Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs Vs. Finish – Which To Choose?

Kirkland by Costco and Finish are both household names. You can buy them in almost every local grocery store. When cleaning dishes, you need to stick to a brand that's been tested and tried.

However, these brands have been through that trial and have great reviews. So, we did some research and have the final answer below. Let's dive in!

Kirkland dishwasher pacs are budget-friendly and leave dishes with little to no spots due to their rinse-aid contents. However, you need to be a Costco member to enjoy the savings. Buying from other third-party vendors often negates these savings.

Whereas, Finish dishwasher tabs clean dishes at a fair price for each use. It doesn't have an individual wrapper, though. The tablets may spill easily.

Both products have a lot of similarities and promises. But, having each brand tested and reviewed by customers make their claims more valid or invalid. Keep reading to learn more about the two dishwasher pacs and eventually discover your choice.

Two types of dishwasher perfect for your kitchen one is kirkland dishwasher pacs and the other is finish dishwasher tab,Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs Vs. Finish - Which To Choose?

Choosing Between Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs And Finish

Both dishwasher pacs will be compared in price, quick cleaning, the residue left after washing, and customer reviews.

Generally, doing its job as the product claims is a point for buyers, and experience from already-users helps to conclude your choice.

dishwasher, open and loaded with dishes, man hand taking out clean wine glass, after washing

Product Features And Details

Here you will see the details and features both products have. Find out what they have in common and what stands out to each dish cleaner company:

Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs

  • Backed by a well-known brand, Kirkland.
  • It gives you smudge-free and shining clean dishes.
  • It is highly concentrated and attacks the toughest stains from coffee, wine, and eggs.
  • New and improved formula (pre-rinsing is not required).
  • Safe for kosher and septic systems. It contains no chlorine or phosphate.
  • Available in citrus and lemon scents.
  • 1.95 kilograms (115 pacs).

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Finish Dishwasher Tabs

  • Finish dishwasher tabs result in shining, spot-free dishes. Thanks to its additives, it works as effectively as a gel formula and remains in the top rankings.
  • Works as a degreaser to produce clean and shiny dishes. It removes tough remains on food.
  • It has three power actions, additives, and advanced powder with specific enzymes to attain no pre-rinse required feature.
  • The best with hard water cleaning dishes and addresses baked-on food. One consumer attests that it cleans dishes more thoroughly than most dishwashers they've tried taking the title of the best dishwasher detergent overall.
  • It contains sodium percarbonate or oxygen bleach, commonly known as bleach, to have white dishes after washing.
  • Available in lemon, orange, fresh, and coffee scents.
  • The packaging tub is recyclable and environment-friendly.
  • 1.11 kilograms (70 tabs).

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Kirkland dishwasher takes the title of the best dishwasher detergent on a budget in many reviews. Why? Aside from its superior cleaning benefits, it lets you save money.

So on a per wash basis, it has better pricing giving you greater value for money.

Kirkland is a house brand of Costco. In terms of pricing, the major drawback is that you need to be a Costco member to enjoy the savings. Buying from other third-party vendors, such as Amazon, negates the savings.

Another disadvantage is that you have to buy in bulk which is one tub of 115 pieces. This translates to a higher upfront cost. Despite this, the product is fast running out from the shelf due to its greater value for your dollar.

Finish Quantum has only 82 tablets per tab. With a lower count per tub, it can have a much lower price on the shelf, which attracts the budget-conscious homeowner. Also, it could still offer a fair price per use.


Some users got to say with Kirkland dishwasher pacs and Finish. The provided comments and try to be as fair as possible:

Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs

  • It does a much better job cleaning my dishes than other well-known brands.
  • I have used the Kirkland Dishwasher Pods for 3-4 years, and they are great!
  • Left soap on glass.
  • Our dishes go in semi-clean and come out drier.

Finish Dishwasher Tabs

  • Great clean for dishwasher. No plastic packaging to worry about.
  • My dishes always come out clean without spots, even though I live in a country with hard water.
  • Leaves a powdery residue.
  • It did not dissolve as I thought it should.

Product Ingredients

osmetic laboratory research and development

Some customers are sensitive to a product's ingredients because it concerns their health or pets in the house. The fragrance, for instance, is a general term ingredient in most dishwasher detergents.

