How Old Is My Kenmore Dishwasher?

Suppose you have a Kenmore dishwasher in your kitchen, and are unsure how old it is and want to find out? Or, what are the differences between a model and a serial number on a Kenmore dishwasher? We've researched these questions and have information to share with you!

The best method to determine the age of your Kenmore dishwasher is to locate the serial number. Typically, the serial number is printed on a label present on the left, right, or top of the door jamb. 

Suppose you are interested in learning how to find and decode your appliance's serial number? Or, you're wondering if an older dishwasher is worth the costly repairs? Please continue reading; we have well-researched answers to share with you!

Open integrated dishwaher machine in a modern kitchen, How Old Is My Kenmore Dishwasher?

How Old Is My Kenmore Dishwasher?

Determining your dishwasher's age is important when purchasing used appliances or moving into a home with existing appliances. The first step in this quick process is to locate the serial number.

According to Whirlpool, the serial number labels are silver and on the door jamb's upper right, left, or top.

Also, it is crucial to locate the model number because you will need that to purchase extra parts or to access the online owners' manual.

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Decoding your dishwasher serial number is simple; follow these easy steps to find the age of your dishwasher today!

  • Locate the serial number on the left, right, or top of the appliance door jamb.
  • Please write it down or snap a picture of the label.
  • The first number of the serial number represents the year it was manufactured.
  • The second and third numbers represent the week the appliance was manufactured.

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What Are The Differences Between A Model And A Serial Number?

Model numbers

Great question! It is important to remember that the model and serial numbers are not interchangeable and have specific uses. The model number could be a composition of letters and numbers.

The purpose of the model number is to identify the type of appliance and allow the owner or repair techs to find and purchase the correct parts and perform necessary repairs.

Not all models, even from the same company, are equal. The parts for one dishwasher may not fit another model, or worse, will damage the appliance all together.

Serial numbers

The serial number differs significantly from the model number because it records the year and week the appliance was manufactured. For example, the first three numbers of the initial six numbers determine the year and the week of the machine's manufacture.

Please note the first digit is the year, and the second and third numbers are the production week. For example, if the first digit was 9, the dishwasher had a manufacture date in the year 2009.

Suppose the following numbers were three and four. That means the manufacture date for the dishwasher was during the 34th week of that particular year, which was August. So, this means that the dishwasher's manufacture was in August 2009,and it is 13 years old.

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Is It Worth Fixing An Older Dishwasher?

Man repairing a dishwasher with tools

Deciding whether to repair or replace your dishwasher depends on what is wrong with the dishwasher and how much the repairs to fix it will cost.

Many dishwashers from various brands break down around five years of use, and there are several warning signs that the appliance is failing and needs repairs or a replacing.

Signs of malfunctions in dishwashers

  • Hearing a buzzing or humming sound could indicate the motor is failing.
  • Poor water circulation during washing cycles could be a worn drain pump.
  • When the dishes are still wet after the drying cycle, this is usually a failed heating element.
  • Water is standing in the bottom of the dishwasher and is not draining. Something is wrong with the drain pump.

When your dishwasher shows signs of dysfunction, that isn't because of your home's electricity or plumbing, please reference your owners' manual for troubleshooting.

If troubleshooting didn't fix the issue, contact the manufacturers' customer service for make and model specific directions.

Suppose your dishwasher is roughly six years old, and you have contacted a repair tech, and the repair is $300 to $400.

Purchasing a new dishwasher would be a better financial investment because the cost of the repairs could go towards a new dishwasher that will provide ten years or more of reliable service in your home kitchen.

How Can You Make A Kenmore Dishwasher Last Longer?

Open dishwasher with clean utensils in it

Although there is no proven method to extend the life of your dishwasher, there are a few ways to ensure it lasts your home as long as possible.

Consider adding a protection plan when you purchase your new Kenmore dishwasher to help cover the repair costs and maintain the appliance professionally.

The best way to ensure your dishwasher will last the entire 10 years or longer is to provide your dishwasher with regular maintenance continually. This will protect your investment and ensure that you continue to have clean dishes in your kitchen cabinets.

Also, if you don't clean the dishwasher's filters regularly, it will add stress to the motor and shorten the dishwasher's lifespan. Check your owners' manual for make and model-specific maintenance for the best results.

How To Pack The Dishwasher For Cleaner Dishes?

Beautiful young smiling woman doing dishes in a modern kitchen with dishwasher

Excellent question! There are several simple ways to optimize your dishwasher's cleaning capacity, reduce how many loads you run monthly and help lower your home's energy use and utility bills.

  • Set your water heater to 120-125 degrees for the ideal temperature.
  • Don't overfill the dishwasher.
  • Keep plastic in the top rack.
  • Separate stainless steel and silver flatware to prevent a chemical reaction that can damage the utensils' finishes.
  • Secure the glassware between the tines.
  • Pack baking sheets, trays, and plastic cutting boards along the sides without blocking the jets or spray arms.
  • Avoid allowing your dishes to sit in the dishwasher for days to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and germs.

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Safety Considerations For Operating Dishwashers

Transparent and black and white dishes as well as cutlery and glasses are washed in the dishwasher

The American Cleaning Institute suggests using the following as a guide for running a dishwasher correctly and safely.

  • Always place knives and other sharp items pointed down in the utensil basket.
  • Place glassware gently into the dishwasher, and don't crowd the glasses.
  • Avoid overloading the dishwasher--it will prevent the dishes from getting clean, and they could break.
  • Wait until the dishwasher has cooled before removing the dishes.
  • Always close the door after loading or unloading to prevent accidental falls.
  • If you have small children, consider adding a child safety lock.
  • Do not allow children or pets to play inside the dishwasher.
  • Store the dishwashing solutions away from children and pets.
  • Always follow the dishwasher owner's manual maintenance instructions.
  • Don't fill the dispenser cups until ready to run the appliance.
  • Do not mix dishwasher solutions with other cleaning products.
  • Not every dish can go in the dishwasher; read your dishes' labels.
  • Do not remove the labels from the dishwasher detergent bottles.

In Closing

Today, we learned how to locate the serial and model numbers on a Kenmore dishwasher and decode those numbers to determine the year and week of your dishwasher's manufacture.

Also, we covered some basic safety precautions to keep in mind and a few helpful pointers for packing your dishwasher.  We certainly hope this article has helped you learn a few valuable skills for keeping your dishwasher functioning at its best.

Please check out some of our other posts before you go to help further your dishwasher knowledge base.

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