How To Turn LG Refrigerator Door Alarm On And Off

The door alarm in your LG refrigerator is important because it can alert you when you leave the door open for a certain period. Can you control the alarm, and how does it work? You are at the right place as we have researched on your behalf to bring you the information below.

There is an alarm control button on the front panel of your LG refrigerator. To turn it on, press the alarm button, and the indicator will illuminate. To deactivate it, press the control button once, and the indicator will stop illuminating. 

Keep reading to know how to operate the alarm button and the reasons that would cause it to beep. Get to know why you cannot do without this alarm and the costs of repairing it when it does not work efficiently or stops working altogether.

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How Do You Turn Your LG Door Alarm On And Off

When fridges are shipped from the factory to the shops, the door alarms come preset to "on." Your LG refrigerator has an owner's manual, which you can refer to when you want to turn the alarm on and off. All you have to do is follow the instructions in it. 

The alarm controls are on the front of your fridge, which is easy to operate. Ideally, you can turn on or off the alarm in the following easy ways:

Turning On The Door Alarm

You could be in a hurry and push the door to swing shut as you walk away. If you did not use enough force, the door could stop before it closes, remaining ajar, which will trigger the alarm to beep. However, it will only beep if your fridge is connected to power and your alarm is on.

To turn it on, all you have to do is press it, and the alarm icon will light up. As long as it is on, whenever you or any other household member forgets to close the door, it will beep every 30 seconds. This happens when it remains open for more than 60 seconds.

Turning Off The Door Alarm

It’s equally easy to turn off the door alarm. Simply press the control button once, and the light on the alarm icon will go off. 

Other Reasons That Cause Your Door Alarm To Beep

The door alarm is an excellent feature that notifies you when you have left the fridge door open. Anyhow, other than your alarm beeping when the door is open, it would also beep because of the reasons below:

Fridge Door is Open

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As discussed earlier, this is the first reason the alarm will beep. Leaving your fridge door open for more than a minute will cause the alarm to beep. It will stop only when you close the door.

Leaving the door open for long periods can be detrimental to your fridge because it will affect its cooling function. That’s why you should keep it closed unless you need something from your fridge.

You may think you have closed the door securely, but you may have not. To ensure you have closed the door properly, you can countercheck by grabbing the door handle and trying to gently open it. If you open it without a teeny-weeny effort, it means it was not closed. 

For you to close it properly, ensure the fridge-door sides are laid flat on the opening of your fridge. It will stop your alarm from beeping.

Door Can’t Close

You could be trying to close your door, but it does not budge. Something could be blocking the door, like the bins protruding and shelves not being assembled correctly.

The temperature in your fridge will get warmer and will lead your unit to defrost and subsequently cause your food to spoil.

You can correct this by cleaning your fridge and reassembling it. Start by unplugging it from the electrical outlet and removing the bins and shelves from the unit. With a damp cloth, wipe them clean, removing any stuck debris.

Neatly put back the bins and shelves, making sure nothing sticks out. Plug back your refrigerator.

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Door Seal is Faulty

Cold air is released, and warm air is allowed inside your fridge when the seal is faulty, triggering the alarm to beep.

The seal could be dirty. Dust and grime will prevent your door from sealing as it should. Also, the seal may be worn-out, creating space that lets out cold air and lets in warm air. The solution is to repair or replace it with a new seal like the one shown below.

Check out this seal for an LG refrigerator on Amazon.

Unbalanced Fridge

If your fridge is tilted due to uneven flooring or the floor is sloped, the door may not shut properly. Also, your door will not close well if one of its stands is damaged or missing, triggering the alarm. 

Faulty Door Alarm

If you have checked all the above possible causes of the alarm beeping, and everything looks fine, the alarm could be faulty. 

It is best to call the dealer that sold the unit to you in such a situation. But first, check if your warranty covers you. If it does, your door alarm will be repaired for free.

Check out this universal door alarm on Amazon that you can install in your fridge.

Hiring a technician is the best course of action if your warranty is already expired. A professional is better placed to correctly diagnose the problem and offer the most suitable solution.

Circuit Board Not Working

Check out this LG circuit board on Amazon.

If you have tried all the above fixes and nothing still works, the circuit board is the last place to check. It could mean the problem is serious and requires a technician to solve the issue. 

Advantages of a Door Alarm in Your Fridge

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Your refrigerator is an appliance that is almost impossible to do without it. You can store food for a few days, weeks, or even months, helping organize your meals more efficiently.

Below are the advantages of the alarm in your refrigerator:

Lowers Your Energy Bills

When you open the door to your fridge, the cold air that keeps your food and drinks fresh will find its way outside. The warm air then rushes in to replace the cold air that moved out.

The compressor then has to work harder to get rid of the warm air and lower the temperature. Consequentially, your energy bills will rise.

So, with a door alarm, you can save a lot of money on your energy bill. Each time you leave the door open, the beeping sound will remind you to close it.

Decreases Food Spoilage

As we noted in the previous paragraph, when warm air enters your fridge because you left the door open, your food will spoil much faster. The alarm will always remind you to close the door, thus preventing too much warm air from entering your fridge. The cold air will not have a chance to escape.

Works More Efficiently

Generally, if you close the door at all times, your fridge will function better, thus increasing its lifespan.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Fridge Door Alarm?

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To begin with, when your door alarm is not working properly, you have to pay to diagnose the problem. It costs between $60 and $100.

In addition, you will pay per hour for labor though some companies or technicians charge a flat fee. Also, you will spend less on generic parts compared to brand-name parts.

Most refrigerator repairs are complex and not something you may be able to do yourself. You would rather pay extra and have a good job done than do a shoddy job if you do not have the necessary skills.

In Closing

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If you make it a habit to close the door each time you take out food or a drink, your LG refrigerator can last longer. But, if you forget to close the door, the alarm will beep until you close it. Furthermore, there are other reasons besides not closing the door that can cause the alarm to go off.

Saving your energy bills and reducing the amount of food spoilage are the benefits you gain by ensuring you close your fridge door.

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