Some fragrances contain synthetic materials that have carcinogens and harm the environment.

It is always best to check the ingredients on the packaging, especially if you are chemical-sensitive and own a pet. Some ingredients present in both dishwashers are listed below.

Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs

several containers of Kirkland Signature premium dishwasher pacs, on display at a local Costco store

Kirkland dishwasher pacs contain sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, and sodium carbonate that are generally safe to use.

However, if you overuse these chemicals or handle them inappropriately, it may cause health risks such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other similar symptoms. In case of inhaling, it may distress your respiratory tract.

Take extra care upon using, especially when your pets are around. They might ingest it, and it's hazardous for them. Some ingredients may even be fatal.

Finish Dishwasher Tabs

As mentioned earlier, the fragrance is a general term in most dishwashers, and Finish dishwasher has declared fragrance as their ingredient.

Check the packaging label and see if there are more fragrances included. The Finish dishwasher contains sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium etidronate, and sodium sulfate.

These chemicals, when used in the long term and in large portions, can cause permanent damage to the eyes and skin. Tetrasodium etidronate, or EDTA, is a known carcinogen that contains formaldehyde.

What Are The Different Types Of Finish Dishwasher Tablets?

boxes finish dishwasher tabs in german supermarket

Finish dishwasher tablets have powder, classic, and tablets. They have similar packaging. The main thing that separates their looks is the image at the center, such as a ball tab, a gel pacs, or the center label.

Make sure to look at those if you're looking for a specific Finish dishwasher product.

Use the Finish powder dishwasher detergent with a measuring cup, or put half part in the dishwasher detergent dispenser, and you're good to go. The Finish classic dishwasher detergent comes in tabs.

Toss one tab in a dry dispenser without unwrapping it—the Finish gel dishwasher detergent. You can use a pliable amount for each use.

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Does Finish Powerball Max-In-1 Have Rinse Aid?

Rinse aid and salt functions are in Finish quantum ultimate and Finish all-in-one. However, using a separate rinse aid with other Finish products is recommended for the best results.

Do You Need Jet Dry With Finish Max-In-1?

For dry and spotless dishes, it is recommendable to use Finish jet dry with Finish max in 1. Also, use Finish dishwasher cleaner to maintain your dishwasher clean and fresh.

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The Advantages Of Finish Dishwasher Tablets

dishwasher tablets in an open box

Listed below are the conveniences you will enjoy in using Finish dishwasher tablets.

  • No need to unwrap

All Finish tablets are without wrappers except Finish classic. You don't have to peel or pierce the tablets. Put the tabs into your detergent dispenser and close the slot.

Then, turn on the machine, and the cycle starts without doing anything. It's easy to use.

  • Long expiration

It is not recommended to stock Finish dishwasher tablets. The tablets have a standard lifespan of 2 years. Most dishwasher pacs have an expiration date indicated on the packaging.

Make sure to read them before buying or considering buying some stocks.

Read more details about tablets and pods expiry in this post: Can Dishwasher Pods And Tablets Expire?

  • Phosphate-free

All Finish detergents are free of phosphate. It is biodegradable and safe for home use with septic tanks and the environment. Not only the detergent but also the rinse aids and dishwasher cleaners.

Dishwasher products with phosphate contents are banned in 17 states in the U.S. It has chemicals that are harmful to lakes, streams, and bays. It deprives fish of getting enough oxygen.

What Are Finish Pods Made Of?

Finish pods are made of a synthetic polymer called polyvinyl alcohol film, or PVA film. It prevents overloading issues to your dishwasher.

It is FDA-approved for food packaging. It's safe since it is biodegradable and does not threaten the environment.

Two types of dishwasher perfect for your kitchen one is kirkland dishwasher pacs and the other is finish dishwasher tab

To Wrap Things Up

Choosing the better dishwasher detergent between Kirkland and Finish needs detailed research, especially if you're a clean freak. But, everyone wants to see their dishes sparkling clean.

It gives a sense of satisfaction. Now that you've seen most of their details. Take your pick! Try both if you want. It won't hurt that much.

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