Is Luminarc Lead Free? [Inc. Dinnerware & Glassware]

The dining experience can be more meaningful when you have a beautiful kitchen and table set up. The right tableware can complement a meal. If you're thinking of purchasing Luminarc dinnerware and glassware, you may wonder if they're lead-free. We've researched this topic and have information to share.

Luminarc dinnerware and glassware are both lead-free. They are made of tempered glass, which makes them non-toxic. You should choose kitchen sets that are both lead-free and cadmium-free because they're the best for your health.

As you read this article, you will find out more about the Luminarc brand. We will provide you with information about how lead and other harmful elements can impact your health. We'll also cover how you can determine if dishes and glasses are lead-free.

French dishes Luminarc in the hypermarket Metro AG, Is Luminarc Lead Free? [Inc. Dinnerware & Glassware]

Are Luminarc Products Lead Free?

While there are a lot of quality brands of dinnerware circulating in the world, Luminarc stands out because their dinnerware and glassware products are lead free.

Durable and long lasting, their products are made of lead-free glass that is easy to clean and convenient to use. People love the classy, elegant look of Luminarc plates, dishes, and glasses because they can be used for many occasions.

Why Choose Luminarc?

Why Choose Luminarc? - French Luminarc tableware in hypermarket, French tableware brand, manufacturer

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Luminarc over other brands. Here are some of them.

Standard and quality production

Luminarc has gone through quality checking so they could prove the advantages of their products. The manufacturing process uses different strategies and techniques to create a quality piece.

They also ensure that the overall production process meets the highest quality standards, resulting in durable, flexible, and stylish tableware sets.

Aesthetically pleasing

Luminarc’s dinnerware and glassware are available in different colors, styles, and designs. Their concepts include classic, modern, and floral designs which makes them appealing to almost any table set-up.

Heat and shock resistant

Luminarc dishes are safe for use in your microwave even if you have just pulled them out of the refrigerator. The dishes can withstand high temperatures because most of the products undergo a hardening process which increases their resistance.

Dishwasher safe

Most dishware today is tagged as dishwasher safe, but Luminarc tests their products to make sure they can tolerate the effects of a dishwasher.


Luminarc’s tableware retains no bacteria or other forms of microorganisms that are harmful to your health.

Wide array of sets

One thing that you will love is that Luminarc gives you a variety of sets to choose from. They are available in different colors, designs, and sets. You can choose from mugs, drink sets, plates, food storage, and more.

Check out this Luminarc wine glass set on Amazon.

How Does Lead Affect Your Health?

How Does Lead Affect Your Health? - Natural Lead Ore

If you are a kitchen set addict, then you probably have a lot of dinnerware and glassware from different brands. Whether you are a professional chef or someone who just loves collecting dishes,  you should be aware of how lead in dinnerware can impact your health.

Depending on where the dishware was manufactured, lead and cadmium may have been added during production. Lead and cadmium are toxic forms of metals that cause undesirable effects on a person’s health.

They are not safe in general. The cognitive and behavioral development of children can be negatively affected by lead. You will know when someone has been exposed to or swallowed either of the two toxic elements when they experience the following:

  • Weakness of the wrist, fingers, and ankles
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Kidney and lung disease

How to avoid these toxic elements

The next time you buy dinnerware or drinkware, consider the following:

  • Find white or unglazed dishware. We all love that minimalist style in our house. They are Instagrammable, too!
  • If you want a printed plate, try ones that are sold and manufactured by reputable brands. These manufacturers follow a standard procedure in making lead-free products.
  • Planning to buy abroad? Choose dishes that you can use as decoration. These items may be attractive to look at, but they can contain high levels of lead and cadmium.

How Safe Is Your Dinnerware?

How Safe Is Your Dinnerware? - A wide range of glassware at the Living store in the Siam Paragon Mall.

Now that you have an idea of how lead can impact your health, we'll discuss how you can identify lead in your dishware and glassware.

Chalky residue

The presence of lead is indicated when you touch tableware and feel a chalky residue on its surface. Take into account the grayish color of the residue. Stop using the dishes when you spot it.

Decorative patterns

Decorative style and patterns should be beneath the coating. However, you will know that they are high in lead content when patterns are embossed and elevated. They wear off quickly because they are prone to wear and tear. Try to brush them using your fingers.

If you have plates of this type, do not use them again.

Vintage items

Avoid buying dinnerware and glassware from garage sales, antique stores, and flea markets.

These dishes may have been manufactured many years ago, when no proper regulations were in place regarding lead in kitchenware. Thus, there is a high possibility that these items may contain lead and other toxic elements.

Glazed terra cotta

If you are engaged in pottery, then you know about terracotta. It is a popular stoneware.  Terra cotta has been made by indigenous people and is often marked as unglazed. Glazed terra cotta is known to have high levels of lead mixtures.

If you have glazed terra cotta dishes at home, do not use them for serving, storing, or cooking food.

Glazed terra cotta - Old Handmade Ornate Pottery Plates. Set Of Decorative Ceramic Dishes Hand-painted Of Floral Pattern.

How To Identify Lead In Glassware

You are safe from lead when you don’t use antique or decorative dishes and glasses. Make sure your glassware is safe by considering the following:

Weight and sound

Feel the weight with your hand. A glass with lead is heavier than a lead-free one. After you feel the weight, tap the side using your fingernail or fork. If you hear a soft clink, then your glass should be safe to drink from.

On the other hand, a long clinking sound could mean that your glass contains lead.


Another way to check for lead is to hold the glass up to the light. Standard glassware has better refraction of light like a prism. If you don’t see a rainbow, no matter how near you are to the light, then the glass may contain lead.


Leave white distilled vinegar in your glass overnight. Since vinegar is acidic, the lead will dissolve quickly in the vinegar. Check for contamination after 12 hours.

You can also use lead test kits. They are available in many local stores.

Final Takeaways

French Luminarc tableware in hypermarket, French tableware brand

By using Luminarc products, you can make sure that your dining experience is unique and extraordinary. Their products, including dinnerware and glassware, are lead free.

Before you purchase any kitchen items, especially your dinner sets, make sure you consider the information about lead covered above. Lead is not just a simple element—it can have a negative impact on your health.

When choosing dinnerware and glassware, do not settle for inexpensive products. Always check to make sure the products are lead free and safe to use.

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