How To Clean An Old Meat Grinder [Restoring Inc. Cleaning Rust & After Use]?

Do you have an old meat grinder that has been kept away from your kitchen for a long time and has started to rust, and you want to find a method to get it working again? Don't worry. We did our research to help you clean and restore your old kitchen gadget to look as good as new!

You'll need to do these things to bring your old meat grinder back to life:

  • Clean it thoroughly. You'll need to disassemble the old meat grinder to wash and brush it properly. This also includes removing the rusted parts and drying them off.
  • Painting and staining. The wooden handle will need to be primed, painted, and stained.
  • Replace worn-out plates and blades.
  • Reassemble and store.

This article will also explain what causes meat grinders to rust to help you learn more about it. Continue reading to get storing and caring tips to keep your meat grinder working for years. Let's dive in!

Kitchen grinder, How To Clean An Old Meat Grinder [Restoring Inc. Cleaning Rust & After Use]

What Causes Meat Grinders To Rust?

Meat grinders are made of different materials. When the iron in these materials comes in contact with oxygen and water, it causes the metal to oxidize and rust.

Apart from that, it also renders the metal weak, making it rust over time. Once you discover that your meat grinder is becoming rusty, the next best thing is to act fast to stop that rust.

How To Restore An Old Meat Grinder

How To Restore An Old Meat Grinder - Really rusty old meat grinder sat on an equally rusty corrugated roof panels

If your old meat grinder is rusting, you must restore it so you can use it again. To do that, you'll have to clean and store it properly.

Depending on how intense the restoration process needs to be done to your meat grinder, you may want to do the whole procedure.

Thorough Cleaning

Properly cleaning your grinder will make it safe again for use and prevent contamination. Also, it will help the paint have a better hold on the metal surface and last longer when repainting.

Below are the steps to follow in cleaning your meat grinder.

Step 1: Disassemble

The first thing you might want to do is to dismantle the grinder and then take out each part.

Disassemble - Old manual meat grinder unassembled on a wooden table

Step 2: Immersing In Cleaning Solution

Once you've successfully dismantled the meat grinder, it's time to soak them in a solution containing warm soapy water and household vinegar for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: Washing And Brushing

Washing And Brushing - Old manual meat grinder unassembled on a table

Once each part is thoroughly soaked, you'll want to brush them quickly to take the dirt or rust away from the parts and prepare them for the next step.

Take out one part at a time from the bowl. Gently brush and pay special attention to the meat grinder's blades.

Depending on how bad the rust and dirt are stuck on your equipment, you might want to repeat steps 2 and 3 until you're sure your old meat grinder is completely clean.

Step 4: Rinse And Dry

Once you're sure there are no longer grits or stains, you can give each part a good rinse. Then, finish it by wiping the grinder and all its parts with a clean, dry towel and allowing them to air dry.

Painting And Staining

Repainting the body will make your grinder look as good as new and protect it from oxidation, and staining the wood handle will prevent it from rotting.

Step 1: Preparation For Painting

Once your meat grinder is dried, the next step to take is to prepare it for painting. Cover the areas that should not be painted by taping paper around them.

Don't forget to cover the inside of your grinder so that paint doesn't get inside.

Step 2: Priming The Surface

Priming will help the coating adhere perfectly to the steel surface, provide extra protection to the steel, and make them durable.

Since your grinder will be exposed to moisture, avoid using latex or water-based undercoats. Instead, use a food-grade acrylic primer for safety and better adhesion.

Step 3: Painting

Once you've primed your metal, you can spray at least two paint coatings.

Three coats are recommended for optimal paint utilization. For cast iron painting, go for acrylic epoxy paint since it adheres best and lasts longer over time.

It is also best to use a primer and paint of the same brand for the best results.

Step 4: Sanding And Staining The Wooden Handle

Sand the handle with a rough sanding tool. Then stain the handle and coat it with food-grade conditioning and finishing oil.

Try this Thirteen Chefs mineral oil on Amazon.

Replacement Of Worn-Out Plates And Blades

Replacement Of Worn-Out Plates And Blades - Set of grid and knife for an electric meat grinder.

A detachable flat metal disc called a meat grinder disc or plate has small to large holes that regulate the size of the meat bits that come out of the grinder.

A layer of rust may form on a meat grinder disc if it is stored improperly or is put away unwashed.

A meat grinder plate's rust can be removed to make it usable. You can scrape off all the surface rust to give a meat grinder disc its original metallic shine.

However, you might consider replacing the plates and blades if it's worn out and dull or the rust has eaten away the metal. You'll need to buy the right size for your grinder.

Reassemble And Store

Once you're done cleaning and restoring your meat grinder, you can reassemble and store it in the right place. Practicing proper storage is essential if you want your meat grinder to last for a long time.

One tip that has been proven to be pretty effective when storing meat grinder parts after oiling is to put them in a bag or storage box with uncooked rice.

This will keep the moisture away and prevent the formation of rust. Make sure the bags are tightly closed.

Another tip is that meat grinder components work better when chilled; if your refrigerator has enough storage, try keeping the parts in there.

How Do You Get Rust Off A Metal Meat Grinder?

Keeping your meat grinder clean and maintained after each use is one of the best methods to stop it from rusting. Try these hacks to clean off sturdy rust from your meat grinder.

Baking Soda And Mineral Oil

If the rust is tough to remove, apply baking soda paste to the area and give it a few hours to sit in, then brush it using your wire brush.

After cleaning it with baking soda and a wire brush, you must quickly rinse it before soaking it in mineral oil. You can also use a needle file to remove the rust.

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Scouring Powder

This powder quickly and easily eliminates rust from metal surfaces, restoring their appearance by letting them sit for a few hours and doing the scrubbing after.

It is an abrasive powder with dry detergent, soap, or soda and can be a dry bleach. It is widely available on the market. Alternatively, you can make your own.

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Coke contains phosphoric acid, a substance in commercial rust removers that aids in the breakdown of rust. After dismantling the parts, you can soak them in Coke overnight, then brush gently with a wire brush the following day.

Salt And Lime

Another method for removing rust from your grinder is first to sprinkle salt and then drop lime juice over the affected areas. Let it sit for a couple of hours before brushing it off with a scrub brush.

How To Take Care Of Blunt Blades

You must handle your blades carefully to protect your hands and fingers. If you care for the edges properly, they will stay sharpened and ready for grinding.

Avoid rubbing the grinding plates and cutting edges. The edges may get dull when these components come into contact with another object.

You might need to get them sharpened by a professional. Alternatively, you can always purchase new ones.

How Often Should You Clean A Meat Grinder?

For home use, meat grinders should be cleaned and sanitized well after each use. It should have a 4-hour cleaning interval for commercial purposes or continuous usage.

To Finish Up

No matter how rusty your old meat grinder is, there are still ways to restore them. All you have to do is to dismantle the parts to clean them thoroughly.

You can also paint it, stain the wooden handles, and replace worn-out plates and blades for a perfect finish. After that, you may reassemble your meat grinder and store it properly.

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