How Long Does A Bosch Refrigerator Last?

The Bosch refrigerators are known worldwide as reliable and well-made appliances designed to provide home cooks and professionals with reliable refrigeration. If you are researching the market for a new refrigerator, you may wonder how long one lasts? We've researched this question, and we have found the answer to share with you!

On average, the Bosch refrigerators last 14 to 19 years, provided the refrigerator receives regular maintenance and is used according to the manufacturers' guidelines correctly. 

When shopping for a new refrigerator, you might wonder if purchasing high-end appliances are worth the extra expense. Are the Bosch refrigerators considered reliable? You have great questions. Please continue reading. We have well-researched answers to share with you!

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How Long Does A Bosch Refrigerator Last?

The Bosch refrigerators last 14 to 19 years, provided the appliances received proper care and maintenance. Although Bosch refrigerators cost considerably more than the average refrigerator, they offer more features and last significantly longer than standard refrigerators.

The United States Department of Energy stated that the average household refrigerator would last 12 years.

Based on the research, the extra dollars required to purchase a Bosch refrigerator are invested wisely. Considering you will get two to five years of additional usage from a Bosch. A standard brand will likely last 12 years or less.

Moreover, depending on the brand, model, usage, and maintenance practices, the appliance could last fewer or more than 12 years. Please note that regardless of the brand or model, a refrigerator will not last for several years if it does not receive regular maintenance or repair when something breaks.

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Are Bosch fridges reliable?

We've researched the Bosch company and have found several factors that show the reliability owning a Bosch refrigerator offers consumers.

The Bosch company history

For over 125 years, the Bosch company has manufactured household appliances with reliability and technology paired to assist home cooks and professionals alike. The Bosch fridges will keep your foods refrigerated with consistent temperatures and bright LED lighting to ensure you always find what you are searching for in the refrigerator.

Since the 1990s, the company has ensured every appliance is energy star certified, and Bosch was one of the world's first appliance company's to commit to reducing energy consumption.

Over the years, the Bosch company has partnered with several well-known professionals. Including award-winning partners Curtis Stone, chef and restauranteur, and award-winning architect Dan Brunn.

Both are highly experienced professionals who share their guidance and expertise for designing functional modern kitchen appliances alongside Bosch engineers.

The Bosch company 2021

In fact, Bosch has engineered and patented the fastest refrigerator ice maker on today's market. The Bosch ice maker creates 40 glasses of filtered ice in 24 hours. This innovative feature will provide you and your household with reliable ice and cold water for maintaining excellent hydration.

Furthermore, the Farm Fresh system is a brand new food preservation feature that has four innovative technologies, that work together to extend the life of your foods by adjusting temperatures, reducing humidity, and removing odors. Bosch has proven that food will last up to three times longer with this exciting new technology.

Recently, the Good Housekeeping's Institute's Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab awarded the Bosch 800 series French Door Bottom the best refrigerator for wine storage in 2021.

Several factors impressed the team of researchers. Especially, the sleek stainless steel aesthetic, and the middle drawer wine cooler that stores up to seventeen bottles of wine on sturdy wooden slats.

Also, the reliable climate control features will keep your wine cooler at the ideal temperature at the touch of a button or a tap on your smartphone. Another benefit offered by the Bosch fridge is that it's nearly silent when it is running, which means the fridge will never cause extra noise in your busy household.

Undoubtedly, the Bosch company has longevity in the appliance industry, awarded by internationally known agencies, and received recognition from home cooks and professionals worldwide that attest to the reliability of Bosch refrigerators.

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Which brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?

The refrigerators engineered and manufactured by GE have proven to last between 10 to 20 years on average.

In fact, in 2013, The New York Times reported a GE refrigerator that operated successfully for 85 years and had shown no signs of motor failure or malfunction.

At the time, this GE fridge was the oldest fully functional refrigerator documented in the United States. This is a testament to the company's quality engineering with attention to craftsmanship committed to withstand the tests of time and daily usage.

Moreover, Good Housekeeping's Institute's Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab awarded the GE Profile Smart Appliance with French doors as the best refrigerator to purchase for 2021.

The Good Housekeeping's technology lab studies several aspects of the appliance and repeatedly tests different features. Then, the researchers test other appliances to draw parallels and record solid research results to help consumers decide wisely with well-documented facts when purchasing a new appliance.

Due to constantly advancing technologies and changing market trends, the brand rated to last the most prolonged timeframe changes from year to year.

Consumer habits and opinions will affect which brands and models are awarded the best of the year. Also, consumer habits dictate which brands and models receive the most five-star reviews.

When you are shopping for a refrigerator, it is helpful to keep this in mind. Purchase the best appliance for your kitchen's needs, rather than base a costly decision on market trends and other consumers' opinions.

GE Profile Smart Appliance French Door Refrigerator

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Where are the Bosch refrigerators made?

According to Bosch, the company proudly employs over 2,000 talented employees in the United States of America, between two locations in New Bern, North Carolina, and LaFollette, Tennessee.

The Bosch company attributes much of its worldwide success to the impeccable employee base they have secured over many years of purposeful business practices.

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The Bosch brand has an extensive following and offers consumers modern refrigerators with features that make cooking a tiny bit easier. Are you in the market for a new fridge? It is always a good idea to do your research and learn about all the options available. Click here to read "Best Refrigerator Brands On The Market."

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Are high-end refrigerators worth it?

Investing in high-end refrigerators does offer several benefits for your kitchen and the overall estimated property value of your home. Many homeowners choose to invest in high-end luxury appliances to increase the functionality of their kitchens.

Luxury appliances will also improve the house's aesthetics, especially a new refrigerator that will instantly modernize your kitchen.

Investing in a high-end refrigerator will ensure the fridge will last longer than an average department store appliance. Luxury brands use higher-quality materials that will last significantly longer. A high-end refrigerator always has added features and more advanced technologies than any standard brand appliance on the market.

For example, the Bosch energy-star refrigerators have super settings. Both the super cool and super freeze settings will preserve foods quickly and ensure your food will not spoil from incorrect temperatures. The benefits of the super settings innovative technologies will help reduce energy usage and food waste in your home.

Also, luxury brands will enhance the consumers' buying experience via knowledgeable customer service for all the stages of shopping to the seasoned owner. The well-trained team will guide you through selecting the appliance, purchase, delivery, maintenance, and future repairs.

The combined benefits of improved kitchen aesthetics, increased home value, reduced energy usage, and food waste, which are well-researched reasons to consider investing in a quality high-end refrigerator for your home.

Are you wondering where to purchase a new refrigerator? Click here to read "Where To Buy A Refrigerator? [Top 25 Online Stores]."

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In closing

The Bosch refrigerators are a great addition to your kitchen for reliable refrigeration for yourself and your loved ones. We certainly hope this article has helped you gain clarity around the topic of Bosch refrigerators and how long these impressive appliances typically last.

Before you go, please, be sure to check out some of our other posts to find helpful suggestions for everyday household issues.

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