How To Keep Your Kitchen Trash Can From Sliding On The Floor

Keeping a trash can in your kitchen is helpful for busy home cooks to discard food scraps and other bits of the trash while cooking instead of leaving the kitchen for disposal. But have you had issues with your trash can sliding on the floor? Or tipping over unexpectedly during busy evenings entertaining guests? You may have wondered, is there a solution for stopping my trash can from sliding? We have researched this issue and have helpful advice to share with you!

Depending on the size of the kitchen, there are few options for easily securing a kitchen trash can:

  • Purchase a rubber mat to place under the trash can
  • Use a rack attached to a cabinet that holds the garbage can in place
  • Store trash cans under the kitchen sink in a pull-out holder that keeps the trash secured from children and pets
  • Apply non-slip furniture protectors to the bottom of the trash can

Do you have a trash can that has slid around the kitchen or has been accidentally tipped over a time or two? If so, you probably have wondered which solutions are available and how to implement the best option? Please continue reading we have solutions for this everyday household issue.

A garbage can in the kitchen, How To Keep Your Kitchen Trash Can From Sliding On The Floor

Options for securing the kitchen trash can

Rubber mat method

Placing a non-slip rubber mat under the trash can is an easy and effective option. Purchase the mat, set it under the trash can with the non-slip rubber backing on the floor, and set the trash can on top. The rubber mats are easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher, or one could use a Clorox wipe to kill nasty trash germs in seconds quickly!

Trash can rack

Measure your cabinet to ensure that the rack has enough space to fit correctly. Then follow the instructions for installing the rack--most models do not require assembly. Hang the rack inside the cabinet and place a trash bag inside. To clean the rack, remove the trash bag, remove the rack and wipe with Clorox or an all-purpose cleaner.

Trash bin cabinet pull-out system

These are excellent for keeping the trash cans secured and out of sight. It is essential to measure the cabinet before ordering the pullout system to ensure that it will fit and hold the size trash cans you have. The pullout system does require a few steps to install-- remember to read the instructions carefully.

Here's a helpful DIY installation video guide:

Non-slip furniture protectors

Non-slip furniture protectors are a good option for free-standing trash cans. To attach the protectors, wipe the bottom of the trash can and allow it to fully dry. Next, stick the protectors to each corner of the trash can to prevent sliding.

How do I keep my kitchen trash can from moving?

Depending on the size of your trash can, you could place it in between two appliances to keep it from moving. Another option would be to place the garbage can inside the pantry to limit foot traffic near the trach can. Also, you could put a non-slip mat under the trash can to prevent it from sliding.

Consider a free-standing tilt-out trash cabinet to store the trash can inside. Not only does this prevent the trash can from moving, but it also keeps it out of sight and secure. The majority of free-standing trash cabinets have a pull-out drawer or two for added storage. Excellent at storing garbage bags and ties.

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For apartments or smaller homes, adding a trash cabinet could consume a great deal of space. Consider implementing a trash can rack that keeps the trash can secure and out of sight inside a cabinet or pantry.  Also, this is an excellent product for parents because one could lock the cabinet door to prevent children and pets from accessing the trash can.

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What can you put under a kitchen trash can?

A rubber or silicone slip-resistant mat is the best option for stopping the kitchen trash can from moving. The mats are manufactured from anti-slip materials that will prevent the trash cans from sliding around the kitchen.

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Another option, attaching non-slip furniture pad protectors to the bottom of the trash can. One per corner and place the trash can in a corner where a wall for stability supports it.

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Where should a trash can go in the kitchen?

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the trash should be located with the main work triangle for easy access while cooking and to reduce trash-related smells from escaping the kitchen.

Before deciding where to place your trash can--think about your trash to recycling ratio. How many times per week do you take the garbage out? How many bags? What size trash bags? All of these questions are important for choosing the best place for your trash can.

Cabinet storage options

Storing trash bins inside cabinets is great for keeping the kitchen floor space free from accidental trash spills and clutters. Setting the trash can under the sink is commonplace for many home cooks because it keeps the trash safe from children and pets. Others dislike this option because there believe it wastes cabinet space and the trash needs to be emptied more often to prevent unpleasant aromas in the kitchen.

Consider storing the recycling and trash bin side-by-side in one cabinet. Which allows both bins to be accessible within the work triangle and only utilizes one cabinet. Also, this option keeps the trash and recycling accessible and organized.

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How do you hide a trash can in a small kitchen?

There are several creative methods for hiding a trash can in a small kitchen. Firstly, reflect on how much trash you generate in a week, and consider purchasing the smallest trash can that will work with the volume of trash created in your home. Then consider if you would like the trash can to be free-standing in the kitchen or tucked away in a cabinet.

If keeping the trash can out of sight is the primary goal. Storing a small trash can under the kitchen sink is a classic go-to for storage. However, consider purchasing a hanging trash can to attached to the countertop while preparing foods, and then place it inside a cabinet or under the sink for out-of-sight storage.

Hanging trash bins are small in size but versatile. These bins are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, campers, offices, and these are a great size to reuse plastic shopping bags to reduce plastic waste.

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Adding a kitchen cart could add extra counter space, cabinet storage, and a discrete place to keep your trash can conveniently accessible yet out of sight.

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Every inch counts in a small kitchen--if you have a gap between appliances, you could store your tall trash can there for added floor space, and it would keep your cabinets trash-free.

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If you are interested in added mobility for your trash bin, investing in a trash can with wheels could be a good option. One could roll the trash bin from one end of the kitchen to the other, also to other rooms for cleaning or parties.

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In Closing

Achieving the balance of aesthetically pleasing and functionality in the kitchen isn't the easiest task. We hope this article has helped you find that balance within your kitchen. Please visit for more engaging and helpful content soon!

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