How To Use A Cuisinart Juicer

Having a juicer at home means creating delicious juice with the fruits and vegetables you already have. You'll have to know how to use your juicer before you can start making all those tasty drinks, though. If you're the owner of a Cuisinart brand juicer, then you're in luck! We've done the research and can tell you exactly how to use this product.

To use a Cuisinart juice extractor, you should follow these steps:

  1. Assemble and plug in the unit.
  2. Begin placing fruits and vegetables into the feed tube.
  3. Repeat until the desired amount of juice is made.
  4. Turn the unit off and enjoy your drink!

There is also a Cuisinart brand citrus juicer. This type of appliance has a slightly different method to use and can only extract juice from citrus fruits. Keep reading to learn more about each style of juicer. You'll also learn how a juicer differs from a blender and more great information!

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Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractors

Creating our own fruit and vegetable juices is an excellent way to get the most out of the foods' nutrients. Let's take a more in-depth look at how these appliances work.

Apple juice on juicer machine

Setting Up

The first thing you should do is set up your juicer. You should be careful of any blades while assembling your unit. Make sure the spout for juice is open. You should never operate your juicer with this spout closed.

Wash your fruits and vegetables before you juice them. You should also only be using organic fruit. This will help protect you from the chemicals and pesticides used in non-organic farming.

Most foods won't need to be cut before juicing. However, you should always cut foods with a diameter greater than two and 3/4 inches for the slow juicer and 500 series juice extractor.

You'll need to cut fruits and vegetables greater than three inches for the 1000 series juice extractor.

Always be sure to remove any seeds and pits from your food before juicing. You'll also need to peel citrus fruits before inserting them into the feed tube. Overall, avoid sending any skins you don't want to eat into the appliance.

Begin Juicing

Now that your foods and juicer are prepped, you are ready to begin juicing! Turn your juicer on and adjust the speed if necessary.

Then, you can lift the food pusher out of the feed tube and begin inserting your food. You should start by juicing all your softer ingredients first. Then, move on to any leafy greens. Finally, you should finish with any harder ingredients. Use the food pusher to help the food go all the way into the feed tube.

Continue adding fruits or vegetables into your juice extractor until the desired amount of juice has been made. In general, you'll need at least a pound of fresh food to make around 10 ounces of liquid.

Check out this video to see the juicer in action!



Turn off your machine when you're done using it. If you adjusted the speed, make sure to set it back to the lowest setting.

You should close the spout before removing the juice container. This will help you to avoid any dripping and spills from the appliance.

Before using your juicer again, you should make sure that you clean all moving parts. At the very least, you should be cleaning your mesh filter basket and blade system after each use.

Never use abrasive products when cleaning your juicer! You should be rinsing the pieces with cool running water and then washing with hot, sudsy water.

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Citrus Juicer

Juicer detail

Cuisinart also has a citrus-only juicer. These juicers are designed slightly differently than the fruit and vegetable juice extractor. The citrus juicer has a juicing reamer as opposed to a feeding tube.

Assembly and Preparation

You'll need to assemble your juicer and place it onto a flat surface. Then, remove the cover and select a pulp setting. You can rotate the reamer assembly unit to low, medium, or high pulp.

Place a container under the drip spout. Selecting the proper size container is crucial and will vary depending on your model. In general, pick a glass that holds less than two cups and is no bigger than four or five inches tall.

Don't forget to wash your fruits before juicing them. You should also consider rolling them on the counter with your palm so you can get more juice. Once you're ready, you can slice the fruit in half and remove any large seeds.

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Place your sliced fruit on the reamer and press down firmly. This action is what activates your juicer. If you release and reapply pressure, your reamer may switch the direction it spins. This is a part of the design and helps promote even juicing!

You should remove the fruit once you can feel the ribs from the reamer through the citrus rind. Continue this process until the glass begins to look full, usually after a pound of fruit.

Clean Up

Make sure that the reamer is clear of any citrus rind. Then, place the cover on top and press down. This activates the fast-spin feature, which removes any lingering juice and pulp from the container.

You may now close the drop spout and remove the glass. At this point, you'll need to remove the sieve and reamer unit for rinsing. If you still have fruit to juice, you can do so after washing those pieces. Otherwise, you can disassemble and clean your unit.

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What to do with the Pulp from Juicing?

Your Cuisinart juicer has a separate container to collect the pulp from juicing. After each use, you should clean this container to prevent any build-up or hardening of foods.

Since the pulp is full of nutrients, you can repurpose it and use it elsewhere instead of throwing it out. You can use your pulp to make broth, as a smoothie add-in, or add it into baked goods.

How Do you use the Cuisinart Juicer Attachment?

The Cuisinart Juice Attachment is designed to work with your Cuisinart Stand In Mixer. To install the attachment, you should follow these steps:

  1. Open the top cover on the mixer.
  2. Unscrew the mid-speed power outlet and set it aside.
  3. Screw the juice connector into the outlet
  4. Lower the juice container onto the connector and turn until it locks.
  5. Insert the sieve into the container.
  6. Finally, insert the juicing cone.

Once your juicer attachment is set up, you can begin juicing! Remember to cut all the citrus fruit and remove any large seeds. It's recommended to use speeds eight to ten for lemons and limes and speeds six to eight for either grapefruit or oranges.

Check out this video to see how to set up this attachment!


How is a Juicer Different from a Blender?

There is one key difference between a juicer and a blender. Juicers only provide the liquid content from fruits and vegetables. These appliances remove all fibrous material and puts them into a separate area.

With a blender, you're getting everything. These appliances don't separate anything, so you often get more health benefits from blended drinks. One instance of this comes from a 2012 study that discovered grapefruit drinks provided more antioxidants when blended instead of juiced.

Is a Food Processor the Same as a Juicer?

A food processor is not the same thing as a juicer! Food processors are capable of completing many different kitchen tasks. These appliances can blend, knead, chop, and grind up your food.

It is also important to note that a food processor isn't limited to only working with fruits or vegetables. You can put things like dough and meat into the unit as well. On the other hand, a juicer has a more narrow focus. These appliances' sole purpose is extracting juice from fruits or vegetables.

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In Conclusion

Cuisinart juicers are a handy appliance that can help you to create homemade juices. These appliances work by inserting your food into a feed tube where it uses blades to separate the juice from the pulp. For best results, use organic foods and always wash them beforehand!

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