How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

If you recently purchased Blomberg dishwasher, you may want to know how to reset it. Look no further. We have researched this process and have the answers you are searching for.

The fastest way to reset a Blomberg dishwasher is by unplugging it. If this does not do the trick, the issue could be from the power source or water source. You might have to do a factory reset.

In this post, we will answer some related questions, such as how to unclog a Blomberg dishwasher, and look at potential reasons your machine isn't working. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher [Quickly & Easily]

How To Reset A Blomberg Dishwasher 

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In most cases you can unplug your Blomberg dishwasher in order to reset it. Leave it unplugged for two minutes before plugging it back in. Depending on where your dishwasher is located, you may need to turn off the circuit breaker rather than unplug the dishwasher itself.

When your Blomberg dishwasher has remained unplugged for at least two minutes, you can plug it back in and power it on. If it powers back on and drains normally you are not likely to have deeper issues. Otherwise, you may need to try other methods for resetting it.

Use The reset button

Your Blomberg dishwasher may have a reset button on the door with the words "3 seconds" below it. This means you need to hold the button for three seconds in order to reset it.

There may not be a specific reset button built into the dishwasher controls. Look for a round button with a hole in the middle. If your dishwasher has this type of button, then this is the reset button, and you should try pressing it before engaging in any other troubleshooting.

Use The Cancel Button

Unplugging your dishwasher functions as a hypothetical reset button would. After waiting for two minutes with the machine unplugged, you can turn it back on. In order to reset your Blomberg dishwasher after powering it back on, hold the cancel button. Do this until you hear the machine beep.

If that does not work, look for a settings menu on your Blomberg dishwasher. You can factory reset the machine from this menu. Press and hold the Function and Time Delay buttons at the same time for three seconds. Hold the Function button down until the display reads "Restore Factory Settings" and press confirm.

After selecting the option to restore your dishwasher back to the factory setting, you should see the word "Stored" come up and then you can exit the setting menu. All of this information is in your manual and can be read online. You can also find out where the drain hose is by looking in your dishwasher's manual.

Why is my Blomberg dishwasher not working?

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The most common reason for a dishwasher to not be responsive is a lack of power. The first step you should take is to check all connections. The next step is to check your circuit breaker. This is when you will be able to assess if the circuit has been tripped or not.

If the appliance is connected properly and resetting the circuit breaker didn't change anything, then you should check to make sure the water supply has not been shut off. A hose that carries the water through the machine could also have a kink in it. There are several possibilities.

Another reason your Blomberg dishwasher is not working could be an electrical malfunction. If there is a fault in a wire somewhere then that could explain why it is not working or responding to you pressing the power button.

There is an option for a child lock on most dishwashers these days. This is to prevent children from stopping the dishwashing cycle or changing it. Check for a light that may indicate this is your problem. If your dishwasher has this feature try pressing the button for 3 seconds or however long your machine or manual says to do so.

More Possible Reasons Why Your Blomberg Dishwasher Is Not Working

Other possibilities for why your dishwasher is not functioning properly is that there is a blockage somewhere or the spray arm could be damaged.

A few of these scenarios can be ruled out by observation. If you look at where the water sprays out of and it looks clogged or the bottom of your dishwasher is gunked up, you likely need to clean and/or repair it.

You might see an error code on your Blomberg dishwasher's display screen. If the error code reads E01 then your problem is with the machine not draining the way that it should be.

A clogged filter is the most common problem. When this happens, you will need to clean the filter or have a professional clean it and check the hoses.

Something else we suggest you check is the latch on the door of your dishwasher. If the door does not completely close, the machine will not be responsive.

How do you unclog a Blomberg dishwasher?

First and foremost, we must mention safety precautions. Before you go straight into trying to unclog your drain and dishwasher, unplug the appliance. Double-check just to be sure.

The most effective way to unclog a Blomberg dishwasher is by plunging it. If you do not already own a plunger that you are willing to use in your kitchen sink, you may want to purchase a new one at a nearby hardware store. Empty your dishwasher and sink before beginning this process.

Fill your sink with very hot water mixed with one cup of dishwashing liquid. Plunge the drain of your sink for approximately fifteen seconds. If this doesn't work the first time, try again.

If your dishwasher is connected to a garbage disposal you may have to deal with things a bit differently. Below is a video that will show you what to do if you have this issue.

Using a drain auger or snake to get whatever is blocking the drain out is a good idea. This is best for large blockages because small ones can be dealt with in other ways. If those options didn't work for you then a drain snake or drain auger is probably your best bet.

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Your next best bet is something to destroy what may be clogging it. Dishwasher cleaner and drain cleansers are helpful for dissolving whatever is blocking your dishwasher. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar will eat away and clear clogged drains also.

How do you reset the control lock on a dishwasher?

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Usually you can reset the control lock by holding down a specific button for a number of seconds. If this is the case for you, the front of your dishwasher should have words printed on it explaining how long to hold the button right below where the button is. Three to five seconds is generally long enough to reset the control lock on a dishwasher.

If you are more of a visual learner, here is a YouTube video below:

How to Keep Dishwasher Drain Hose Clean

If you want to make an effort to have to reset your dishwasher less often, keeping the drain hose clean is an important step. Scraping the food off of your dishes and rinsing them before placing them into the dishwasher makes a huge difference. Think of how much less is going through the dishwasher drain when the dishes have been rinsed.

The purpose of a dishwasher is to sanitize which means the water has to be getting hot enough to do so. Check the water temperature periodically and especially if you notice your dishes are not getting as clean as they should be.

One more thing you can do to keep your drain hose clean for a longer period of time is to clean the dishwasher by running it with baking soda and vinegar when it is empty once a month.

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A Quick Re-cap

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In order to reset a Blomberg dishwasher, you can try unplugging it, turning it on, and pressing the cancel button until it beeps. The other option is to do a factory reset through the settings menu on the appliance.

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