How To Keep Wine Glasses From Getting Dusty

There are a lot of different kinds of glassware that can be found in kitchens. Since the majority of them get used regularly, you never have to worry about things like dust. But what about the glassware that isn't used every day? Things like wine glasses are often untouched in between uses, leading to dust settling on them. We have checked out the best ways to prevent your wine glasses from getting dusty so that you won't have to deal with this problem anymore!

The main reasons why wine glasses get dusty is because of how they are stored and infrequent use. One way to help prevent dust is by washing them correctly and often. There are several different ways to store wine glasses, and some are better at keeping away dust than others.

Aside from being a great way to drink wine, wine glasses can also be very attractive to display. Unfortunately, the way that they're often displayed can be the biggest cause of a dust issue. You should have the complete picture to get the most out of your wine glasses without them being a burden. Keep reading below for a deep dive into all the best ways to keep them empty of dust and full of wine!

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Keeping Your Wine Glasses Dust Free

The absolute best way to keep your wine glasses dust-free is to use them every day! Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily work for everyone, so it's good to know about other ways to prevent it.

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Why Do Wine Glasses Get Dusty?

It might seem like your wine glasses are always dusty, but they gather it at the same rate as everything else. The problem is that comparison tricks us into thinking they're always dusty. That's because all of the glasses and dishes around them get used too often to let the dust settle on them.

Why Aren't Wine Glasses Used Very Often?

This ultimately depends on individual preference. But many times, people own fancier wine glasses, maybe even crystal, that they only want to use on very special occasions. These can include holidays or anniversaries. With these types of glasses, it's understandable that they wouldn't get taken down off the shelf and used very often.

Washing The Wine Glasses Regularly

Even if you aren't using your wine glasses regularly, it can still be a good idea to wash them once in a while. Regular washings can help clean away any amounts of dust that may have collected on them so that it can't get too thick on the glasses. You could even rinse them out with warm water once in a while. Just make sure that they dry properly and that if you do wipe them down, you use a soft cloth.

Should You Wash Wine Glasses With Soap?

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Wine glasses are best hand-washed without soap. Warm water and something soft like a microfiber cloth does the best job. This is because many dish soaps can leave a film on the wine glasses. This can interfere with the taste of the wine as well as visibly tarnish the glasses.

You should also not place your wine glasses in the dishwasher. This is because the harsh detergent can have the same effects as above. Also, wine glasses can easily get damaged in a dishwasher by bumping into other dishes.

How Do You Clean Wine Glasses With Soap?

If your wine glasses are extra dirty and you believe that you need soap to get them clean, make sure to use a mild one. Make sure that you also only use a drop of the soap. This will be plenty, and the more of it you use, the more you risk putting a film on the glass.

What Is The Best Way To Store Wine Glasses?

Various wine glasses in the cupboard

This can depend on the space you have available to store them. It also matters whether or not you want to display your wine glasses for all to see. Also, how convenient do you need them to be to get to? Luckily there are enough options for how to store your glasses that one will work for you!

Storing Them In A Cupboard

Storing wine glasses in a closed cupboard is the best way to help prevent dust build-up. This is because the closed doors make it so that less dust can get to them. The main drawback of this method is that your glasses aren't on display.

There are a couple of different ways to store wine glasses inside a cupboard. You can place them right side up or upside down on the shelves. The upside-down method is less recommended because it can potentially chip the fragile rim of the glass and trap moisture inside of it. Regardless of which of the two ways you choose, you should make sure that they are spaced far enough apart so they can't bump into each other and get damaged. One way to help protect the glasses is to lay down a gripping shelf liner underneath them.

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Storing Them On An Open Shelf

This method is similar to storing them inside of a cupboard, except it's more for display. Storing wine glasses on an open shelf lets your guests admire them. However, it also invites dust. Since they are out in the open, dust will settle on them fairly quickly.

Storing Them Upside Down

One of the most popular ways to store wine glasses is upside down on racks. These racks can be installed inside of cupboards, underneath them, on they can be stand-alone. They're designed in a way that lets the glasses hang by their bases without putting pressure on their more fragile parts.

The first way these storing methods work is by helping the glasses stay ventilated so that moisture can't get trapped. The second way is that since they are upside down, no dust can gather inside the glass. However, dust can still settle on the outside of the glasses unless they are stored in cupboards. The biggest drawback to this method is having to purchase the rack and have the space to install it.

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Why Are My Wine Glasses Cloudy?

Cloudy wine glasses are generally a result of them being washed improperly. Washing your glasses in a dishwasher will often make them cloudy because of the heavy detergents. The prolonged time that the glasses spend in that harsh water can also make them cloudy. This is because of the mineral build-up that often occurs.

How Do You Keep Wine Glasses From Getting Cloudy?

The best way to prevent cloudiness is by washing your glasses properly. Remember to wash with warm water, a soft cloth, and very little if any soap. After washing them, you can also dry and polish them with a clean, soft cloth. Making sure that glasses are completely dry will avoid letting any hard water sit on them long enough to cause problems.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, no matter how you store your wine glasses, they're eventually going to gather dust to some extent. However, some storage methods are better at preventing dust than others. If you aren't using your wine glasses very often for whatever reason, you should still rinse them out or wash them. Make sure that you are also washing them properly and allowing them to dry completely. You won't have to worry about your wine glasses getting buried in dust ever again with all of this information!

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