Modern kitchen with double oven and white cabinets, How Much Does a Double Oven Cost?Maybe you are remodeling your kitchen, or looking to upgrade dated kitchen equipment. For someone who enjoys cooking, an oven makes it onto your list of must-haves. If you are considering double ovens, you are probably wondering how much one of these units cost. We’ve researched the various types of double ovens and their features to get the answer for you.

Whether you choose a wall-mount or standing unit, the cost for a double oven ranges between $1,200 and $3,000. Some high-end and commercial double ovens can cost as much as $5,000. 

Keep reading, and we’ll explain why double ovens are a valuable investment for your kitchen.

What is the Point of a Double Oven?

A double oven adds diversity to how you bake, broil, roast, and warm-up foods because you can cook using different temperatures simultaneously. Plus, you will have extra space to make multiple course meals and larger portion sizes. Just take a look at the many benefits of a double oven, like:

Saves Time

Put your feet up and savor that delicious scone with a warm cup of tea. You will have more time to relax because baking in double ovens not only saves time but can also double your output. No more standing around, monitoring one or two baking pans for hours on end. Put several baking pans into two ovens, set the timer, and you’ll be cleaned up and ready to leave the kitchen by the time you hear the buzzer.

No More Flavor Mingling

Are you roasting a chicken for dinner and baking cookies for dessert? If you do not want your cookies served with a hint of garlic and thyme, cook them in a separate oven. Odors can linger in a single oven and intermingle with the next dish that goes into the oven. No more waiting for the oven to cool and air-out to avoid mixed flavors. When you use double ovens, foods taste just as they should.

Prepare Multi-Course Meals

Most of us are all too familiar with the holiday meal being served cold because the roast needed more time, or the pre-cooked casserole did not re-heat all the way through. Multiple dishes though a single oven all day, can be stressful to plan and tedious to monitor.

Spend more time with your family and friends when you host multi-course meals by using double ovens. Set the temperature in each oven accordingly, so the roast needing 400℉ will not be undercooked while the scalloped potatoes needing 350℉ will not be overdone. Use the warming feature to keep prepared foods ready to serve.

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Cook Plentiful Portions

Whether you are cooking to host an event, to serve a big family, or to prepare meals ahead to freeze for later use, do not let a single oven limit your quantities. Double or even triple your recipe, and let double ovens do the rest to cook and bake efficiently.

Retrieve ample hors d’ oeurves, at the ready to serve at a cocktail party. Bake plenty of macaroni and cheese, so the entire team can gather to refuel after the big game. Buy in bulk, and keep your freezer full of lasagna, enchiladas, and baked potatoes to pop into the oven after work for a ready-made meal or side-dish.

Broiling Brilliance

Using the broiler feature might be overlooked on a single oven because it raises the temperature of the oven and can interfere with cooking other dishes. But, with double ovens, you can broil while other foods bake or roast uninterrupted.

Use the broiler to toast garlic bread while a lasagna bakes. Broil a thin cut of meat while the vegetables roast. Do not hesitate to put the finishing, golden brown touch on cooked foods beneath the broiler before serving. With the right timing, your broiled foods can be served brilliantly alongside bakes and roasts.

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Can You Use Both Ovens on a Double Oven at the Same Time?

Yes! Usingsing both ovens at the same time is one of the benefits of a double oven. You might not use both at once every week, but for multi-course meals, baking large batches, and hosting events, double ovens come in handy. Refer to the instruction manual to not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended temperature difference between the two ovens.

Is a Double Oven Worth It?

For an avid baker, large family, or frequent host/hostess, we think the double oven is worth the investment. You can maximize your food output by using a double oven while remaining energy efficient. A double oven is a longterm investment that can provide your home with years of memorable meals.

Double ovens are available for either electric or gas. Choose from an array of features depending on the manufacturer, including:

  • Convection cooking (one or both ovens).
  • Pre-heat setting.
  • Warm and hold setting.
  • Self-cleaning/steam cleaning.
  • Compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, and Nest; pre-heat, set timer, adjust the temperature from either your smartphone or voice commands.
  • Food temperature probe.
  • Safety lock.
  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Extension (roller) racks.
  • Window size for ease of viewing and aesthetic appeal.
  • Bright interior lights for ease of viewing food through the window.

Wall-Mount Double Ovens

Check out wall-mounted ovens if you have extra room to spare in your kitchen. Two, full-size ovens stacked as a single unit are mounted seamlessly into the kitchen wall. The height of a wall-mounted oven makes it easy to transfer food in and out of the oven and to peek through the windows to check on food without bending down low.

Wall-mount double ovens are slightly more expensive than range double ovens. You will also incur an installation cost, typically ranging between $100 and $300. But, the wall-mount oven adds value to your home, as a one-time installation with big advantages for you and potential next homeowners.

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Double Oven Range

Check out a double oven range to fit into the standard space of either freestanding or slide-in ovens. You gain both a stovetop and a second oven without any kitchen remodeling. The smaller, top oven is perfect for cooking casseroles, pizzas, and single batch baked goods. A nearly full-sized bottom oven is always available for cooking roasts and plentiful portions. Use the warming feature, like to warm-up bread for serving, while you cook on the stovetop.

No additional installation is required for a double oven range. These ovens tend to be slightly cheaper than wall-mount double ovens.

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Can I Replace a Single Oven with a Double Oven?

Consider a freestanding or slide-in double oven with range to fit in the space previously allotted for your single oven. You will gain the advantage of a second oven (one nearly full-size and one slightly smaller), and you will not have to modify your kitchen for the additional cooking space.

A double oven can be considered an upgrade for most kitchens. These ovens provide limitless cooking and serving possibilities, as we’ve already discussed. Double ovens also have standout features like LED displays, pre-set baking cycles, temperature probes, and safety automatic shut-off to modernize your cooking and keep your kitchen functioning smoothly no matter how busy life gets.

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