How Long Should A Bundt Cake Cool In Pan Before Icing Or Cutting?

You've made a bundt cake and need to know how long should it cool in the pan before icing or cutting it? We've done some digging and research to find out what is the best practice when it comes to finishing your bundt cake. Let's take a look at what that is.

Before icing or cutting your bundt cake, you'll need to remove it from the pan. But before removing it, you'll need to wait for it to cool off for about 10 to 20 minutes. Too short of a time, and the bundt cake might break apart. Too long of a time, and the bundt cake might stick and get too moist in the pan. And remember, this will all be easier if you've prepared your pan properly before you loaded it with cake batter.

Let's look at this in a bit more detail. In addition, we'll answer some other questions such as if a cake needs to be cool to cut it, should you put it in the fridge before cutting, can you flip a bundt cake pan, how to get the cake out without it sticking, and what happens if you cover your bundt cake before it cools. So please, keep reading.

A delicious bundt cake topped with oranges and blue berries, How Long Should A Bundt Cake Cool In Pan Before Icing Or Cutting?

How Long Should Your Bundt Cake Cool In The Pan Before Icing Or Cutting It?

A man cooking freshly baked chocolate bundt cake

Bundt cakes are a super distinctive cake. They are made in bundt pans with are shaped a bit like a fluted donut. The pan's configuration keeps a hole in the center of the cake. These pans were invented by bakeware company owner H. David Dalquist in the 1950s. He wanted to bake a classic dense German cake for a Jewish baking group in Minneapolis, so he invented this pan. They gained mass appeal in the late 60s when a bundt cake came in the top twenty placings in a Pillsbury Company bake-off competition.

Prepare Your Bundt Pan

Because bundt cakes are typically very dense and rich, getting them out of the pan might be tricky. You can do two things at the onset of baking: pre-grease the pan with a good coating of butter or non-stick spray and use a non-stick pan. Both of these things will help make sure the cake will slide right out. Also, be sure and let your cake cool for about 10 to 20 minutes before tapping it out of the bundt pan.

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Wait For It To Cool Before Cutting Or Icing

A sliced bundt cake with white icing

Many bundt cakes include a drizzle of sugary icing or a sprinkle of powder sugar. You want to be sure that your bundt cake is not still oven hot or too warm when you put this on the cake. If you pour on your icing or sugar too soon, it will melt into the cake, and it won't provide a nice decorative aspect.

If you cut your cake too soon, you risk the slices falling apart because the cake hasn't had the opportunity to fully firm up. The pieces will fall off of your cake knife and won't be nearly so attractive on your dessert plates.

Does A Cake Need To Be Cool To Cut It?

As we've already mentioned, it's best to wait to cut a bundt cake until after it's cooled. But what about other cakes? Or what if you need to trim a ragged edge?

Cakes are much more stable when they've been cooled. They become denser and easier to cut. That's why it's best to wait to do any trimming or cutting until after the cake is room temperature or even cooler. This way, if you're doing some delicate trimming or wanting to get perfect quarter-inch slices for your guests, they'll turn out perfect.

Flipping your cakes onto cooling racks is a good way to speed cooling. Airflow is able to circulate around the entire cake as the bottom is open.

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Should You Put A Cake In The Fridge Before Cutting It?

Putting your cake in the refrigerator definitely makes it more stable more quickly than letting it cool to room temperature. It will also be firmer when refrigerated than it is at room temperature. So though you don't have to put it in the fridge before cutting it, it's not a bad idea.

Some cakes will cool more quickly than others, like angel food cakes, but in general, a couple of hours will cool most cakes. The one cake you might not want to put in the fridge to cool is a cheesecake. They might crack if let cool too quickly, which isn't the end of the world but might not be the look you're going for.

Can You Flip A Bundt Cake Pan Right Away?

When your gorgeous cake comes out of the oven, you're probably super tempted to knock it out of the pan and see what you've got. But we suggest you resist that urge. Even if you've prepared the pan well with pre-greasing or have used a non-stick pan, when your cake is still hot from the oven, it's fragile.

If you flip your bundt cake right away, it will probably leave chunks behind in the pan. And since most bundt cakes aren't totally frosted, it might be hard to hide your oopsie. We recommend letting your cake cool a good 10 to 20 minutes before sliding it out of the pan. But don't wait too long because then it might hang onto moisture that's not releasing from being properly cooled out of the pan.

How Do You Get A Bundt Cake Out Of The Pan Without It Sticking?

The best thing you can do for your bundt cake is to prepare it properly. Even if your pan is non-stick, and make sure the coating is not scratched and broken, you should still butter and flour your pan or use a non-stick spray. This preparation on the front end goes a long way to a perfect cake on the back end.

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Cook your cake for the proper amount of time. If your cake is undercooked, it's going to fall apart and stick coming out of the pan. Use a simple cake tester in the center of your bundt cake, and make sure it pulls out clean with no crumbs stuck to it. This model even has a silicone wedge at the other end to help loosen the edges of your cake from the pan.

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Once it's cooked, let your bundt cake sit for 10 to 12 minutes, then turn it over onto your cooling rack and pat the pan a few times before jiggling it loose. If you've taken all the proper steps, it should slide right out.

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What Happens If You Cover A Bundt Cake Before It Cools?

If you cover your cake with aluminum foil, then it should be just fine. But if you cover your bundt cake with plastic wrap before it's fully cooled, then you risk condensation on the surface of your cake. This condensation could create a bit of a gooey top that might not be as delicious as if you'd let it cool completely.

Let Them Eat Cake

Do you have a favorite bundt cake recipe already? We love Hummingbird Cake with its layers of soft banana and pineapple accented with pecans. It's delicious. But just remember, let it cool before cutting it or frosting it to end up with the best bundt cake you can make.

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