Is A Blender Good For Making Baby Food?

Some moms think it's essential to make their babies their own baby food. Homemade baby food can be higher in nutrients, fresher, and more natural than canned baby food or pouches. If you're looking to make your own baby food, this post is for you. But is a blender a good way to make baby food? 

Absolutely. A blender will work just fine for this making baby food. Other options can make your job easier or faster, but if you are tight on money and already have a basic blender, that will do just fine.

Continue reading to learn more and for some of our top finds for baby blenders. You might find a favorite!

Mother is showing a blender to her little daughter. Little daughter is watching to blender., Is A Blender Good For Making Baby Food?


Can you use a regular blender for baby food?

You absolutely can. Here a few tips to make the best baby food with a blender.

Start small

It's important to remember that you need to know what food your baby likes. How do you do this? Trial and error. It can also take time for your baby's taste buds to adjust to the new foods. So, don't make 20 cans of sweet potato until you've tried it with your baby.

Start with soft foods

The softer foods are more accessible to blends and safer for your little one to eat as a first meal. Bananas are usually the best to start. Avocado is another food that will make a nice smooth food consistency for your baby.

Keep frozen veggies

These are great to have on hand. You steam them up and get them all mixed to the right consistency for your baby. Remember to make sure the food is excellent before feeding your baby.

Keep it simple

The best way to make the baby food is to clean the food, steam it to make it soft, mix it to desired consistency, cool off, and finally eat.

Plan Ahead

It's a good idea to plan meals a day or two in advance. Once you get the hang of making food you know your baby will eat, you can make larger batches, so you are prepared for meals throughout the days to follow.

FAQs about Blenders to Make Baby Food

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Why should I make my own baby food?

Making your own baby food can be a difficult decision to make. It takes extra time and effort to make your own food. It can save you a lot of money. It can also make you comfortable knowing what you are putting in your baby's body.

Why get a baby blender instead of just using a regular size blender?

It is possible to make baby food using a regular blender; a baby food blender is for best results. First, it's better for small amounts. It also keeps any chemicals that may be extra in your own food out of your baby's food.

Do I need a baby food maker with many functions?

That's up to you! Some parents choose the more expensive blenders over the simple ones. That's why it's essential to do your research before buying so you are accepting the best one to fit your needs.

How long does homemade baby food last?

Homemade baby food will last about a week in the refrigerator. However, it can last almost three months in the freezer. It's easy to make baby food ahead of time, portion it out, and save it.

What types of foods work in a baby food blender?

That depends on the type of blender you purchase. Some are good for fruits and vegetables; others are good for meat or fish. Again, do your research here before buying.

Is a blender or food processor better for making baby food?

Here are a few differences:

The Blender

A blender is made to work with liquids or already mushy foods. Blenders are not very good if you are making small batches of baby food because of the size and shape of the blender container. The blender can liquefy smoothies, ice beverages, soups, and purees. It can make the purees very fine.

The Food Processor

This equipment is made to work with a variety of solid foods. It can even grind up grains for homemade baby cereal. It can puree, slice, shred, and knead the dough with the proper tools. It is known for being interchangeable and can do many jobs.

The processor works only at one speed and slower than the blender. You also get greater control with the processor with the pulse option.

Do you need to add water when blending baby food?

Mother is showing a blender to her little daughter. Little daughter is watching to blender., Is A Blender Good For Making Baby Food?

You do not need to, but you may need to add water if you are looking for a sure consistency. For example, in the beginning stages of solid food feeding, you need the food to be thinner, like water. This is because the baby is just learning to swallow, and you need to start slow and work your way up to thicker as they can tolerate denser foods.

It's important to note that when steaming or boiling foods to make them soft, with tend to lose their nutrients. It's essential to add the hot water they were cooking back into the mix, so the nutrients are now back in the food.

As your baby gets older and can tolerate more foods, you can add juices or milk to foods. For example, adding milk to any cereal is a great way to get those extra vitamins!

What is a good blender for making baby food?

These are the top options for making baby food:

1. Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker:

The most affordable option. This is an essential baby food maker that includes an immersion blender and a food processor in one. You can make bulk batches or quick, single servings. The wand allows you to blend in a separate bowl if needed. 

You can find this on Amazon here.

2. Magic Baby Bullet Baby Care System:

This one has the most storage. The system is not just the blender itself but a whole storage system. It comes with cups to prepare meals for an entire week and is easy to clean and store. 

Check this out on Amazon here!

3. Quoc 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker:

This is the most compact option. It has 8 features all in one! You can steam, mix, blend, and defrost baby food easily and quickly. The 2-layer basket design allows you to cook different foods simultaneously. Recipe book included!

Look at this one here on Amazon. 

4. WHALELOVE 5 In One Baby Food Maker

Most technological option. Steam and cook food and bottle warming feature! You can begin to use this once the baby comes home. It steams quickly and then automatically blends the food within a set time limit with little work for you. It also has a self-cleaning design and is entirely dishwasher safe. 

Check this out on Amazon here!

5. Elva's Baby Food Maker

If you're looking for the most advanced, this is the winner. It steams, blends, reheats, and defrosts. It also self-cleans with sterilization! It is dishwasher safe and quick to clean. 

Check this out on Amazon here!

6. BEABA Babycook 4 in one Steamcooker and Blender

If you're looking to blend meats, this is the best one. It's also great for fish! This works for any stage of toddler food and can prepare food in 15 minutes. The recipe book included as well. 

Check this out on Amazon here!

In Closing

Planning to buy a blender can be overwhelming to a new mom. That's why you need to take your time, do your research, and ask your friends. Think about what you will be using it for the most. These tips can help you choose the best baby blender for your baby and family.

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