How To Properly Store Angel Food Cake

A piece of cake is often a forbidden yet highly desired treat for those on a diet, but there's really nothing better than splurging on a deliciously sweet slice. Luckily for us, there are low and even non-fat options out there, and none taste better than angel food cake. Considered one of the healthiest types of cakes out there, many want to know how to make their angel food cake last in storage. What is the proper way to store angel food cake after baking it? We here at KitchenSeer did all the research for you and broke it down below.

How to store angel food cake depends largely on where you're leaving it. A freshly baked cake can stay on the countertop for two to three days in a cake box or pantry. When refrigerated, your cake will last up to a week when wrapped securely in foil. An angel food cake can last in a freezer for four to six months and remain at its best quality. Always make sure your foil or plastic is wrapped securely to prevent drying out. Leave adding frosting or other additional dairy products until you are ready to serve the cake, as these will not keep well.

As you can see, there are many ways to go about storing your angel food cake and a lot of variables at play. It can seem a little overwhelming at first when you're just looking for the best way to store your cake. But don't worry!  Keep on reading to learn more about how to best store your angel food cake.

Strawberry Short Cake Made with Angel Food Cake and Strawberry Sauce, How To Properly Store Angel Food Cake

How Long Can Angel Food Cake Sit Out?

Strawberry Short Cake Made with Angel Food Cake and Strawberry Sauce

Your angel food cake can rest at room temperature, say in a cake box or a pantry, for up to one to two days. Since angel food cake's natural state is dairy-free, there shouldn't be a problem with it maintaining freshness for this long. You will want to protect it with plastic wrap or foil to offer some protection and keep it in an area with stable room temperature. You can refrigerate any leftover slices afterward and keep them for longer if so desired.

Can You Leave Angel Food Cake In Its Pan Overnight?

Angel food cake generally has a reputation as a very delicate cake, especially when it comes to the removal process from its pan. It's easy to go through making a delicious-looking cake only to have it collapse on you as you try to remove it. Because of the very precarious nature of baking an angel food cake, it's recommended to follow directions to a tee. These will include removing it from the pan only when it is completely cooled.

Waiting overnight to remove your cake from its pan is fine, so long as you invert the cake. While this might seem scary, inverting the cake actually keeps it from collapsing. This will keep your cake structurally sound during the cooling process. In the morning, you'll be good to remove it from its pan.

Angel food cake is an incredibly airy food that lacks a lot of the substance that dairy and butter provide. Always listen to instructions as closely as possible when attempting to make one, and save yourself some heartache.

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Refrigeration allows for your cake to survive for a longer period of time.  You're going to want to make sure these cakes are properly covered and sealed as well, tightly with plastic wrap and then with tin foil. This will help keep your cake fresh and tasty while refrigerated.  If properly kept in the refrigerator, an angel food cake can last for up to a week while in the best quality. It can then be brought out and served to guests or family at any time.

Remember to let your cake sit outside of the refrigeration for a while to return to room temperature and its naturally spongey state. Some actually claim to prefer angel food cake after being refrigerated or frozen for a period of time. Some say it adds to the flavor profile of the cake to go through the thawing process.

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Freezing your angel food cake requires the same aforementioned warnings; go without dairy embellishments in storage and make sure to wrap your cake in plastic and tin foil properly. If you do this, your cake will be able to last a whopping four to six months without a dip in quality. The lack of oils and heavy fats in angel food cake makes it a great candidate for freezing.

If the plan is to freeze your angel food cake from the start, do so right away. Angel food cake being fat-free means it will dry out that much quicker and lose its fluffy texture. Getting it safely into the freezer as soon as possible keeps this from happening and keeps your cake delicious.

How To Freeze Your Cake

Freezer burn is always a concern when trying to keep your cake in a freezer for a period of time. Pre-slice it and individually double wrap each piece of your angel food cake using plastic wrap and tin foil to prevent freezer burn. This will keep freezer burn from getting to your slices even over the months. This is also important as angel food cake will easily absorb outside smells and tastes given its airy nature.

Angel food cake should be frozen at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (or about -18 degrees Celcius) for best effect. Any colder than that, and you risk freezer burn even with precautions. Any warmer and the cake won't keep as well as it could for as long as it could. Keep this in mind for refrigeration options as well.


To defrost, remove your cake or cake slices and allow them to sit for a few hours at room temperature. Be patient with this process, as it will take a few hours for your angel food cake to return to room temperature. Allow whole cakes longer to defrost than slices. At this point, you can feel free to begin garnishing with fruits or frostings or serve as is.

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How Far In Advance Can You Make Angel Food Cake?

Angel food cake with whipped cream and slices of fresh strawberries on top on a concrete background

In summary, if you have access to a working freezer, you can make an angel food cake up to six months before serving it. Freezing it for that long will have no detrimental effects on the quality of the cake you serve. Cakes keep incredibly well in a freezer, and angel food cake keeps better than most, given its ingredients.

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When To Let Your Cake Go

As great as angel food cake is at staying, sometimes things can happen to your cake, and it might be best to discard it. The smell test is a quick way to see if your cake has stayed fresh, and checking for any green spots is always a good idea if you've kept your cake for a while. Always err on the side of caution if you have any questions or concerns about your cake.

Final Thoughts

Strawberry Short Cake Made with Angel Food Cake and Strawberry Sauce, How To Properly Store Angel Food Cake

How you store your angel food cake plays a huge role in its lifespan. A cake can go from a day to six months and remain equally enjoyable. So long as your cake is properly stored and sealed, you should be able to safely and deliciously snack on your angel food cake for months to come.

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