How Long Does An Espresso Machine Last?

Maybe you've been considering buying an espresso machine for a while now, or maybe it's a new thought that has crossed your mind. Either way, you want to make sure you get your money's worth out of what can often be a pricey investment. So how long can you expect an espresso machine to last? Well, you're about to find out. We've done the research and have an answer for you!

You can expect an espresso machine to last anywhere from 2 to 3 years to upwards of 20 years if it is properly maintained. The lifespan of an espresso machine also varies by brand and how often it is used. For example, a lower-priced De'Longhi model will likely last 2 to 3 years, but a higher-priced model can last much longer. 

Now you know how long you can expect your espresso machine to last, but keep reading as we elaborate on this further. After all, the brand, how often it's used, and whether it's properly maintained all play a part in its lifespan. Additionally, we'll answer some other questions you might have about owning an espresso machine. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Espresso machine pouring a delicious cup of coffee, How Long Does An Espresso Machine Last?

The Lifespan of an Espresso Machine By Brand

We've mentioned that the lifespan of an espresso machine can vary by brand, so let's discuss this further. There are several highly-rated brands of espresso machines—De'Longhi, Breville, and Nespresso to name a few. We are going to talk about some of these brands and how long you can expect their machines to last.

Ground coffee beans used in making Espresso


De'Longhi very often finds its way onto the top 10 lists of espresso machines. Like most other brands, it makes three types of espresso machines: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.

Generally speaking—and this goes for most of the brands—a manual or semi-automatic espresso machine will last the longest because they are easier to fix if something goes wrong.

One of the most affordable models De'Longhi offers is the DeLonghi EC155. This model is a semi-automatic espresso machine. It will typically only last around 2 to 3 years, but is a good beginner's machine! So by the time you need a new one, you'll likely want something more advanced anyway.

Higher-end De'Longhi models, such as La Specialista, when well taken care of, can last upwards of 5 to 10 years.


Breville has been making many kitchen appliances since 1932 and is known for creating reliable and robust products. Because of this, a well taken care of Breville espresso machine can last 5 to 10 years and possibly even longer.

However, it's important to note that several people have reported having trouble with Breville's customer service. This can potentially play a part in a machine's longevity if you are trying to take advantage of a warranty.

A serviceable coffee machine will also last longer than one that isn't. This is because parts can be easily replaced. Breville has an inexpensive and serviceable model called Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL, but it's definitely more for a beginner than someone who wants to create the perfect foam.


Again, this is a brand whose machines can last around 5 to 10 years. In a forum thread asking how long a Nespresso machine will last received varied results.

The original line Nespresso lasts longer than the Vertuo line, with the original line lasting closer to the 10-year mark. The Nespresso Inissia seemed to fair well over time, with one user stating that their machine had lasted 8 years so far.


Gaggia is another well-known brand. It too makes a range of espresso machines from manual to automatic.

Some forum users who owned a Gaggia espresso machine stated their machines lasted well over 10 years. One user said they have one that they believe has lasted over 20 years. Both of these users took care of their machines and took them for regular services. The Gaggia Classic Pro often comes out on top as one of the brand's most reliable machines.

What is the most reliable espresso machine?

A woman pouring a delicious cup of Espresso from the Espresso machine

We've already discussed several of the highest-rated espresso machines from a variety of brands. However, deciding which one is most reliable will depend on what reliable means to you.

Do you want a machine that is reliable in the sense that it will make a consistently good cup of coffee every single time? Or do you mean reliable in the sense that it won't break?

Most Reliable For Consistency

Several machines make a great espresso. One of the most affordable options is the Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso machine. It lacks all of the modern-day bells and whistles but is known for providing a consistent shot of espresso.

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Most Reliable For Longevity

We covered the lifespan of the most popular brands, and for longevity, the brands that consistently come out on top for their long life are Nespresso and Gaggia.

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How do you maintain an espresso machine?

To get the most out of your espresso machine and to keep it running for as long as possible, it will need to be properly maintained. To maintain an espresso machine, you should perform regular cleanings and descaling. How often you need to clean your machine and how will vary from brand to brand.

To figure out how to clean your machine, you should follow the machine's manual. It should offer detailed instructions. However, if you're more of a visual learner, check out this YouTube video detailing the general steps:

How often should an espresso machine be serviced?

It's good to service your espresso machine at least once a year. You can perform mini services on the machine every 3 to 6 months by testing switches and replacing gaskets. This will ensure everything is working as it should. By performing checkups on your machine, you may not need to service it as often.

It's good to note that how often your machine needs servicing widely depends on how often it is used and whether proper maintenance and routine cleanings are done. Another significant factor is the type of water that is being used in the machine. If you have hard water, limescale can build up, which will require more frequent services.

Servicing By Part Life

The machine as a whole has a lifespan, but so does each part. Some parts of the machine will last longer than others. If you don't seem to be having any problems, you can hold off on servicing your machine for a longer amount of time, but it is important to replace parts as needed.

As one coffee company states, the area that sees the most wear and tear is the front of the machine, so these parts are likely to need replacing first. The gaskets and shower screen filters will likely need yearly replacements, whereas the more robust parts can last anywhere from 2 to 10 years.

How much does it cost to service an espresso machine?

Man inserting newly ground coffee beans in the Espresso machine

If you are servicing the machine yourself, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money. Most professional services will require shipping the machine off to the company that performs the service. With the weight of an espresso machine, this can get pricey.

For fully automatic machines, you may need to call a professional, and any repairs can often cost between $150 and $350 and sometimes more. Semi-automatic machines typically cost less.

However, like everything else, factors such as the type of machine and your geographical location can also influence the price. It's best to call a local repair service for a quote.

Is it worth repairing an espresso machine?

Whether it's worth repairing an espresso machine depends on the value of the machine. Residential espresso machines range in price from $100 up to thousands of dollars, and commercial machines will cost a lot more.

If you have a lower-end espresso machine that only costs a couple hundred dollars, you would likely be better off just buying a new machine. On the other hand, a more expensive machine would be cheaper to repair than replace.

Final Thoughts

Espresso machine pouring a delicious cup of coffee

We hope this guide has provided some insight into how long you can expect an espresso machine to last. Remember, though most can last longer than 5 years with good maintenance and care, it does also depend on how often it's used and what brand it is.

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