If you're getting ready to replace an old stove, you'll want to make sure that the new one fits in its place. This is especially important if the stove is being set between your counters. To help with this task, we've researched dozens of models of stoves and have recorded their measurements. Read ahead to find out how wide the average stove should be.

The width of the average residential stove is 30 inches. However, some models are significantly different. These tend to fit in the following categories:

  • Apartment stoves
  • Commercial units
  • Double oven stoves

Now that we know the average width of stoves, we'll take a closer look at the exceptions to the standard. You might also be wondering if the stove depth includes the handles or if a slide-in range sticks out. To get the answers to these and other questions, please read ahead in this post.

Interior of a modern kitchen with wooden paneled cabinets, a kitchen stove with an overhanging oven, and a large fridge on the side, How Wide Is The Average Stove?

Stoves that are not of standard width

As we outlined above, 30 inches is the standard width. But if the stove you need is one of the exceptions, it will be good to know before you purchase it and have it delivered. Below we've broken down the differences between the standard models and the others.

Apartment stoves

Apartment kitchens tend to be a little smaller than those you'll find in a house or townhome. Smaller kitchens will usually mean smaller appliances so that you still have room to maneuver around while you cook. The typical apartment stove measures only 24 inches across, making it half a foot narrower than the standard models. These stoves are also only 24 to 26 inches deep, making them up to five inches smaller than the average stoves on the market.

This free-standing apartment stove is 24 inches wide and weighs 135 pounds. This model is electric, which is the preferred type for apartments.

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Commercial units

The cooking needs in a commercial kitchen are much greater than those of the typical home chef. So it's reasonable to believe that the stoves in these kitchens have to be somewhat larger than their residential counterparts. Commercial stoves vary in size and can be up to 72 inches wide. This is so they can house multiple ovens, as well as double the amount of cooktop burners.

The 10-burner double oven commercial unit here is fueled by natural gas. This model is 60 inches wide and constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel.

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Double oven stoves

Double oven models are becoming more popular as homeowners embrace convection ovens side by side with the traditional ones. This design makes the stoves wider, of course. The average width of a double oven unit is 36 inches.

This model double oven is fueled by natural gas and hosts five cooktop burners. The convection and traditional oven are set in side by side and encased in a stainless steel frame. This is a slide-in model and would be suitable to install between cabinets or within a kitchen island.

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How do you know what size stove to buy?

Getting the correct size stove on the first try will save you a lot of time. Doing so is pretty easy, however. If your stove is set between countertops, you'll want to get a new model with the same dimensions as the one you are replacing. With slide-in or drop-in units, this is especially important.

But if the stove is a free-standing model that isn't flanked by cabinets on either side, you could go with one larger or smaller than the original. If you decide to explore a different sized unit, be sure you are still keeping the stove the recommended distance from walls and other appliances. This means your stove needs to be at least 36 inches from your fridge and dishwasher and a minimum of eight inches from a sidewall.

If you are considering a total remodel of your kitchen, you will have many more options on what size of stove to install. If you cook a lot of large meals, you might want to consider purchasing a stove with five or six burners on the cooktop. This will be a lifesaver for giant holiday dinners. We'll discuss the six-burner models in more detail later in this post.

Stoves that have double ovens might also be beneficial. These designs are usually a few inches wider than the average stove, but if you're tearing out cabinets and replacing them, you will be able to make room for this type of appliance or any other variety.

Does stove depth include handles?

We examined the owner's manuals from multiple stove manufacturers to see if any include the handles when they list their appliances' depth. Our research discovered that every model's measurements are from the furthest points top to bottom, left to right, and front to back. The depth measurement always includes the handles. This is important because you will only have the handles protrude beyond each surrounding cabinet's faces for some types of stoves.

How wide is a six-burner stove?

The standard cooktop has four burners, with some popular modern models having an elongated fifth burner in the center of them. These units are an average of 36 wide. But if you want a cooktop with six burners, how much wider will it be?

Six-burner units have varying widths, but the minimum is 36 inches. This leaves enough space between burners so that it's safe to use them all at once. This six-burner natural gas stove is 36 inches wide. It's a slide-in model designed to fit in between cabinets of a kitchen island.

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How wide should a stove opening be?

If you're remodeling the kitchen entirely, you'll want to make certain that all of your new appliances will have the right amount of space. Not checking ahead of time might result in you having to do some last-minute rearranging. Worst case scenario, you'll need to completely change the cabinets' layout, which can be very time consuming and costly.

When it comes to your stove, you'll want the opening to be no more than one inch wider than the stove itself. This will allow the stove to be slid into place easily but still leave a little bit of wiggle room. Slid- in models have lips on the sides that will overlap on the adjacent countertops. This prevents food and other things from dropping between it and the cabinets.

It's really important not to have wide gaps between the stove and the cabinets on either side. Too much spacing will result in the lip on the cooktop not reaching the top of the counters next to it. So, be sure to carefully measure the opening for your stove, and make sure you know the exact dimensions of the stove you are about to purchase.

Do slide-in ranges stick out?

This range design is meant to slide into place, whether in-between two cabinets or into a kitchen island. The depth of this type of range is a little shorter than a freestanding one, as it needs to be positioned a bit further back from the back wall. This means a little bit of custom counter work on your end, as you'll need to fill the two to three-inch gap between the back of the range and the wall.

The front of this design should be flush with the face of your cabinets. These are made to blend in with the kitchen cabinets and counters, and any protrusion outside of the stove's slot will ruin this look. The only part of a slide-in range that should be sticking out at all will be the handles for the doors, but this is pretty unnoticeable.

We found this slide-in range on Amazon. Its five burners are fueled by natural gas. This unit is of standard residential width, at 30 inches.

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In Closing

While ranges can be found in a variety of sizes, most on the market for residential kitchens have standard measurements. This keeps replacing an older appliance simple and easy and eliminates a lot of guesswork. But if you want to upgrade to a unit with more burners or duel ovens, you'll want to be sure that the space you have available in your kitchen will accommodate it.

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