How Long Does A Keurig Take To Heat Up?

Do you have a Keurig that's not heating up as fast as you expected? Heating times vary from model to model. If your Keurig is taking too long to heat up, however, it could also mean there is a technical issue with your device. We have researched heat up times for several different types of Keurigs. You can read our findings below.

Since heating times vary greatly, depending on the Keurig model, your wait times can range anywhere from 20 seconds to three minutes. 

Continue reading below to discover specific heat up times for different models. We will also answer a few popular questions you may have, including why your water isn't getting hot, how to tell when your Keurig is ready, and how to adjust the brew temperature.

A coffee maker pouring two cups of freshly brewed coffee, How Long Does A Keurig Take To Heat Up?

How Long Does it Take a Keurig to Heat Up?

Keurig provides a wide range of coffee-brewing machines. Your heat up time will depend on which model you own. The average wait time is between 20 seconds and three minutes.


If you want the fastest brewing Keurig on the market, the K-Elite is your best option. It takes a mere 30 seconds to heat up and only 15 seconds to brew. Therefore, your coffee will be ready in 45 seconds. See the K-Elite on Amazon.


K-Slim is one of the slower brewing models. Heat up times are approximately two minutes. See the K-Slim on Amazon.


The K-Cafe has the best heating time of all the products. Its "Smart Start" feature means you won't have to wait for your Keurig to heat up. Simply put your cup in place and begin brewing. See the K-Cafe on Amazon.


Keurig advertises the K-Classic as always ready with brew times under one minute, making it one of the only "Smart Start" models in the Keurig line of coffee makers. Therefore, you will not have to wait for the water to heat up before your coffee starts brewing. See the K-Classic on Amazon.

K-Supreme Plus

The K-Supreme Plus may take two minutes for the initial heat up process, but don't let that scare you away. After that first cup, you can brew back to back without missing a beat. See the K-Supreme Plus on Amazon.

K-155 Office Pro

The K-155 Office Pro is one of the faster heating models. You can expect to wait less than one minute for the entire heat and brew process. See the K-155 Office Pro on Amazon.

How Do You Know When Your Keurig is Ready?

When you turn on your Keurig, it will immediately begin heating. You'll be able to hear it working on most models. Some Keurigs have "Ready to Brew" displays. Your pod chamber must be closed for the brewing signal to work.

A coffee maker pouring delicious fresh coffee

If your Keurig has a "Ready to Brew" display, it will light up when it's ready. However, if your model does not have this display, look at the cup selection buttons on the side. These will blink when your device is ready to brew.

Can You Adjust the Heat on a Keurig?

According to Keurig support, all Keurigs are preset to produce beverages at 192 degrees Fahrenheit. Most do not allow you to adjust this temperature. However, if you are looking for a device that provides this option, check out the K-Elite and many of the products in the Keurig Plus series. The K-Elite even has a setting for iced coffee.

Keurig Stuck on Preheat - What to Do?

Is your Keurig stuck in the preheating cycle? The most probable causes are the water pump or a blockage. While a malfunctioning water pump can cause your Keurig to continue cycling through the preheating process, you don't want to jump immediately to that conclusion.

The first thing you should do is check the water nozzle. It's possible that it may be clogged with coffee grounds or other debris. If this is the case, it's a really easy fix. You can use a needle or similar object to dislodge whatever is blocking your nozzle. However, this could be dangerous. Once the blockage is removed, the hot water will likely pour out onto your hand. Make sure your Keurig is turned off and unplugged to avoid this scenario.

If you have the Keurig 2.0, the best way to unclog your water nozzle is by using the tool that Keurig has designed specifically for this purpose. This will be safer, helping you avoid spewing water or getting poked by a needle.

You can find it by following this link to Amazon. 

If you are still experiencing problems after unclogging your water nozzle, you should contact Keurig support because you may need a new water pump.

Why Won't My Keurig Heat Up?

Is your Keurig going through the motions only to give you a cup of cold or lukewarm coffee? Don't panic just yet. This could be a very simple fix. According to Keurig, if the coffee is warm but not as hot as expected, it could be due to the type of cup you are using.

Types of Cups

Different sizes of cups illustration

Foam and paper cups work as insulators, keeping your coffee hot. However, ceramic and glass cups may be cold before brewing, dropping the temperature of your coffee when it hits the cold cup. Keurig troubleshooting recommends running a cup-cleansing brew when you first turn on your Keurig. This allows both the cup and the Keurig to properly heat up.

Keurig Needs Cleaning

With the quick and easy process involved in using a Keurig, you may forget that, like original coffee makers and pots, it needs to be cleaned regularly. If you don't keep it clean, your machine will develop calcium build-up. Without a regular cleaning routine, your Keurig will likely become clogged with dried coffee grounds as well. Both calcium build-up and a machine clogged with coffee grounds can cause your Keurig to stop heating up.

You can quickly and easily clean your Keurig with descaling pods.

You can find them on Amazon by following this link. 

Malfunctioning Water Pump

If you have tried the above methods, and you're still getting cold coffee. You may have a bigger problem. The likely culprit is your water pump. Give the Keurig support team a call, and if necessary, order a new water pump.

How Much is a Keurig Water Pump?

A replacement Keurig water pump starts out at about $50. You should be able to order one directly from the company. If your Keurig is under warranty, call the support team. You may be eligible for a replacement free of charge. If you are not under warranty, you can find a replacement water pump elsewhere.

Follow this link for your replacement Keurig water pump on Amazon. 

Can I Replace the Water Pump Myself?

Replacing a water pump on your Keurig sounds like a daunting task. However, don't throw your Keurig away just yet! The water pump is really simple to replace. You should be able to finish the entire process within 30 minutes. Make sure you unplug the device first.

Once it is unplugged, removed the water reservoir and the cup rest. Flip your Keurig upside down and take off the bottom part. You'll know which one is the pump by looking at your replacement piece. Once you see the pump, remove the two screws holding it. If there are zip ties around the wires, carefully cut them. Remove the existing pump, put the new pump in its place, and replace the screws and zip ties. It's that simple!


A Keurig coffee maker with coffee pods on a small tray basket

Keurigs are wonderful devices that can make your morning coffee easy and hassle-free. In most cases, your Keurig will heat up and brew in less than three minutes. However, when trouble strikes, your Keurig can make your mornings stressful. If your Keurig is not heating properly or is stuck on the heating cycle, there are a few easy fixes that will likely have your coffee brewing in no time.

After troubleshooting, if you discover you need a new Keurig, take a look at our blog to find a comprehensive list of Keurig types and designs. You can also find out how long you can safely leave water in your Keurig by reading this article. Maybe your coffee tastes watered down. You can find out why and discover solutions here.

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