How Long To Fry French Fries?

French fries are one of the most loved and widely available comfort foods! Perhaps you are a French fry fan and are wondering how to make this tasty side at home? If so, you may have a few questions. How can I tell when my fries are done? Which oil should I use? We've looked into these important questions and have found helpful answers for you!

Generally, the average time allotment for frying French fries in hot oil is five to six minutes, considering the oil was fully heated when you added the fries. Basket-weave and shoe-string fries only require two to three minutes to fry. Be mindful of frying in small batches to prevent the oil from cooling when raw fries are added. 

Are you interested in learning how to make outstanding French fries at home? Wondering how long to cook French fries in the oven versus the air fryer? Does the type of oil change the taste of the French fries? We will go over these questions with in-depth answers. Please continue reading to broaden your French fry knowledge base!

French fries or potato chips deep frying in oil in a commercial metal fryer in a restaurant as an accompaniment to meals, How Long To Fry French Fries?

How do you know when fries are done frying?

Deciding when your French fries are done frying and ready for consumption is one of the most important steps. After the french fries have fried for a few minutes, they will start to float to the top of the oil line in your pan.

At this point, you will be able to see that the edges are browning. Remove them from the oil with stainless steel tongs or a slotted spoon and lay the fries flat on a pan lined with paper toweling to absorb the excess oil.

Newly cooked potato fries on a fryer basket, How Much Does A Deep Fryer Cost?

For best results, check the temperature of the oil with a cooking thermometer to ensure the temperature is ready to fry efficiently! Also, set a timer when you start frying your French fries to avoid over-frying.

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Should you boil your fries before frying?

No, pre-cooking French fries is not necessary prior to frying. Simply peel, wash, and cut the potatoes to the desired size.

If you have time, soaking the cut potatoes in water for one to two hours before frying could help remove excess starch from the raw fries. If you choose to add this step-- only soak the cut raw fries in cold water inside of the refrigerator. Next, remove and drain the wet fries in a colander.

Slicing potatoes using a food processor, How To Cut French Fries With A Food Processor

If the fries are still wet to the touch, thoroughly dry them with paper towels to remove all moisture. Word of caution- never attempt to fry wet fries! They will not fry evenly, and when placed in hot oil, the wet fries will sputter oil out of the pan, which can cause burns and will result in wasted potatoes.

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What is the best oil to fry french fries?

Vegetable oil with a high smoke point is the most widely used oil for frying at home.

Canola, corn, and sunflower oils are excellent for frying because these are widely available and have high smoke points that are ideal for frying.

Home cooks and professionals highly suggest peanut oil because it flavorfully pairs well with the taste of potatoes and has a high smoke point.

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How long should fries go in the air fryer?

Air frying offers the most time and resource-effective method for preparing French fries in the comfort of your home. To begin, prepare your homemade French fries or remove the frozen variety from the freezer. Spray the air fryers' basket with oil, and place 1/2 to 1-pound of French fries into the basket. Make sure the fries are separated and not clumped together for air to flow through and fry properly.

Air fry at 400° F / 200° C for 15 to 20 minutes. Between the 7  and 10 minute points, stop the air fryer, and give the basket a shake to ensure all of the fries are rotated. Close the lid, and continue air frying.

Once the fries have cooked for 15 minutes, recheck; add additional time if the fries are not browned. If they are perfectly fried, remove them from the fryer and enjoy!

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The cooking time could vary depending on the type of air fryer you have or the number of fries. Also, note these cook times and temperatures are for French fries and may not apply to other cuts or types of potato products.

Always wear protective oven mitts when using an air fryer.

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How long do you cook frozen French fries in the oven?

Oven baking is one of the most common methods for preparing French fries at home. If you are using frozen French fries from the grocery store, check the package for directed oven temperatures and bake times. These instructions will vary from brand to brand; it is not one size fits all. Generally, most frozen French fries are baked at 400 degrees ranging from 12 to 20 minutes.

To begin, check the oven to make sure there isn't anything inside or burnt chard from last night's dinner that needs to be cleaned up. Failure to remove burnt oven debris will affect the taste of any foods baked in the oven. Because the chard will burn and create a carbon release that will add a slightly smokey flavor to your foods.

Preheat the oven to the directed temperature, and place your frozen fries onto a baking/cookie sheet. Carefully distribute the fries so they are flat and not piled up onto each other, which will inhibit baking evenly.

Once the oven has heated, place the cooking sheet onto the middle rack. Set the timer, and check the fries progression after about 10 minutes of bake time. Once the French fries are baked fully, remove them from the oven and enjoy!

Additional thoughts

French fries or potato chips deep frying in oil in a commercial metal fryer in a restaurant as an accompaniment to meals, How Long To Fry French Fries?

There are several precautions one should take when frying with oils at home. Cooking with air fryers or hot oils can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken seriously.

Follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage:

  • Only use oils with a high smoke point
  • Use a large and sturdy pan
  • Only use pots or pans with a lid, in case you need to cover the oil while cooking
  • Always check the temperature of the oil
  • Never put wet foods into the hot oil or fryer-wet foods will not cook properly and will sputter violently when in contact with hot oils
  • Never leave a pan of hot oil unattended
  • Always turn the pot or panhandles away from the front of the stove
  • Don't allow children or pets in the kitchen while you are frying
  • Only use a slotted spoon or metal tongs to remove foods from the hot oils--the removal utensil must allow the drops of oil to release
  • Always wait for the oil to fully cool before removing it from the pan

You've finished an outstanding dinner, and the cooled oil is sitting on the stove. You are wondering what do I do with this leftover oil? Firstly, double-check to make sure it has fully cooled. Then, use a funnel to pour the cool oil back into the oil's original bottle. Never pour it down the kitchen drain! It will clog your pipes!

In closing

Cooking homemade French fries can be a fun fried treat for friends and family to gather for a few laughs and a tasty dinner. Often life's most memorable moments occur when sharing meals with loved ones!

Always ask your guests about food allergies or restrictions before your dinner event to avoid any possible allergic reactions. Please visit soon for more relevant and informative content!

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