How Many Cake Mixes For A Half Sheet Cake? [And Full Sheet Too!]

It's important to know how many cake mixes you need for half a sheet cake, so you don't overfill your pan. You are probably wondering about this and how many cake mixes you should use for a full sheet cake recipe. Well, we've done plenty of research and have the answers here for you!

You only need one cake mix to make one layer of a half sheet cake. However, you will need two cake mixes to make a double-layered half sheet cake. It is essential that you use the right amount of cake batter to ensure your cake turns out to be the right size.

Keep reading to learn more about how long to bake a half sheet cake, how to split a cake in half, what size pan you need depending on the size cake you are baking, and more. Let's dive right in!

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What Size Cake Does A Box Mix Make?

Typically, one box of cake mix results in four to five cups of cake batter. The exact amount differs by brand. Recipes that call for more ingredients will yield more batter. Furthermore, this is all you will need to make one half sheet cake.

Four or five cups of cake batter will work for a 9x13 pan, or you can either make two 8-inch or 9-inch rounds depending on how thick you want your cake to be. As for a half sheet cake, you should not need more than one cake mix unless you make more than one layer.

However, if you want two layers of cake to be the same size as a half sheet cake, you can use two half sheet cake pans. This is known as a double-layer cake. You stack the two half sheet cakes on top of each other with a layer of your choice of frosting in between.

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What Size Pan Do I Need For A Half Sheet Cake?

Generally, the size of half of a full sheet pan is 18x13 inches. You can use the same pan for a half sheet cake for roasting vegetables for sheet-pan dinners. A half sheet pan that is 12x18 inches is easier to find and should fit in your oven at home.

Sometimes you will see half sheet pans that are 13x9 inches. Essentially a double-layered half sheet cake is two 13x9 inch cakes stacked on top of each other. If you do not have a half sheet cake pan, you can substitute a 13x9 inch pan.

Either way, these pans are meant to be used in a regular-sized oven at home.

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There are also quarter sheet pans available if you would like one, just a little smaller. These pans are 13x9 inches. You can use them for roasting vegetables for one or two people rather than a whole family.

You can also use a quarter sheet pan for baking half of a dozen cookies at a time. This size fits in a typical toaster oven as well.

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How Long Do You Bake A Half Sheet Cake?

A half-sheet cake takes approximately 25-30 minutes to bake. Place the pan in the middle of the oven. It is always best to evenly spread your cake batter out into the pan using a spatula knife.

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You have two choices when it comes to baking a half sheet cake. One option is to bake one layer in two shallow pans. The other option is to bake a half sheet cake size cake that is thick enough you can cut through the middle of it after it is finished cooling down.

If you would rather avoid the risks of cutting through the middle of a cake, go ahead and use two separate pans. Double-check that the two pans are the same size.

Something beneficial about making a half sheet cake is that the cake slices are easier to cut evenly than a round cake. If you make a double layer half sheet cake, each serving gets a double layer of cake.

This means you can get more pieces out of one cake.

What Size Pan Do I Need For A Full Sheet Cake?

fresh and homemade prepared batter for brownies with nuts served on a baking tray on rustic and wooden table

The size of the pan used for a full sheet cake is 26x18 inches. As for the sides of the pan, they are usually one inch tall. This is why it is so crucial that you do not overfill your full-sheet pan with too much cake batter.

A 26x18 pan is too big for a regular kitchen oven. Full sheet cakes are usually made in restaurants and places like a grocery store bakery rather than at home. They will feed anywhere from 64-96 guests.

Full sheet cakes are often sold for special occasions with more guests than a regular birthday party. A couple of examples of somewhere you may see a full sheet cake is at a graduation party, a corporate gathering, or a milestone anniversary party with many guests.

Cakes are not necessarily easy to take from one place to another. You can buy a cake box which makes the cake easier to carry. Storing your cake in an enclosed container like a cake box keeps it fresh.

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How Long Do You Bake A Full Sheet Cake?

A full sheet cake takes approximately the same amount of time to bake as a half sheet cake. It takes about three boxes of cake mix for a full sheet cake.

It takes a similar amount of time (roughly 30 minutes) because the cake is the same thickness, whether it is a half sheet cake pan or a full-sheet cake pan.

How Do You Split A Cake In Half?

You can split a cake in half by using a serrated knife. Make sure your knife is sharp before you go to cut the cake. A dull knife will tear the cake apart. Cutting your full sheet cake in half should result in two stacked layers of cake that are 13x9 inches.

Another option for splitting your cake in half is by using thread. First, take a ruler to find the halfway point on your cake. Use cocktail sticks to mark the middle point around the cake in about four places. Wrap the thread around the cake on top of the toothpicks and pull.

The thread will cut through your cake, and you can take over from there.

Generally, you can create a two-layered half sheet cake by splitting a full sheet cake in two. Most people put a layer of frosting between the two layers of cake.

This is what size you typically get at a grocery store if you order a birthday cake or buy a cake that is already prepared and displayed there.

How Do You Remove Cake From A Sheet Pan?

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To get a cake out of a sheet pan, you should use a spatula knife. You take the spatula knife and carefully slide it between the pan and the edges around the cake.

Doing this then loosens the sides and makes it so you can flip the pan over, and the cake will come off. Furthermore, using parchment paper under your cake helps it come off of the bottom of the pan quite easily too.

To Wrap It Up

Most times, it takes one cake mix to make a half sheet cake if you only want one layer of cake. The pan you use for a half sheet cake is most commonly a 12x18 inch pan.

Additionally, you can split a full sheet cake in half if you need to or make two half sheet cakes to stack if you want to have two layers.

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    What can I add to give it a more homemade taste?
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    • Look up Cake Mix Dr. Turns cake mix cakes into scratch tasting cakes!! Sour cream and instant pudding mix are the two best additions!!!!!

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