Is A Cookie Sheet Broiler Safe?

Everyone loves cooking equipment that serves more than one purpose. Baking sheet pans can be used for desserts, french fries, and even frozen burritos. But is a cookie sheet broiler safe? We've done the research and have some interesting answers for you!

Metal baking sheets are safe to use under the broiler. Choose pans made of stainless steel or cast iron without non-stick coating or special handles for the highest durability. Disposable aluminum sheets are also an option. Because oven broilers routinely reach over 550 degrees, it is crucial to be mindful of what material you are utilizing.

So, how do you choose an effective multi-purpose baking pan? Why do cookie sheets pop in the oven? Is it safe to broil with parchment paper? Keep reading to learn how to be positive your cooking accessories are broiler-safe!

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies on Baking Sheet and cookie sheet, Is A Cookie Sheet Broiler Safe?

Selecting broiler-safe cookware

There are several factors you need to consider before popping your cookie sheet in the broiler. Let's go over a few!


Stainless steel baking pan on wood table, top viewAs we briefly touched on a moment ago, broilers produce extremely high direct heat. Broiling exposes your cookware and food to temperatures ranging from 500-550 degrees. Due to this, it is vital to have a baking sheet that can withstand this.

Pans made from metal, such as stainless steel, are durable and highly recommended. Cast iron and some aluminum cooking sheets are also safe in this situation, including disposable versions.

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Non-stick vs. uncoated

If you want to use your baking sheet in various conditions, it is best to go with an uncoated model. For broiling purposes, you want to avoid pans that have a non-stick coating. Some types of coating can degrade or be otherwise damaged by extreme temperatures. Unless a coated sheet specifically states that it can tolerate up to 550 degrees, it's better to avoid using it.

Don't worry about food sticking to the pan by going the uncoated route. We'll go over a few ways you can line or grease your sheet later in this post.

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What to avoid

Empty oval glass casserole pan on a white background

Some types of cookware should never be exposed to your broiler. They can crack, melt, or burn- and generally ruin your meal. Let's name off the major ones so that you know!

  • Glass baking/casserole dishes
  • Pans with special protective grips made of wood or plastic
  • Silicone baking sheets and handles

Is it safe to broil with parchment paper?

Crumpled piece of white parchment or baking paper on wooden table. Top view.

While parchment paper is safe for use in baking, you don't ever want to put it under a broiler. It is only heat-resistant, not completely heat-proof. This means that a couple of different things happen when it's subjected to broiling temperatures. First, it could melt and get nasty wax all over your food. Worse, it can fully ignite and cause an oven fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, oven ranges and cooktops are involved in 79% of kitchen fire injuries and 86% of cooking fire deaths. It's crucial always to practice safe judgment when preparing meals. Keep this liner far away from the broiler.

What can I line a cookie sheet with?

Home prepared baked french fries, in freshly sliced potato and cooked state with olive oil, on a sheet of aluminum foil.

So, if parchment paper is to be avoided, what should you line a baking sheet with? Remember, we're talking about broiling here, not baking. Under these high-heat conditions, the most effective liner is aluminum foil. It can easily handle temperatures up to 1,1220 degrees, which is its initial breakdown point. Talk about piping hot!

Remember us mentioning we'd eventually cover broiler-safe ways of coating your pan? Aluminum foil is available in a non-stick version that will help you cover both bases.

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That being said, you can choose not to line your pan at all. This will make clean-up much more difficult, but many decide not to bother. In this case, you'll still want to be double-sure to grease the baking sheet. It's no fun having to scrape your singed dinner off a pan with a knife!

A canola oil-based cooking spray will easily handle exposure to the broiler. As a bonus, it's also cheap and easy to find. You may even have some in the pantry right now!

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Can I broil instead of bake?

Cheese On Toast Being Grilled In Oven And Taken Out

While broiling and baking are somewhat similar cooking methods in general, they are not the same. Meaning, in most situations, the two processes are not interchangeable. Let's take a closer look at the particulars!


When you bake, the oven slowly cooks the food via indirect heat. It's a great method for items that need assistance in solidifying. This would be the case for treats like loaves of bread, desserts, and casseroles. The average temperatures typically used in this process range from 325-425 degrees.


On the other hand, broiling cooks items quickly by employing intense direct heat. The broiler coil is on the top in most models, and the pan is placed directly beneath it. As previously mentioned, it can achieve around 550 degrees with ease. This technique shines at searing or adding texture to thin or already partially cooked foods. For instance, melting cheese onto toast or cooking fish and veggies.

So, we're essentially saying that those cookies need to be baked, not broiled. That steak you're trying to get an indoor sear on should be under the broiler, not the bake setting.

Why do cookie sheets pop in the oven?

Cookie sheets sometimes make popping sounds while in the oven. This happens as a result of the high temperatures. The metal expands when exposed to heat, but not all parts of the pan do so at the same rate. The bottom, inside, and raised edges shift differently. When you hear that cracking noise, it means that the sheet is twisting in response to this.

The best way to prevent a warped baking sheet is to buy high quality. Look for thick, durable metal. Pans that are too thin or poorly constructed will bend faster and generally live a shorter lifespan. Also, allow it to cool naturally after using rather than immediately rinsing it with cool water.

To Summarize

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies on Baking Sheet and cookie sheet, Is A Cookie Sheet Broiler Safe?

We've established in this post that most cookie sheets are broiler-safe- if they're made of a metal like stainless steel or heavy aluminum. Cast iron is also acceptable, as well as disposable aluminum pans.

Remember not to use parchment paper in your broiler—instead, line with aluminum foil. Lastly, follow recipe instructions if you're unsure whether to bake or broil.

Now get out there and make something delicious for yourself!

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