How To Reverse The Door On Danby Refrigerator

Danby refrigerators are great for small spaces. Although they are compact, they can still hinder kitchen operations if the door opens the wrong way. We have done the research and have all you'll need to know to reverse your fridge door.

How to reverse the door on a Danby refrigerator:

  1. Remove the doors.
  2. Switch required pieces to the opposite side.
  3. Remove leveling legs.
  4. Reinstall doors.

If you will be laying the fridge on its side or back, make sure to unplug it and empty the contents first.

Danby has a few different refrigerator models; some have freezer units, and others are only refrigeration. Refrigeration-only units will have slightly different steps for reversing the door. Keep reading for instructions, tips, and more for your Danby fridge.

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1. Remove the Doors

To begin, you will need to remove the door or doors depending on your fridge model. For all models, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws keeping the hinges in place.

Two-door models

First, on a two-door fridge, you will need to remove the freezer door. Remove the hinge cover plates on the top of the refrigerator with a screwdriver. One side will have a rectangular cover, and the opposite side will have a triangular plastic cover over the hinge.

Unscrew the rectangular cap and pop off the triangular cap to unscrew the hinge underneath. Now you can remove the door completely. Be sure to lift it off of the middle hinge before pulling it off.

Next, you will need to remove the refrigerator door by unscrewing its hinge. The hinge for this door is located between the fridge and freezer. The hinge has a pin that sits inside of the door. Once again, lift the door up off of the bottom hinge before pulling it toward you.

Single door models

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For single-door refrigerators, you will begin the process by removing the top plate or "worktop." Unscrew the screws in the worktop that are located on the rear side of the fridge. Then, slide the plate forward and lift to remove.

After you take off the worktop, unscrew the hinge from the unit. Next to the hinge, there will be a spindle that you will also need to remove. It will look like a small metal rod.

2. Switch Required Pieces to the Opposite Side

Next, after the doors are off, you can start reversing the hardware on the fridge. This includes any part of the refrigerator whose location is determined by which way the door opens.

Two-door models

For models with freezer units, there will be two screw caps where the holes for the middle hinge are located. Remove the caps and place them in the screw holes on the opposite side. Now the new hinge side is ready for door installation.

If you have a built-in doorstop, it will need to be reversed as well. The stop is located on the underside of the refrigerator door where the hinge would be. Using a screwdriver, remove the screw and the plastic stopper. There will be a spot on the opposite side of the door to screw the stopper back in.

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Single door models

There is a spindle located near the hinge on single-door units. It may have a cap over it that can be easily popped off. Once the cap is off, remove the spindle and install it on the other side of the fridge.

3. Remove Leveling Legs

To work on the leveling legs, you will need access to the underside of the refrigerator. It is recommended to lay down a blanket or towel and tip the unit onto its back.

On the underside of the refrigerator, you will see two leveling legs. One of the legs can be twisted off counterclockwise. For the leg attached to the bottom hinge, you will need to unscrew any bolts securing the hinge plate.

To change the door swing direction, you will need to reverse the bottom hinge plate and reinstall it on the opposite side.

How to reverse the bottom hinge

There is a leveling leg attached to one side of the bottom hinge. To prepare it to be moved to the opposite side,  you will need to unscrew the leveling leg from the hinge. There are two holes where the leg can be screwed in; simply switch it to the other side.

4. Reinstall doors

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Lastly, you are ready to reinstall the doors. It is better to install the doors while the fridge is still on its back. Having it flat lets you align the door perfectly and ensure the seal is tight all around. If you did not tip your unit over, you should have someone assist you while screwing in the door hinges.

Two-Door Models

Starting with the refrigerator door, you will need to first screw in the middle hinge on the correct side. Then slide the door onto the hinge, making sure to center the door over the refrigerator opening. Once it is on the middle hinge, reinstall the bottom hinge along with the other leveling leg.

Then, slide the freezer door onto the middle hinge and replace the hinge plates on the top of the unit. Don't forget to place the hinge covers in the reverse order.

Single Door Models

First, reverse and reinstall the leveling legs and bottom hinge. Then you can slide the door onto the bottom hinge and screw in the top hinge. Lastly, replace the worktop and secure it with screws.

Now your Danby door will open the opposite way.  Allow the fridge to sit for at least 6 hours before plugging it back in if you tipped it over during any point in this process. Plugging it in before then can damage internal components.

This video demonstrates how to reverse the doors on a two-door Danby fridge:

This video shows how to reverse the door on a single-door unit:

Do All Refrigerators Have Reversible Doors?

Most refrigerators have reversible doors, but not all of them. Refrigerators with ice and water dispensers built into the door are usually not able to be reversed. Besides those models, it is very easy to reverse the doors on your fridge. It is as simple as removing all of the hinges and leveling legs, and reinstalling them on the opposite side.

Can You Reverse a Fridge Door Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to reverse your door on your own. If you are doing this DIY style, it is best to have someone assist you when reattaching the doors. If you do not have someone to assist you, you should lay the unit down on its back or side.

Support is mainly needed if you are working with the refrigerator upright. When installing doors alone, be sure to inspect the rubber seal from all angles to ensure it is flush and centered.

Can I Change the Handles on my Refrigerator?

Yes, you can change the handles on your refrigerator for style or functionality. If you are reversing the door, you will also need to reverse the handle. On many models, you will need to open the door and unscrew the top of the handle.

The bottom of the handle is usually held in place with a keyhole and screw. Once you unscrew the top, you can pull the keyhole off of the bottom screw and replace the handle.

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How Much Clearance Do you Need to Open a Refrigerator Door?

The clearance you need to open your fridge depends on the size of your doors and the maximum angle you'd like to open the door to. The minimum clearance will be the width of your door plus an extra foot or so for you to stand in front of it.

If you need help deciding where to place your fridge, check out our article on where to place a refridgerator in a kitchen. 

How do I Stop my Refrigerator Door from Opening All the Way?

Some refrigerator models will have a doorstop included that rests on the hinges. If your refrigerator does not have them installed, check the accessory bag that was included with the refrigerator.

Click here to see this hinge doorstop on Amazon.

If you do not have that piece, you can purchase a hinge doorstop and install it yourself. Be sure to look for your fridge model specifically; not all parts are universal.

To Wrap Up

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The entire door reversing process is essentially removing the doors and hinges and reversing their positions. To avoid confusion, set removed pieces down on the side that they will be reinstalled in. If you tipped the refrigerator over, remember to let the refrigerator sit for six hours before plugging it back in.

Reversing your doors is not the only work you can do on your refrigerator at home. To repair cracks in refrigerator drawers or shelves, check out our guide on the best glue for refrigerator plastic.

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