How Often To Change A Keurig Filter

The Keurig filter is made to last for many brew cycles, not necessarily the duration of time that you use it. Some Keurig coffee machine owners testify that they don't change the filter until the taste of their coffee changes. That means the less you brew, the longer it will take to need a filter change. But is this accurate? How often should a Keurig filter be changed? We've researched to get the answer for you.

If you use the coffee machine on a daily basis, Keurig recommends changing the filter every two months. This usage typically amounts to 40 gallons of water filtered thru prior to needing a filter replacement.

In this post, we go through it in detail! Continue reading if you want to learn more about Keurig filters and how to recognize the indicators that your filter needs to be changed.

A big white coffee machine with a steamer and other kitchen appliances on the side, How Often To Change A Keurig Filter

What is a Keurig filter?

Today, many manufacturers produce quality water filters. Keurig is a well-known brand that has garnered a huge consumer base due to its efficient performance. The Keurig filter can filter caffeinated water with ultra-fine micropores. This unique filtration process removes up to 97.5% of chlorine.

It is dedicated to properly removing pollutants from tap water or warm water poured through the machine, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee every time you use it.

Why is it important to change your Keurig filter?

Removing coffee filter from the coffee machine

Water filtration, in general, is important to remove contaminants that can be harmful to our health, such as chlorine, bacteria, parasites, algae, and fungi.

Water quality guarantees that the flavor notes of the coffee are fully extracted and that you are consistently delivering high-quality brew. Coffee consists of 97% water, so giving attention to water quality is just as important as the beans, grind, and contact time.

How to know if it's time to change your Keurig filter?

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A hazy estimation of how long you can use the filter can be a little confusing to some. So we have narrowed down the signs that you can look for to know it is time for a new filter. 

Your Coffee Has A Distinct Flavor And Aroma

The chemistry of your brew's water will have a big impact on how your coffee looks, smells, and tastes. Despite being perfectly safe to consume, chlorine in water has a harsh, disagreeable odor and a bitter chemical aftertaste. Because the machine is unable to filter out undesirable particles, such as chlorine, old filters can give your coffee a terrible flavor and odor.

Slow-running Drip While Brewing

When you first started using your coffee maker, the extraction process was much faster because the filter was clean and free of clogged pores. As time goes by, ground coffee accumulates on the filter, and it's pores begin to close up. The longer you wait before replacing a used filter, the slower your Keurig starts to drip.

Scale Buildup

Scale refers to a mineral deposit that forms within coffee makers, kettles, and other hot water appliances. A filter can only protect your machine from scale buildup for a certain amount of time before it quits working. This could be a typical issue with Keurig filters, but it's easily remedied by descaling or replacing the filter regularly.

Coffee Feels And Tastes Acidic 

Coffee is a mildly acidic beverage with a pH of 5-6. When you brew coffee with water that has a pH higher than 6, the pH rises, and the acidity decreases. The stronger the effect of reducing sour taste, the higher the pH of the water.

Filtered water makes the acidity of coffee less harsh. That's why it's very important that your water has the correct pH balance, and you can achieve that by making sure that your water filter works well.

What happens if you don't change your Keurig filter?

Pouring water to the coffee maker

It could alter the taste of your coffee. If you are sensitive to a slight change of taste on your regular beverage, this might be bothersome.

On top of that, it would impact the Keurig's durability. Unfiltered water can clog the Keurig coffee machine with sediment, chlorine, and would lessen its ability to reduce the water's total hardness (TH).

Are Keurig filters necessary?

It is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain the quality of your coffee and extend the life of your machine. While a Keurig can work without a water filter, it is not recommended because your coffee will taste different, and the machine will most likely break down over time.

Do all Keurigs come with a water filter?

Keurig coffee machine and Keurig cups on the side

The majority of Keurig coffee makers on the market use a replacement water filter that you may purchase separately. However, not every one of them does. While the vast majority of the alternatives available these days are compatible with Keurig filters, one of the most popular models, Keurig K- Mini and K-Mini Plus, are not.

It's because the said models didn't have a water reservoir. The water filtering kit can be used with the short or long-handle models that contain a water reservoir.

How much do Keurig filters cost?

Small and large volumes of these filters are available. The cost of Keurig filters on the market varies according to the quantity and types purchased. Listed down below are some of the most popular Keurig coffee maker water filters, as well as their pricing;

  • $8.99 for a 2-pack of Keurig® Water Filter Cartridge Refills
  • $24.95 for a 6-pack Refills for Keurig® Water Filter Cartridge
  • $9.29 for a 2-pack of Keurig White Charcoal Water Filter Cartridge
  • $17.99 for a Tall Handle Water Filter Starter Kit
  • $13.49 for a Short Handle Water Filter Starter Kit

Keep your coffee satisfaction high!

A big white coffee machine with a steamer and other kitchen appliances on the side

The coffee maker provides a kick start for your day and is a much-needed friend for those who can't get going in the morning without a little caffeine boost. Cleaning and replacing your Keurig filters is an important part of keeping the best quality of your coffee and your machine working properly. And, of course, maintain your positive coffee experience.

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