How Long Should A GE Dishwasher Run? [Inc. On Normal]

Dishwashers come in handy for minimizing clean-up after a meal and are incredibly versatile. Do you have a GE dishwasher and aren't sure how long it needs to run for? Well, luckily, we've done plenty of research and have the answer here for you. Let's discuss.

Generally, the normal cycle on a GE dishwasher will run for one hour and 15 minutes to one hour and 50 minutes. With that said, this does not include the time allotted for drying or any added cycles or enhancements.

Are you ready to learn more about GE dishwasher cycles? Or how to turn the dishwasher off mid-cycle? These are great questions. Please continue reading because we're here to answer all of them!

Clean dishes in dishwasher machine after washing cycle, How Long Should A GE Dishwasher Run? [Inc. On Normal]

How Long Should A GE Dishwasher Run?

The time required for a GE dishwasher to run will depend on which washing cycle was selected, along with a few other variables. Such as, how soiled are your dishes? Which make and model dishwasher do you own? Do you pre-rinse your dishes before packing them inside your appliance?

For example, if you load your dishwasher with soiled dishes from a barbecue. The dishwashers' sensors will extend the wash cycle to clean all the stubborn debris and grease off the plates.

Dishwasher Cycles Explained

Built-in kitchen dish washing machine

Auto Sense

The Auto sense wash cycle runs for one hour and 50 minutes to two hours and ten minutes. The sensors will automatically adjust the wash cycle based on the soil level. Please note this feature is not available for all GE dishwasher models.


Generally, this cycle runs for 2 hours and 31 minutes. The heavy washing cycle is the best option for loads of pans and pots or any heavily stained and soiled dishes.


The normal wash cycle will run for one hour and 15 to one hour and 50 minutes. Select this cycle for everyday dishes that don't require a heavy cycle but require more than the light or one-hour cycles can offer.

Please note this is the most utilized dishwashing cycle because of its reliability, and it pairs well with the add-on features.


This washing cycle completes in 55 minutes and is specifically for lightly soiled China and crystal dishes that only require light washing.


The one-hour setting is great for washing light to medium soil dishes quickly.


The ultra-fresh feature is a smart algorithm that works to keep the inside of the dishwasher clean and odor-free. When the ultra-fresh feature is enabled, the dishwasher door fan, drain pump, and water valve will run before or following a cycle to maintain a clean dishwasher.

Please note this feature is not available for all GE dishwasher models.


This particular cycle only runs for 16 minutes, and it will only rinse the dishes with hot water. Do not add detergent with this cycle.

Why Does My GE Dishwasher Run So Long?

According to GE, the dishwasher washing cycles will run for two hours or longer. The cycles duration will vary because the sensors will adjust the washing cycle's length to clean the dishes thoroughly.

Follow these suggestions if you want to prevent the sensors from adding more time to the washing cycles. Scrape and pre-rinse your dishes before packing the dishwasher. Also, do not leave soiled dishes sitting in the dishwasher for days.

Run the dishwasher daily to prevent food debris from drying on your dishes because it will create a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Additionally, following these simple steps will reduce wear and tear on your appliance, which will help keep your dishwasher working correctly.

How Long Is The Heavy Cycle On A GE Dishwasher?

Man setting economy cycle on dishwasher

The heavy cycle will run for 2 hours and 31 minutes. Please note this does not account for drying or wash cycle adjustments determined by the dishwasher's sensors.

Generally, the heavy washing cycle is the best option for loads of pans and pots or any heavily stained or soiled dishes. Therefore most everyday dishes like coffee cups, flatware, and water glasses rarely need a heavy washing cycle.

What Is The Shortest Cycle On A GE Dishwasher?

The shortest washing cycle is the light/china wash cycle that will quickly clean your lightly soiled dishes in 55 minutes.

Please note that the rinse cycle is not a washing cycle but an add-on that only requires 16 minutes to run entirely. This cycle will only rinse the dishes with hot water, not providing any sanitation.

Generally, the rinse cycle is only encouraged for dishes washed by hand in the sink that need a thorough rinse. Or to give hand-washed dishes or glasswares a rinse with an automatic dishwasher cleaning agent like Rinse Aid to help prevent water stains on the dishes.

How Do You Know When Your GE Dishwasher Is Finished?

At the end of the washing and drying cycles, the clean light will illuminate and remain on until the door is opened. Also, the dishwasher will double beep when the selected cycle and add-ons are finished to indicate your load of dishes is clean.

Are you tired of wondering if the full dishwasher is clean or dirty? Consider purchasing a clean/dirty magnet to stick to the outside of your dishwasher to avoid confusion in your kitchen!

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How Do I Turn My GE Dishwasher Off Mid-Cycle?

Mid adult woman washing dishes in the kitchen

Suppose your dishwasher is running, and you decide to turn the dishwasher off mid-cycle. Press and hold the start button for three seconds to cancel the wash cycle and close the door.

The dishwasher will drain, then the wash cycle light will turn off, and the appliance will beep once the dishwasher is done draining.

Please note that the dishwasher must drain entirely before opening the door or removing any dishes. Also, if it does not empty, the dirty water will remain in the dishwasher and cause bacteria and germs to flourish.

How To Pack The Dishwasher For Cleaner Dishes

There are several simple ways to maximize your dishwasher's cleaning capacity, which will reduce how many loads you run monthly and help lower your homes' energy usage and utility bills.

  • Set your water heater to 120-125 degrees.
  • Don't overfill the dishwasher.
  • Keep plastic on the top rack.
  • Separate stainless steel and silver flatware to prevent a chemical reaction that can damage them.
  • Secure the glassware inside your dishwasher.
  • Pack baking sheets, trays, and plastic cutting boards along the sides without blacking the jets or spray arms.
  • Avoid allowing your dishes to sit in the dishwasher for days to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and germs.

Man loads dirty dishes, plates, spoons, forks, cutlery into dishwasher tray

Safety Precautions For Using The Dishwasher

Using your dishwasher is great for dish duty. That said, there are a few basic safety precautions to keep in mind that will help extend the life of your dishwasher and ensure your dishes are clean.

  • Store dish detergent in a cool, dry space.
  • Only use dish detergent specifically for automatic residential dishwashers.
  • Read the instructions for the detergent.
  • Do not leave children unattended with a running dishwasher.
  • Keep detergents away from children and pets.
  • Regularly clean your dishwasher's filter.
  • Avoid industrial strength detergents because those will damage the dishwasher's internal components.
  • If using the rinse cycle, avoid using detergents.
  • Regularly clean your dishwasher.
  • Wipe the door seals of your appliance.
  • Use Rinse Aid or white vinegar to remove soap buildup.

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To Wrap It Up

Today we learned about how long each GE dishwasher cycle takes to complete, a bit about how to pack your dishwasher to maximize space, and how to shut the dishwasher off mid-cycle.

We certainly hope this article has helped you understand the GE dishwasher washing cycles and better operate your appliance.

Please be sure to check out some of our other posts before you go to help further your knowledge regarding dishwashers.

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