How Old Is A Whirlpool Refrigerator – Here’s How To Tell 

If you've just moved into a new home, you may be wondering how old the appliances are. And it's advantageous to know the age and any warranty details of your refrigerator, as you can find yourself in an inconvenient position if it's suddenly broken.

So how do you tell how old a Whirlpool refrigerator is specifically? We have researched this brand of refrigerators and will answer this question for you.

If you don't have access to the purchase details of your Whirlpool refrigerator, the quickest way to tell the age is to look at the refrigerator's label. The serial number and model number are located on the label. 

The label is typically located on the left side of the refrigerator. To find it, open up the refrigerator or freezer door and look on the top of the door for the sticker. It's usually located on the left-hand side of the door, right beneath the logo.

Dating your refrigerator and other appliances is essential to preventing expensive and sometimes unnecessary repairs or replacements. Continue reading to learn more about how to find the age of your appliance and how to know when your refrigerator needs to be replaced.

French door refrigerator in new kitchen, How Old Is A Whirlpool Refrigerator - Here's How To Tell 

How do I find out what year my appliance was made?

The easiest and quickest way to determine what year your appliance was made is to locate the model and serial number. To do this, find the sticker on the appliance, which can be located on the side, back, or interior.

Often, the sticker will be located by the appliances logo. However, if you have an old appliance, such as those made in the 1980s or before, you may not find the sticker. In which case, it may be best to contact the manufacturer or visit a local antique shop to find the year that the appliance was manufactured.

How do I claim a warranty on my Whirlpool refrigerator?

Like other appliance brands, Whirlpool has a specific process that consumers must follow to claim a warranty on their appliances. Here's how the process looks:

Step 1. You'll first need to prepare the following details on your appliance:

  • Receipt/Proof of purchase
  • Full name
  • Address and phone number
  • Serial number
  • Model number
  • A detailed description of the issue that you're experiencing with the appliance

Step 2. You will then need to call their customer experience Center (Phone: 1-800-253-1301) and provide all of these details to an agent. Then, the agent will give you a set of instructions to follow to initiate the repair or replacement of your unit.

How long does a Whirlpool refrigerator last?

Though this will vary by refrigerator model, you can expect your Whirlpool fridge to last anywhere between 13 and 17 years. A typical refrigerator can last anywhere from 15 to 17 years on average.

If you are uncertain whether you should repair or replace your refrigerator, there are signs that you can look for to make the decision easier. Here are a few common signs that the fridge needs to be swapped out for a new model.

You notice that food is spoiling quickly

This is one of the biggest tell-tale signs that a refrigerator is no longer viable. A refrigerator should be able to reach temperatures of 40° Fahrenheit constantly. If it can't, you risk food-borne illnesses due to bacteria and mold buildup.

Typically when this happens, the motor is barely operating, or the refrigerator has run out of coolant due to a leak. If the issue is with a leak, it's best to have a technician check the source of the leak and repair it if possible. However, replacing it may be the best option if the refrigerator is old and the motor is faulty.

The motor is constantly running hot

Notice that the refrigerator is giving off hot air and the kitchen? To confirm this, place your hand a few inches away from the back of the refrigerator near the coils. Does the area feel especially warm?

The condenser coils on the back of the fridge are insulated-so you shouldn't feel a lot of heat. If you do, likely, either the coils aren't cooling properly, or the refrigerator's motor is experiencing significant issues and overworking.

When the motor overworks, it uses more energy to keep the refrigerator cool, quickly leading to burnout. This often means that the refrigerator is simply on its last leg. Replacing it with a more efficient unit may be a better investment than repairing it.

There's too much condensation

If the refrigerator looks as if it's constantly sweating, especially in the warmer months of the year, it's likely that it's not cooling correctly. For example, if you notice excessive condensation around the coils, dripping from the bottom of the refrigerator or around the door's rubber seals, chances are this is the issue.

The condensation can also cause mold and mildew problems if it is not mitigated quickly. In some cases, you may need to reseal the refrigerator doors to fix the issue.

While in other scenarios, the refrigerator's components are simply old and worn out. In which case, a replacement is needed.

The freezer looks like an iceberg

Does your freezer resemble Antarctica? If you noticed that the freezer is over-freezing all of the food items and the insides of the doors, the chances are that there is an issue with the motor. When fridge motors start to malfunction, they can work overtime, causing the temperature in the freezer to drop below what's needed to freeze your food effectively.

If you find yourself defrosting in your freezer way more often than usual, you should do further inspection to find the source of the issue. In some cases, the unit may be outdated.

The refrigerator isn't energy efficient

Most modern refrigerators are energy efficient, which is something that most homeowners today look for. Why?

Because large appliances take up the most energy in most homes, so reducing this is helpful with saving on energy bills. Also, energy-efficient refrigerators tend to last longer than their older counterparts.

The refrigerator is making loud sounds

Your average refrigerator will have a slight hum due to the motor running for the coolant. However, you shouldn't hear any loud banging, rattling, or screeching sounds coming from the unit.

If you do, you may want to call an appliance technician to see what the problem is. Often, these noises are due to faulty components or issues with the refrigerator's coolant levels. In which case, the unit should be inspected ASAP.

The refrigerator is over ten years old

This is the age at which many refrigerators will start to experience minor and significant issues that require repair. However, if you notice that the repair costs are adding up, it's not a bad idea to consider saving up for a new refrigerator.

Doing so can prevent you from having to buy one at the last minute if the refrigerator or freezer suddenly breaks down into a non-repairable state. Expect to pay anywhere from $350 to well over $500 and more for a new refrigerator, depending on the brand and model that you choose.

Are Whirlpool refrigerators reliable?

Since its launch over twenty years ago, the Whirlpool brand has earned its name as one of the most reputable brands for refrigerators and other home appliances. So, yes, their refrigerators are known to be very reliable.

They're also known to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and of great workmanship. Are these refrigerators the cheapest on the market? No. However, their reputation for quality and durability makes up for the 10% to 15% markup that you'll find they have over other competitive brands.

Whirlpool refrigerators typically last longer than many other brands on the market, and they're known to have few major malfunctions, such as with motors and electronic module components.

They also have a fairly decent warranty program, which means that you don't have to worry about paying for repairs for the first year if your refrigerator breaks down due to faulty workmanship. You can also extend this warranty if you desire.

Wrapping Things Up

It's helpful to keep a running list of your refrigerator's serial and model number and other appliances in your home. This can make your life much easier if you have to purchase a new part or replace the unit.

In the end, if you decide to replace your Whirlpool refrigerator, be sure to compare prices from multiple vendors beforehand. You'll be surprised at how many last-minute deals and savings you can find with a thorough search.

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