How To Cook Red Potatoes – With 10 Tasty Recipes!

Potatoes have been a staple at dinner tables for centuries. As a crop, it grows quickly and in abundance, resulting in an inexpensive product that most families can easily afford. There are numerous types of potatoes, each with its own distinct flavors and textures. We took a deep dive into scores of cooking websites to find the best ways to cook one particular type of spud, the red potato.

Red potatoes can be prepared in a variety of ways. The most common ways you cook red potatoes are to bake, fry, sautee, or boil them. For every method of cooking the red potato, there are hundreds of different recipes you can enjoy.

Now that we know that there are multiple ways you can cook red potatoes, we'll look at some tasty recipes that follow each one. You might also have other questions about this type of potato. Are red potatoes full of good carbs or bad carbs? What do red potatoes taste like by themselves? To see what we've discovered, please read ahead in this post.

Homemade Roasted Herb Red Potatoes with Salt and Pepper, How To Cook Red Potatoes - With 10 Tasty Recipes!

Delicious Red Potato Recipes

Baked red potatoes

Homemade Roasted Herb Red Potatoes with Salt and Pepper

When you think of baking potatoes, you might be imagining a potato almost as large as your plate itself, stuffed with sour cream, butter, chives, and pieces of bacon. Clearly, red potatoes are not the variety for the above description, as they are much smaller than traditional baking potatoes and not used in this fashion. That aside, there are some very tasty recipes that you can enjoy involving baking red potatoes.

Fried red potatoes

fried potato with rosemary and salt

Whether you are using a deep fryer or cooking potatoes on your stovetop in a pan, fried potatoes have been a great side dish or snack for years. Red potatoes lend well to being sliced up and fried, and it's not surprising that we were able to turn up some great ways to cook them in this fashion.

Sauteed red potato

Gourmet roasted potato wedges in a cast iron skillet with bell peppers and onion

Adding butter to anything seems to make it better, and red potatoes are no exception. Our internet research has turned up some of the best recipes for sauteed potatoes out there.

Mashed red potato

Bowl of homemade mashed potatoes sits in a corner with fresh chopped chives sprinkled on top. A wooden spoon, un cut chives and fresh red potatoes sits in the background.

There's nothing better than a great mashed potato recipe to pair with a good piece of beef or chicken. The flavorful red potatoes make for some amazing mashed potatoes, and we're happy to share some of the best red mashed potato recipes here.

What Do Red Potatoes Taste Like?

This type of potato will have a buttery and earthy flavor when cooked, making certain herbs, like rosemary, a great match for them. Red potatoes have a dense and waxy mouthfeel, making them a good choice for mashed potatoes.

Are Red Potatoes Better For You Than Other Potatoes?

Red potatoes isolated on white background, larger files include clipping path. Color corrected, exported 16 bit depth, retouched and saved for maximum image quality.

Let's look at all of the wonderful health benefits of the red potato! First, the average-sized red potato only has 110 calories. This is much lower than the russet potato, which has 165 calories. Red potatoes also hold fewer calories than a sweet potato. A sweet potato contains 125 calories.

While all potatoes are higher in carbs, each type has a different starch amount with a rating above 70 on the glycemic index. The less starch content in a potato, the healthier it is. By and large, the red potato has substantially fewer starches than russet and white potatoes, making them a bit more healthy.

Red potatoes are full of vitamin C, boating 45 percent of the daily recommended allowance for this essential vitamin in one potato! And, while all potatoes are rich in anti-oxidants, red potatoes, in particular, boast extremely high levels --five times more than russets.

It's important to keep in mind that how you prepare any potato will impact its nutrients. Baking is generally the best way, but consider what you are adding to your potatoes, also. If you bake a potato and then add lots of butter and sour cream, you'll be taking healthy food and making it into a high-calorie side dish. And if you are deep frying red potatoes, the oils will definitely make your tuber a much less healthy snack. Likewise, with a sautee recipe because the butter will add a lot of calories to your dish.

If you're mindful of preparation and careful about what ingredients you are adding to your red potato dish, there is no reason why you can't have a red potato dish that is both healthy and delicious.

Are Red Potatoes A Good Or Bad Carb?

Red skin potatoes are flavorful, versatile and delicious baked, fried, grilled, and boiled when made into a perennial favorite: red skin potato salad

While healthy and rich in essential nutrients, red potatoes do carry a substantial amount of starch. Starches indicate a higher level of carbohydrates, which diabetics and pre-diabetics need to count carefully. But are the carbs in red potatoes considered good carbs or bad carbs?

The high starch content makes the carbohydrates in a potato bad carbs. Typically, starches take longer to break down in the body, meaning that they won't raise your glucose levels. But the starches found in red potatoes (among others) are digested much faster. This results in the body's glucose levels rising substantially.

The fact that red potatoes are higher in bad carbs doesn't mean that this food is unhealthy. In fact, the nutrient-rich red potato is an excellent source of vitamins C, B6, and potassium. Carefully controlling the portions you eat will ensure you get the essential nutrients that your body needs while still limiting your carbohydrate intake.

In Closing

Red potatoes can be cooked in various ways, and there are many terrific recipes out there to try. No matter if you're boiling, frying, baking, or sauteeing, you're sure to find a red potato recipe that is both tasty and filling.

Red potatoes contain the same nutrients as russet and sweet potatoes, but with less starch and sugars. While this does make the red potato a bit more healthy, proper portion control with any variety of potato is key for staying within the body's carbohydrate needs.

Lastly, while red potatoes are comprised of bad carbs, they are still a healthy source of your body's vitamins. But if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, you'll need to make sure that you carefully watch your intake of red potatoes so that your body's glucose levels remain in the recommended range.

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