How Long Does It Take To Replace A Kitchen Sink?

Are you bored with your kitchen sink and want to replace it? Or, maybe you want a more versatile sink? Whatever your reason is for replacing the sink, you may be wondering how long the project will take. We have researched for you to bring the following answers.

Ideally, it takes between 1 and 2 hours to replace the kitchen sink. However, several factors that determine whether it will take less or more than the time stated include:

  • Size of the sink
  • Type of sink
  • Your skills
  • Availability of help
  • The complexity of the job
  • The existing condition of the sink and countertop

Keep reading to know the time it takes to replace a kitchen sink, and the signs you need a new sink. Also, this post will furnish you with factors you need to take into consideration when installing a new sink,  and the costs involved. 

newly installed kitchen sink and faucet, How Long Does It Take To Replace A Kitchen Sink?

Replacing A Kitchen Sink 

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A plumbing professional can take a very short time to install your sink, normally between 1 and 2 hours. If you prefer to handle the job yourself, it might be difficult to know how long it will take.

Replacing a sink may be fast and easy if you have the necessary skills. But, if you don’t have the skills and want to learn on the job as you DIY, then it can take longer, sometimes even days. 

So, whether you do it yourself, or hire help, the following factors will determine how long it will take to replace your kitchen sink.

Size Of The Sink

Single bowl sinks are around 30 to 36 inches long and smaller than a double or triple bowl sink. Thus, it will take much longer to install a big sink than a smaller one. 

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Type Of Sink

A drop-in sink is one of the most common and easiest to install. Under-mount sinks are typically made from porcelain and can be very heavy. In most cases, you will need help to hold the sink as you install it, meaning it will take a longer time. 

Generally, the type of sink you want to install will determine how long you will finish the job.

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Your Skills

The level of your skills will determine how long it will take you to install the kitchen sink. If your skills are not up to par, it will be inevitable that you learn on the job, which will take you a long time to install. 

As a beginner, you may make a few errors. The trial and error process will take you longer than if you had the skills at your fingertips. 

Availability Of Help

As seen earlier in the post, a drop-in sink is easy to install and will not need any help. But, the under-mount is heavy, and you will need help. However, if help is not readily available, you may stall your project until you get someone who can assist you.

Despite the type of sink you are installing, there are moments you may need help, like someone passing you the tools or materials. It can be a challenge to reach out for the tools alone, hence taking longer to finish the project.

Complexity Of The Job

You might find out that the plumbing or garbage disposal needs to be repaired or replaced. Besides, the water pipes may need replacement. The job becomes more complex in such cases, requiring more time. 

The Existing Condition Of The Sink And Countertop

If your current sink has some mistakes in it that were initially done during installation, the time taken will be more. It is imperative to first correct the mistake, and afterward, install it correctly. 

Also, if you want a different design or size, the previous installation may not correspond with the one you want to install. A few changes will have to be made to accommodate your new sink, meaning more time is required.

Signs You Need A New Sink

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There are many reasons for installing a new sink. You may want a more appealing kitchen, or the sink is damaged. Let’s take a look at the signs that indicate you need to replace your sink.

Backs Up Despite Multiple Repairs

Sinks clog from time to time when food particles and other debris collect in the drain. This could go on even with numerous repairs. Such a recurrence could be a sign that there is a much deeper problem that may require the sink to be replaced. 

Extensive Damage

You can easily repair tiny cracks by sealing them. But, if the cracks are too large such that water seeps through the porcelain and drips onto the floor, it is time to replace it. 

Outdated Sink

Sinks, just like other fixtures, are constantly being updated or developed to make them more versatile or improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. 

For example, you may want to replace your single bowl sink with a triple bowl sink or an old sink with the latest sink model. 

What You Need To Know When Replacing Your Kitchen Sink

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You may not have all the facts that determine the choice of your new kitchen sink, but a professional would. Thus calling a professional may be the best decision, because they have more knowledge of the plumbing, the connections, and the parts needed.

Below are some important facts you need to be aware of before installing your kitchen sink:

Depth Of Sink Required

You may decide to upgrade your kitchen sink to a deeper one, in which the pots can fit, or have more space to soak the dishes. However, there is a limit to how deep your sink can be.

This is because you wouldn’t want to install new plumbing that does not cater to the new depth. In addition, the new dimensions may interfere with the proper draining of water.

To find out the sink depth that you need, measure the length of the tailpiece that is between the drain basket and the drain trap.

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Number Of Holes

Different sinks have different numbers of holes. Some have only one hole to fit a faucet with a single handle. Some have up to 4 holes, to fit the handles, sprayer attachment, faucet, and soap dispenser.

It’s recommended to have more than one hole as it might be impossible to add a new hole if you need an extra one. For aesthetic purposes, it may not be a good idea to have too many holes. You’d rather find one that fits your purpose.

Replacing The Whole Drain Assembly

You may decide to replace only the sink and faucet if you are trying to save money. But, this may not be the best option. In essence, it might not be too expensive to replace a whole kitchen sink assembly.

Furthermore, you may not want to install a new sink and connect it to old faucets. Most qualified plumbers would prefer to install a new kit and start anew.

Use The Best Sealant

For the longest time, plumbers’ vouched for the plumbers’ putty. But, it was later discovered that it was actually not the best because it dries out and ends up leaking. As you plan to install a new sink, use the best sealant such as silicone caulk.

Cost Of Replacing A Kitchen Sink

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The cost of a kitchen sink depends on the type. For example, a drop-in sink would cost between $60 and $500, the under-mount would cost between $170 and $2,000, and a farmhouse sink would cost between $360 and $2,000.

To remove a sink would cost between $30 and $130. On the other hand, replacing the kitchen sink ranges between $220 and $560. However, don’t forget that other factors, such as modifying the countertop to allow the shape of the new sink to fit perfectly, may cause the expenses to increase. 

Repairing a clogged drain costs around $220, and garbage disposal costs between $80 and $720.

In Closing

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Replacing a sink may not take long if you have the skills or if a professional will install it. However, it can take longer, if you attempt to carry out the project on your own, especially if you are a beginner.  

It’s important to consider some factors before you begin the job. It will help you avoid some mistakes, such as getting a sink that is too deep until it interferes with the sink drain.

For whatever reason you will be replacing your sink, you need to have a rough estimate of the costs. 

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