Is CorningWare Safe For The Oven or Microwave?

Have you just purchased CorningWare and wondered if you can put it in the oven? Are you planning to reheat leftover food in the microwave, but are afraid you might damage the cookware? Look no further because we conducted thorough research to help you grasp its use and care of CorningWare.

You can absolutely put CorningWare products in the oven, but not all of them are suitable for microwave use. You must look out for any metal parts since metal cannot go in the microwave. Always read the product guide or check the cookware's bottom for a "Microwave" or an “Oven” safe logo.

CorningWare is a convenient line of cookware that can help you save time and energy. Stay with us as we dive deeper into details so you can maintain their pristine condition and take advantage of their entire purpose.

Is CorningWare safe for the oven?

CorningWare has been around since the 1960s, and many home chefs believe in its efficiency and durability. CorningWare can absolutely go in any type of oven be it convection, conventional, or traditional oven.

A package of CorningWare

Original CorningWare pieces are made of pyroceram – a white glass-ceramic material that can withstand heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass ceramic foundation of CorningWare is also resistant to rapid temperature changes. They may be used straight in an oven, on the cooktop, or under a broiler after being removed from the refrigerator.

Even though CorningWare can withstand thermal heat, please do not be complacent. A fast shift in temperature can still generate cracks that undermine the structure. Always verify the manufacturer's guidelines for your specific product's temperature restrictions.

Stoneware CorningWare

Over the years, CorningWare has yielded to modernization and new versions made from stoneware were introduced. They are less durable and can only endure up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit since they do not have the thermal properties of CorningWare made from pyroceram.

Moreover, in contrast to its original types, stoneware CorningWare cannot be immediately transferred from the fridge to the oven, and they are off limits to stove tops and broilers.

Is CorningWare safe for the microwave?

Hands warming up a container of food in the modern microwave oven

Despite its proven toughness, not all CorningWare is safe for use in the microwave. Some CorningWare products have metal parts, and it is generally known that metal cannot go in the microwave. Putting metal in the microwave can result in sparking and fires so you must always proceed with caution to avoid unexpected accidents.

Other than metal, cookware and bakeware with attached silver, gold, and platinum including those with glass lids and screw-on knobs, are forbidden inside the microwave.

You should also keep in mind that vintage CorningWare was made way before the microwave was invented, so they are usually not microwave safe. One example of CorningWare brands that are not microwaveable is the Centura line.

Nevertheless, CorningWare dishes that are purely glass-ceramic are surely safe inside the microwave. If you own some of those French White pieces, feel free to put them inside the microwave but remember to keep the temperature between low to medium.

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How to test if your CorningWare is microwave safe or not

  1.       Put the dish in the microwave along with a cup (250 mL) of water. The cook time should be set to 100% for 1 minute.
  2.       Avoid using a dish in a microwave if the dish gets hot but the water remains cool.

Can you put CorningWare on a flame?


Please avoid using modern CorningWare on an open flame. Modernized CorningWare is more fragile than vintage ones. Placing them on a flame might lead to breaking and sudden deformities.

Although the vintage CorningWare is forged to survive open flame, always be on guard. Some vintage CorningWare has been weakened by time and frequent use, so it is best not to expose them to flame all the time. Additionally, the use of CorningWare for deep frying in a microwave, caramelizing sugar, or popping popcorn might result in numerous cracks.

Take care of your products so they can last longer, and future generations can still experience cooking with them.

Does CorningWare contain lead?

As we have said earlier, CorningWare has gone through various changes throughout the years including the production process and the materials used. As a result, issues regarding consumer health risks have sparked and many have begun to question its safety.

CorningWare cookware is made up of non-toxic materials and does not contain lead.

However, to clear your mind of any remaining doubts, you can use an XRF instrument to determine if your CorningWare is 100% percent safe to use. This instrument is mainly used to test for the presence of toxic substances including lead.

What is special about CorningWare?

White baking and cooking dishes organized in a drawer

Aside from it being stain, odor, and thermal shock resistant, CorningWare will be an excellent decoration in your kitchen or dining room.

Corningware is renowned for its cute and endearing designs and patterns. As a matter of fact, some vintage CorningWare vessels are already considered collector’s items. They have a variety of beautiful designs – modern or classic, which can also make a table setting more appealing.

What can you cook with CorningWare?

Side dishes on a CorningWare bowl

There are tons of delicious recipes you can make for yourself and your family now that you know the dos and don’ts. You can cook almost anything with CorningWare since it does not absorb odor and repels even the most stubborn stains.

Some of the recommended foods are Strawberry Banana Bread, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Butternut Squash, and Loaded S'mores Blondies.

You can also try your own special recipes and see more fun and trouble-free cooking.

In Closing

CorningWare has played an important role in American culture, and it still is valuable today. Make sure to take care of your dishes, especially the vintage ones! Pass it on to the next generation, like your grandparents did for you.

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