Is Apple Pie Okay Left Out Overnight? [Best Storage Tips]

Apple pie is a delicious dessert that features an apple filling surrounded by a pastry crust. These pies are commonly associated with America. They are often found as an option at holidays and other social gatherings. If you've recently baked an apple pie, you may be wondering what the best way to store it is. Homemade items lack the preservatives from storebought products, so can a homemade pie be safe if left out all night? We've done the research and can tell you if apple pie can be left at room temperature overnight.

Apple pies and other homemade fruit pies can be safely stored at room temperature overnight. These pies can be kept unrefrigerated for up to two days before needing to be moved to a cooler temperature. When storing your pie, ensure that it's covered in plastic wrap or a covered container. This will keep your dessert fresher for longer.

These types of pie are easy to store safely. The ingredients they're made from means apple pie can be stored at room temperature for longer times. Keep reading to learn why apple pie is safe to store at room temperature, different pie storage options, as well as tips on determining when your apple pie has gone bad.

Apple pie decorated with fall leaves overhead shot, fall baking concept, Is Apple Pie Okay Left Out Overnight? [Best Storage Tips]

Apple Pie Storage Tips

While plastic wrap does work to protect pies, storage containers are better options for keeping pies fresh. These devices are the best way to keep food fresh. They are designed with lids that are often air-tight. This protects your home-baked goods from germs and prevents taste transfer in the refrigerator.

When deciding on a container for your apple pie, look for one that has some basic features. A pie storage container should have a lid, be made from a food-safe material, and be large enough to hold your pie.

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On the Counter

If you plan on eating your apple pie quickly, you could store your dessert directly on the counter. The design of the dome lid helps protect the tops of pies and other desserts stored inside it. Some of these containers even feature handles for easier transportation. You can find good counter pie containers in both plastic and glass. However, plastic containers are typically more popular.

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If you plan on taking your pie somewhere else, it's best to get a container to make that easier. A good travel container will have handles. Additional features to look for are a locking lid with an airtight design. Most containers for transporting food are made from plastic. This is to prevent accidental breaks.

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Glass Container

Glass containers are great for keeping all kinds of foods fresh. Fortunately, they also make glass containers specifically for pies. These helpful devices can be used in a wider variety than plastic. A glass container can often be used in extreme temperatures. This means it would be possible to bake a pie directly in the storage device. Then, once cooled, transfer it to either the fridge or the freezer.

To learn more about food quality in glass containers, check out, Do Glass Containers Keep Food Fresh Longer?

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For Sliced Pie

This pie container is a fun option for storing dessert. You can store either a whole pie or individual slices of pie. This is a unique option. Many containers come with a cupcake holder, but not many allow you to hold individual pie pieces neatly. This storage container is great for serving. You can pre-cut slices and then easily transport them.

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Attached Lid

If you don't think you can keep track of another lid, go for the attached lid pie holder. These containers are compact and perfect for counter or refrigeration storage. The attached lid makes storage easy and prevents you from losing track of half the product. Containers with this design typically have an airtight seal. However, that can vary by product.

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Do I Need To Refrigerate Apple Pie?

The USDA states that homemade fruit pies can be stored at room temperature for one or two days. After that, you can store it in the refrigerator for an additional two or three days. When stored in the refrigerator the entire time, an apple pie can last up to seven days.

So, whether you need to refrigerate apple pie depends on how long you plan to keep it. If you plan on finishing your pie within a couple of days, then you can store it covered at room temperature. You'll have to refrigerate your dessert if you want to keep it fresh longer or keep it for longer than two days.

Is It Safe To Leave Apple Pie Unrefrigerated Overnight?

Classic American apple pie

When homemade apple pie has sugar, it is safe to keep it unrefrigerated for extended periods of time. Sugar is a preservative. This ingredient adds texture to foods and even slows the growth of bacteria. Fruit pies often also contain citric acid from their fillings. This is another preservative that helps protect it from growth.

When storing your apple pie at room temperature, it's still important to cover it. This can be done with foil, plastic wrap, or a container with a lid. Covering your food protects it from bugs and germs.

How Long Can Apple Pie Be Left Out?

At the most, an apple pie can be stored at room temperature safely for two days. Then, you'll either need to finish the pie or move it to the refrigerator. Before transferring your pie to the fridge, make sure you put it in a covered container. This will keep your pie from absorbing any other tastes from the fridge and will prevent it from drying out.

How Can You Tell If Apple Pie Is Bad?

There's a good chance your food has gone bad if it has a strange smell, taste, or texture. If you notice any of these things or mold on your apple pie, it's best to throw it out.

In Closing

Apple pie decorated with fall leaves overhead shot, fall baking concept, Is Apple Pie Okay Left Out Overnight? [Best Storage Tips]

It is possible to store apple pie at room temperature for a couple of days. If you still have pie after two days, transfer your pie to the fridge. When storing your apple pie, use a container with a lid to keep it fresh and tasty for longer periods of time. If your pie ever tastes or smells unusual, you may have a spoiled apple pie. In these cases, get rid of the pie.

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