How To Reset A Whirlpool Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals have been a great kitchen appliance for decades. These handy devices help with cleanup and allow you to rid your kitchen of waste that might otherwise leak and rot in your trash can. But what happens if it stops working and needs to be reset? If you have a Whirlpool brand garbage disposal and are wondering where the reset button is, we can help you. We did some research on this appliance so that you'll know for sure how to reset it.

To reset a Whirlpool garbage disposal, you will need to press and hold the reset button for several seconds.

Now that we know how to reset a Whirlpool, we'll take a detailed look at each step so you'll have a better idea of how this process works. You might also be wondering what it means when your garbage disposal is humming but not running or how long a Whirlpool garbage disposal will last. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Reset Whirlpool Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal that has stopped working might cause a bit of momentary panic when you have a sink that's full of refuse that needs to be bladed and washed away.

But before you call in a service professional and pay for costly labor, it's important to assess the situation. After all, your garbage disposal might simply need a reset.

If the blades have become overworked or have hit a solid obstruction, it can make the appliance shut off. This is a safety precaution that these handy devices have built into them.

In case someone accidentally puts something in it that doesn't belong, the unit will turn off. This will save the blades and the motor from damage.

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See If There Is An Obstruction

Before you reset your Whirlpool garbage disposal, you should first make sure that the blades are not obstructed in any way. If the power switch is "on," turn it off. Then you need to go hunting inside the disposal for a potential problem.

It's important to NEVER place your fingers inside the garbage disposal. Though you might think this is safe when the disposal is off, it is not. There have been instances where people thought the machine was off and severely injured their fingers when it kicked on after the obstruction was removed.

Use the jam breaker that came with your garbage disposal. This will allow you to manually rotate the disposal blades from outside the unit.

In addition, you can use long-handled tongs to remove anything from the appliance that shouldn't be there. This is quick and safe, and you won't risk losing any fingers in the process!

Find The Reset Button

Once the machine has been cleared of any debris, locate the reset button. It's a red button on the bottom exterior of the appliance. Press it in, then turn the disposal back on. This should solve that issue.

If the reset button does not resolve your problem, the cause will either be electricity related or a faulty motor.

Why Did My Garbage Disposal Stop Working?

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It seems like these handy gadgets only stop working when you're in the middle of using them. While this is certainly frustrating, some of the causes of their stoppage can be quickly remedied.

Earlier in this post, we discussed how to reset your garbage disposal. If this process doesn't get your appliance going again, we have several possible solutions for you to try.

Did You Successfully Remove The Jam?

Most commonly, the reason why your garbage disposal won't restart after a reset is a failure to remove the jam that shut it off, to begin with. Turn the power switch back off. Use the jam breaker to rotate the blades again.

Then, using the long-handled tongs, hunt again for obstructions. If you find ones that you missed, here's your problem. But if the interior of the garbage is free of obstructions, then it's time to try another approach.

Check Your Power Switch

Sometimes the power switch is faulty. It could be in the "on" position but is stuck "off." Carefully move the switch up and down several times to see if anything is making it stick in one position or the other.

Press the reset button again. Then, flip the disposal back on. If it turns on, the problem is solved. If it remains off, then there's an outside chance that the switch is faulty. This is very rare and shouldn't be explored until you eliminate all other causes.

A Flipped Breaker Might Also Be The Problem

Your garbage disposal will be hardwired into a circuit or plugged into an outlet under the sink. If it's plugged in, be sure it is firmly plugged in, that the GFCI button has not needed to be reset, and that the cord has not been damaged. If those things are okay, then it's time to examine your breaker box.

Your garbage disposal will be assigned to a breaker in your breaker box. Examine the breaker box labels to see which one the garbage disposal has been assigned to. If it has been tripped, then flip it back in place.

Should none of the above solve your problem, the issue will be related to the power switch or the motor. At this point, you should have a reputable appliance repair person come out and look it over. You can also call Whirlpool directly at 1-800-253-1301.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Humming And Not Running?

If you turn on your disposal, you'll hear the roaring whir of the blades coming from the inside of the unit. This indicates that the garbage disposal is operating properly. At some point, you might hear the hum of the motor and notice that the blades are not running at all. In most cases, this can only mean one thing.

An obstruction will usually make your unit shut off, causing you to have to reset it. But this is not always the case. Some obstructions will freeze the blades but not shut off the motor.

Shut the unit off, unplug it, and remove the obstructions. As soon as it and your drain line are clear, you can plug your garbage disposal back in and flip it on. It should be whirring again.

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How Long Will A Whirlpool Garbage Disposal Last?

Whirlpool will warranty their units for one year. But these appliances will last a great deal longer if they are properly maintained and cared for. Once installed, you can rest assured that they will outlast some of the other household appliances you rely on daily.

A Whirlpool garbage disposal should last between eight and 10 years. Some consumers have reported that their units have far exceeded this, lasting upwards of 15 years.

The key is the frequency of use, how much abuse you put this appliance through, and how well you maintain it. If you try to work the blades into objects that put too much strain on the motor, you'll wear this vital part out much faster.

Take care with what you put into your garbage disposal, as it can impact its useful life.

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Final Thoughts

Garbage Disposal under the modern sink, waste chopper concept

The Whirlpool garbage disposal can be reset in just a few quick and easy steps. The issues that will cause the garbage disposal to stop working are almost always related to an obstruction of the blades. Take proper care of this appliance, and you can see it working for a decade or longer.

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