How To Clean Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats

Kitchen rubber mats are excellent for protecting the kitchen floor from unattractive scrapes and smudges. Also, these rubber mats are great for reducing stress and tension on your feet after a long day. Perhaps you have wondered how to clean and sanitize your rubber kitchen floor mats. We've extensively researched this topic and have helpful housekeeping advice to share with you.

A close up of a commercial kitchen rubber mat, How to clean rubber kitchen floor mats

Washing rubber kitchen floor mats is a fairly simple task that requires a few cleaning tools and about 20 minutes of your day:

  • Begin with sweeping the mat, then vacuum both sides.
  • Wipe the mat with dish soap or spray with a degreaser and allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes.
  • Next, scrub the mat with a scrub brush and warm water.
  • Once the dirt and grease are removed, rinse the mat with warm water and allow it to dry fully before placing it on the kitchen floor. 

Suppose you have wondered about the most effective method to clean rubber mats? Or is washing floor mats in the washing machine advisable or unsanitary? Is there a way to get nasty stains out of rubber mats? Please continue reading; we have helpful answers to these questions!

How to Clean a rubber kitchen mat

Rubber kitchen mats cannot go in the washing machine because the rigorous washing and spin cycles will damage the rubber and cause the rubber to crack. Washing the rugs by hand consistently will help extend the life of the rubber mat. It is advised to use dish soap that is tough on grease, like Dawn dish soap, or a degreaser for the task.

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The first step, shake the mat out over the trash can or outside to remove any large pieces of dirt and debris. Then, vacuum both sides of the mat thoroughly to remove dust and lint particles. Apply the dish soap or degreaser and let that sit for a few minutes. Next, scrub the mat with a plastic scrub brush or mesh scrubby with the degreaser or dish soap.

Use circular motions to scrub the mat. Doing so will dislodge dirt and grease hidden in the creases and grooves of the rubber.  Rinse the mat with warm water until soap is removed. Dry the mat hanging in a well-ventilated area to prevent mold growth.

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Check out this YouTube video for a helpful demonstration:

Helpful cleaning tips for rubber mats

Avoid using acidic cleaners, harsh detergents, and vinegar. The high levels of acidic materials will erode the rubber and ruin the mat. Also, vinegar will not remove dirt and grease from rubber surfaces, and the scent of vinegar is fairly difficult to remove from rubber products.

If you have a large rubber mat, consider spraying the mat with a garden hose. Then scrubbing with a cleaning brush with dish soap or degreaser. After all the debris is removed, spray both sides of the mat with warm water. If you don't have a garden hose, you could spray the mat in the bathroom shower.

Never dry mats in the dryer. If drying the mats outside, avoid hanging them in direct sunlight because the sunlight will bleach the rugs or cause the rubber to weaken from the sun's rays. Consider hanging the mats over the patio railing in the shade or over a chair in a well-ventilated room if drying indoors.

Suppose the mat is filthy and bits of grease and dirt are embedded in the rubbers' creases. Depending on the size of the mat, please place it in the sink, shower, or large washtub to submerge it in hot water to soak with Dawn dish soap and degreaser. Soaking the rug with loosen any tough greasy patches and help remove odors.

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Can you wash a kitchen floor mat?

Absolutely. Washing floor mats by hand are advisable and will help improve the appearance of your kitchen floors. Always check the tag of the mat for washing instructions; most mats are machine washable.

However, mats with rubber or soft plastic backing usually must be washed by hand or with a garden hose because the washer machine will ruin the rubber and plastic backing in the wash and spin cycles. Also, the kitchen mats have grease, dirt, and bits of food debris that could easily clog the washing machines' drain hose--another reason to opt for washing mats by hand.

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How do you get stains out of rubber mats?

Applying baking soda will remove stains and eliminate odors. Firstly, vacuum the mat and then scrub the mat thoroughly with a plastic scrub brush with dish soap and warm water until all the debris is removed.

Then sprinkle the rubber mat with baking soda. Distribute the baking soda evenly and scrub the baking soda into the mat and allow it to sit for ten minutes. Scrub the mat again, and thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Is it hygienic to wash floor mats in the washing machine?

Always check the mat's tag or manufacturer's website for washing instructions. Practice hygienic washing machine standards when washing floor mats by only washing your mats together or a small load with only one mat. It is advised to avoid washing mats with clothes or towels because the mats could transmit germs to the fibers of your other items.

After washing germy mats from the floor, you may wonder if your washing machine is clean and ready for a load of clothes. You could run a sanitary cycle to eliminated 99% of household bacterias and germs present in the washing machine.

According to Whirpool, if your washing machine does not have the sanitize feature-- you could use the machine at the highest temperature possible with a laundry sanitizing product.

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How do you make rubber floor mats look new?

If the mats are dirty or looking dull, you could enhance the aesthetic appeal easily by adding an extra step to the rubber mat cleaning process. After scrubbing the mat with soap, soak the rubber mat in a large basin or the bathtub with a cup of Borax soap. Mix the Borax soap thoroughly into the water and allow it to dissolve before submerging the mat.

Allow the rubber mat to soak for at least 20 minutes. Drain the tub. Scrub the remaining Borax off of the mat with a plastic brush. Rinse the mat with the showerhead or garden hose. The Borax soap removes dirt and stains from the mat and helps it regain a newer appearance.

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In closing

Thoroughly cleaning your kitchen mats on a regular basis is an important step for maintaining a healthy and hygienic kitchen floor. We hope this article has helped you acquire a few new cleaning tips and inspirations for checking another household chore off or your to-do list! Please visit soon for more exciting content!

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