How To Reset A Sharp Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

Resetting an appliance doesn't need to be a daunting or intimidating task. Most can have this accomplished in just a few easy steps. If you have a Sharp brand dishwasher and need to reset it, we can walk you through it. We researched this appliance so you'll know for sure what to do.

A Sharp dishwasher can only be reset by disconnecting it from its power supply. Leave it disconnected for 10 seconds, then reconnect. This is considered a "soft" reset.

Now that we know how to perform a soft reset on a Sharp dishwasher, we'll take a look at why there isn't an option for a "hard" reset of this appliance. You might be curious about how long a dishwasher from this brand will last or what reasons there are for this dishwasher to stop working. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

A modern Sharp dishwasher, How To Reset A Sharp Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

The Sharp dishwasher soft reset

If you read through the owner's manual for the Sharp dishwasher, you will find a lot of useful information regarding this appliance. You'll find approved ways to troubleshoot various issues that can arise from time to time as well as methods to clean and maintain them. What you will not find, however, is a way to perform a hard reset of this machine.

A Sharp dishwasher does not have any programmable settings. This eliminates any need for a hard reset. But there will perhaps be some problems that will require you to do what is known as a soft reset.

A soft reset involves disconnecting the appliance from its power source. You can accomplish this by flipping the breaker that it is assigned to, or by simply unplugging the machine for 10 seconds from the outlet.

Once the power has been reconnected, the dishwasher will have undergone a soft reset, hopefully eliminating the beeping or error code(s) that were preventing proper operation.

How long will a Sharp dishwasher last?

Consumers will typically want a machine that is not only dependable but one that was built to last. A typical dishwasher will last anywhere from seven to 14 years depending on the brand. When you consider a Sharp model for your home, you'll be buying one that will last a decade or longer.

To get the most life out of your dishwasher, be sure to maintain it according to the guidelines outlined in the owner's manual. Routine cleaning goes a long way in keeping the Sharp dishwasher in service longer. Additionally, protecting the appliance from power surges that might damage its electronics is also recommended.

A dishwasher filled with lots of dishes left open

Why isn't my Sharp dishwasher working?

The owner's manual for the Sharp dishwasher lists reasons why the appliance might not be turning on. If you have your machine loaded with soiled dishes and ready to go but find that the dishwasher will not start, consider the following causes. In most cases, the solution is pretty simple and easy to remedy.

The dishwasher door isn't closed

The first thing you should check is whether or not the dishwasher door has been closed. Perhaps you didn't push it hard enough when you finished loading the machine. Or maybe there is an obstruction that you didn't notice that is preventing the door from closing all the way.

Open the dishwasher door and inspect the door frame. Be sure to look and what you've loaded inside of it to make sure that nothing is keeping the door from closing.

If all seems clear, try closing the dishwasher door again. If it closes all the way and the machine still doesn't start its cycle, then keep reading ahead.

The power supply has been disconnected

Another common reason for the dishwasher not to start has to do with its power supply. Has the cord accidentally become unplugged? Or maybe the circuit breaker has been tripped?

If the appliance is still plugged into the wall socket securely and the breaker hasn't been tripped, then the problem could be electrical. Should that be the case, then you'll need to call Sharp for assistance. If it is still under warranty, they will give guidance on what next steps to take.

But before you call, check to see if any of the following will take care of the issue.

"Delay Start" option was selected

Maybe you or someone else accidentally set the appliance's cycle to have a delayed start. When this is activated, the dishwasher will not begin to operate immediately.

If you do not wish the cycle to be delayed, then you can cancel this option. The cancel button will be located on the keypad. Press it to resume the normal mode. Then restart the machine.

The child lock option has been activated

To keep a child from accidentally starting the machine, Sharp has installed a child lock option. If this was accidentally activated, then you won't be able to start a cycle in your dishwasher. Don't worry, though. This is an easy fix.

On the control panel, press the "light" and "express wash" buttons simultaneously. This will deactivate the child lock mode. Doing this will also set the machine in that mode if you choose to have it back on.

Sharp Dishwasher for display at a store

Common problems with a Sharp dishwasher and how to troubleshoot them

Any household appliance will have some issues from time to time. When it comes to a Sharp dishwasher, you will be able to follow instructions in its owner's manual on how to troubleshoot a variety of problems that can keep your machine from operating properly.

The dishes aren't getting clean enough

If you inspect your dishes at the end of the dishwasher cycle and discover that they are still soiled, there can be several reasons why. The two most common causes are overloading/improperly loading the machine and the improper use of detergent. But there can also be other reasons worth looking into.

The spray arms might be blocked by dishes that have moved. The problem could also be from someone using hot water elsewhere in the house, which keeps the machine from getting its needed supply. If the water pressure has dropped, this can also stop the machine from cleaning the dishes fully.

Lastly, consider the cycle you set the machine to. Some cycles are better than others for certain soiled dishes. Be sure the best one is chosen based on the situation and your dishes will be cleaned correctly at the end of the next cycle.

The dishes aren't getting entirely dried

Wet dishes at the end of the cycle are usually for one of two reasons. You either loaded the dishwasher improperly or did not select a cycle with drying at the end.

Check to see how the dishes were loaded. If they are too close together, they will not dry all the way. Should this not be the case, be sure to include a cycle that has dried the next time you run a load.

My dishes come out with spots

Spotty dishes can also be from not loading the machine correctly. Overloading the dishwasher keeps it from doing its job, so be certain to only load it according to the guidelines in the owner's manual.

But if the dishes are in the machine correctly, the problem could be the water that's being used. Hard water is known for leaving spots. So if you have hard water, a water softener will take care of the issue.

Lastly, the problem might be with the rinse aid. Maybe you are out of it and didn't realize it. The old product can also fail to function correctly, so you might consider replacing it.

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There is still detergent left in the dispenser cup

There should never be detergent left in the dispenser cup. If this happens, you either have a guide arm that has been blocked and prevented from spraying or you are using a detergent that is too old.

Replace the detergent to see if this takes care of the issue. And never load the machine in such a way that will lead to the guide arms being blocked.

The dishwasher isn't draining

Standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher means you've got a clog. It's a good idea to routinely inspect the catch basket at the bottom of the dishwasher. Regular cleaning will keep the machine from getting clogged.

The dishwasher will not fill with water

The water supply might not be on. Did you disconnect it or shut it off and forget? Double-check to make sure the water flows to the machine.

If the water supply is on, then the issue will most likely be due to the dishwasher door not being firmly closed. Double-check to make sure nothing is obstructing the door, then try again.

A dishwasher filled with lots of dishes left open

In closing

A Sharp dishwasher is a reliable machine that can last more than a decade if it is taken care of. Like all dishwasher models, there will be some occasional troubleshooting that you will need to perform. Keep your owner's manual handy, as it contains a lot of helpful information.

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A modern Sharp dishwasher, How To Reset A Sharp Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

How To Reset A Sharp Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]-03

How To Reset A Sharp Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]-03

How To Reset A Sharp Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]-03

How To Reset A Sharp Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]-01

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