character. With its wavy design on the bottom, the fabric pattern, and the beaded drops, this speaks personality and elegance. We love the way this blends in yet sticks out, asking only for the necessary amount of attention.

It is somehow light and dark, simple yet intricate. This valance is a great decor piece and this style could be a great addition to any kitchen window.

10. The Simplicity Of Blinds

Blinds are a great choice for a kitchen window, as seen in this image. They can be a great addition because of the ease of opening and closing them. Blinds are not usually seen as a decoration piece but more as a working window treatment.

They can allow for privacy as well as sun-blocking, but also, they can be used to let just the right amount of light in when needed. Blinds like these are a practical and common choice that many people make.

If you need more information on curtains and blinds, check out this article and learn more: Curtains VS Blinds For Kitchen Windows – Which To Choose?

11. The Appeal Of Blinds

Interior of a modern kitchen with black kitchen cabinets, black countertop with a matching kitchen sink and a window with blinds decorated with plants

In this image, you can see that blinds are sometimes a bit more complicated and a tad fancier than the plain blinds we saw before. These seem to have more of a shutter look, all while staying practical and useful.

They blend in, yet stick out with the natural light shining through. Blinds such as these, in the color white, can match in any kitchen and allow for privacy.

There are so many different window treatment options. Take a look at this guide for more information: 8 Types Of Kitchen Curtains To Know

In Closing

There are many different types of window treatments. The three main types include sheer curtains, blinds, and valances. They all serve different purposes and each should be chosen based upon that and style choice.

Every kitchen is different; therefore, each needs different types of window treatments to really tie the kitchen decor together. Whether you decide on one of these treatments or none at all, there should be some thought as to which is the best decision for your kitchen.

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