How Long Should Pizza Cool Before Cutting?

It is a good idea to wait for pizza to cool before you cut it. You are probably wondering about exactly how long to wait. We have researched all about this and have an answer for you.

You should let your pizza cool from anywhere between five and ten minutes. It is best to wait for a few reasons, such as allowing the cheese to cool down, making it less runny and less likely to burn your fingers or mouth.

Keep reading to learn more about why to let pizza cool before cutting it, whether or not you can cut pizza before you bake it, how to cut it evenly, and more.

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How Long to Wait Before Cutting Your Pizza

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It is best to let your pizza cool off for approximately five to ten minutes before cutting into it. It doesn't take very long. There are a few reasons to wait for your pizza to cool before serving or eating it.

Why do you let pizza cool before cutting?

Waiting for a pizza to cool before cutting into it gives the pizza time to let the cheese set up so that it doesn't get torn up and also so that it does not burn you. Your fingertips or lips can easily get burned by too hot a pizza.

Another reason you need to allow pizza to cool before cutting it is because the melted cheese gets pulled off or falls off of the pizza much more easily when it is hot. There is potential you will get burned when the cheese slides off. Therefore, it is best to wait a few minutes. Giving the cheese time to set also causes the pizza to be more stable and easier to hold.

After you let a pizza cool somewhat, you can cut into it. As long as you have a sharp pizza cutter, you should be able to cut your pizza right after you pull it out of the oven, but for the point of not tearing up the toppings, we suggest you wait if you have the time to wait though.

What should I cool my pizza on?

You can allow your pizza to cool while on a cooling rack, a cutting board, or simply on your plate. Putting your pizza onto a cooling rack will cool faster because air can circulate below the hot pizza. You will still have to transfer it before you can cut it, though.

After a pizza is cut, it immediately starts cooling down, so it is just as well to cut your pizza, serve it, and let it cool down the rest of the way when it is on your plate. Do not put raw pizza dough on an oven rack or cooling rack because the dough will fall through. You should only cook a pizza directly on the oven rack if frozen.

Can you cut a pizza before cooking?

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If you are wondering whether or not you can cut a pizza before baking it, the answer is yes, as long as it is frozen, but there are a couple of things to make a note of before you try this. A pizza will get torn up if it has thawed and you attempt to cut it.

The main problem is that the cheese will melt off the edges if you cut your pizza before baking it. As pizza cooks, the cheese melts and expands. This is why you should cook the pizza in its entirety before cutting it.

Contrary to popular belief, you can cut your pizza with scissors if you are confident enough to try it. Your pizzas may not be cut quite as evenly until you get some practice in but using scissors helps prevent the toppings from getting torn apart, so it is worth a shot.

How do you cut pizza evenly?

Pizza_Margerita, cheese pulling of home made delicious pizza made using tomato, basil leaf and mozzarella cheese as topping on thin pastry crust placed on a wooden board

To cut pizza evenly, you need to pay attention to what you are doing. Start by cutting through the center from one side to the other. Make an X from there and then cut down the center through the middle of the X both horizontally and vertically. Make sure there is equal spacing between each slice.

The best way to ensure your pizza is cut evenly is by cutting halfway between each slice that you make. Rotate the pizza pan as you need to, which will help you cut your pizza evenly as well.

You can either use a pizza cutter, which is also known as a pizza wheel, a pizza rocker, or a large chef's knife to cut through your pizza toppings and crust. This decision is left up to personal choice. Using a pizza rocker, you start at one side and push down, then push down with your opposite hand. Either way, you need to be firm when cutting through your pizza on your first attempt so that you do not tear it up in the process of cutting it.

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Using a pizza rocker blade to cut your pizza is awesome. They are sharper than alternative options. Your hands should fit nicely around the handles and help you cut your pizza evenly.

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How Many Slices By Size

To cut your pizza evenly, you might need to know how many slices there usually are based on the size of pizza you are going to make or order. A small pizza is about nine inches around and should yield six slices. This only takes three cuts if you cut all the way across each time.

A medium pizza is typically twelve inches in diameter. Most people cut a medium pizza into eight slices. Sometimes people have an easier time cutting pizza in half first then cutting from there. If you cut your medium pizza in half first, you can then cut each half into four equal slices.

As for a large pizza, a large is fourteen inches around in most cases. A pizza fourteen inches around can be cut into ten slices.

An extra-large pizza is bigger than a large and usually sixteen to eighteen inches around. This size should be cut into twelve slices, which is great for more people, but it does not provide as much crust. If you would rather have more crust, you can order multiple medium or large pizzas instead.

What should I cut my pizza on?

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You can cut your pizza on top of a cutting board made of silicone, hardwood, or bamboo, for example. Dishwasher-safe cutting boards are great because of the added convenience they provide.

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If you are using a stainless steel pizza pan or pizza tray, you can cut your pizza directly on that. This will save you from dirtying extra dishes too.

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Is it okay to cut pizza on a pizza stone?

It is not a good idea to cut your pizza on top of a pizza stone. You may accidentally damage the blade you are using or the pizza stone itself. Carefully sliding the pizza off the pizza stone or pizza tray onto a cutting board works just fine.


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You should wait at least five minutes before you cut into a pizza. This allows the melted cheese to set up, which, in turn, makes the pizza more stable, easier to hold, and lessens the risk of you accidentally burning yourself.

If you try to cut homemade pizza before baking it, the result will not be the same, and the cheese will overflow, so it is not recommended. You do not necessarily have to wait to cut the pizza if you or your family just can not wait. Make sure you have a sharp pizza cutter, though.

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