How Long Do Chocolate Chip Cookies Last?

Chocolate chip cookies are always a delicious treat. Regardless of whether you bought them at the store or made them yourself, there is one thing about them that is certain. Eventually, they will go bad. The best way to stop a kitchen tragedy like that from happening is to know their shelf life. We have looked into everything about how long chocolate chip cookies last so that you know how long you have to enjoy yours!

Properly stored and unopened packaged chocolate chip cookies can last up to two months. If opened, then they can last for up to 3 weeks. Packaged store-bought cookies do last quite a bit longer than homemade cookies. The main factors in determining how long they last are where you store them and if they are stored correctly in that location. 

One of the worst things that can happen with a chocolate chip cookie is biting into it only to find out that it is spoiled. Before you purchase some cookies and hope that they last as long as possible, more information could help you. Continue reading down below to learn in detail the best ways to keep your chocolate chip cookies fresh for as long as you can!

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Everything About How Long Chocolate Chip Cookies Last

A lot more goes into how long cookies last than you might expect. Exactly where they're stored, if they're opened or not, if you made or purchased them, and even what container you store them in all play a role. There are also common problems to look out for that are made when storing chocolate chip cookies that cut their shelf life short.

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How Long Will Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Last?

Since they are not processed or packaged, homemade cookies do not last as long as store-bought ones. When stored correctly, homemade cookies can last for up to one week if everything goes perfectly. That is as long as they're at room temperature and in the proper type of container.

What Is The Best Way To Store Chocolate Chip Cookies?

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The best way to store chocolate chip cookies is in an airtight container at room temperature. You can use Tupperware or a resealable bag of some sort. The only thing that matters is that the container is air-tight. If you use a resealable bag, it helps if you get as much air out of it as possible after each time you open it.

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For homemade cookies, you will also want to make sure that they are completely cooled off before your store them. If you put them in an airtight container warm, then they will release moisture and not last as long.

The best place to store your sealed cookies is in a pantry or on your kitchen counter. That is if you plan on eating them now. When setting them somewhere, the only thing to consider is that you should keep them out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause them to lose moisture and not last as long. You might also want to put some parchment paper in between layers of cookies to prevent them from sticking together.

Can You Store Chocolate Chip Cookies In The Freezer?

You absolutely can store your cookies in the freezer. Obviously, this is only if you plan on eating them at a later time. Cookies stored in the freezer can last up to 6 months. That goes for packaged and homemade cookies. There are just some measures that you want to take to make sure that they are properly prepared for the freezer.

The first thing you should do is place your cookies in a freezer bag and get as much air out of it as possible. You can even double seal it for extra protection by placing it in another bag after that. You will also want to make sure that the cookies are cool and separated by parchment paper before they go in the bag. Then you can place them in the freezer to enjoy later!

You can even freeze the cookie dough. That way you can bake them later and still have fresh baked cookies!

Can You Store Chocolate Chip Cookies In The Fridge?

You can store chocolate chip cookies in the fridge but it is not recommended. The cool air actually does more bad things for chocolate chip cookies than good. Regardless of the container they are in, if you put them in the cold air, it will start to take moisture and flavor out of the cookies. Most things might last longer in the fridge, but cookies are better off on the counter.

Do Chocolate Chip Cookies Go Bad?

Yes, chocolate chip cookies go bad, but how they go bad depends on a couple of things. If it's prepackaged chocolate chip cookies, then they are highly unlikely to get moldy, unless they are introduced to moisture for a long period of time somehow. They are generally too processed for mold to grow on them. Instead, they get stale. After so long, they simply dry out and have a stale texture and lose most of their flavor.

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Homemade chocolate chip cookies, on the other hand, can get moldy. Since they are not processed and they have a certain amount of moisture in them to keep them soft, there is a possibility for them to grow mold.

However, this is only really likely if they are in an airtight container with excess moisture for too long. This is another reason not to put them in a container while still warm. If this happens, then excess moisture will be released inside the container. If they sit out without a container, however, they will eventually just dry out and become stale.

How Can You Tell When Chocolate Chip Cookies Have Gone Bad?

Depending on how your cookies have gone bad, you can check in a few different ways. The most obvious sign is if they're moldy. You should be able to see the mold. This is another reason to quickly inspect each cookie before you take a bite. If it's a small amount of mold, then it will be harder to catch. Unfortunately, even if it is just a little bit of mold, then all of the cookies are still contaminated and should not be eaten.

The harder one to catch is if they're stale. They will feel harder and look a bit more dried out. The cookies might even smell a little bit off, so using your senses is a great indicator. If all else fails, you can take a small bite to see if they are stale. It won't hurt you, it will just be slightly unpleasant to eat!

How Far In Advance Can You Make Chocolate Chip Cookies?

If you are making homemade chocolate chip cookies for a special occasion, then it makes sense that you may want to do it ahead of time. If you want to do the entire cookie-making process at once, then you can do it up to a day or two before you need them. Any more than that and you risk your cookies losing some freshness and flavor.

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Another way to do it would be to prepare the dough ahead of time and bake them when you need them. You could freeze dough up to 5 months in advance or refrigerate it for 2-3 days as long as it's sealed.

Wrapping Things Up

The absolute longest way to make chocolate chip cookies last is by freezing them. Store-bought packaged cookies also last considerably longer than homemade cookies. The best way to make them last aside from the freezer is on the counter or in the pantry. They also need to be in an airtight container and make sure that homemade cookies are cool before sealing them in the container.

One last thought: if you eat your chocolate chip cookies fast enough, then you never have to worry about them going bad!

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