How Deep Should A Casserole Dish Be?

Have you ever wondered how deep of a casserole dish you need for any given recipe? Casserole dish size can influence how your favorite foods are prepared. We've researched casserole dish sizes, shapes, and depths to help you make the best choice for your next recipe.

Casserole dishes range in size from 1-quart to 3-quarts. There are square, rectangular, oblong, round, and loaf pan shaped dishes. You can use casserole dishes in a microwave or oven to cook casseroles and cakes, loaves of bread, and many other foods. 

Please continue reading to find out the exact measurements of these dishes and how to use each casserole dish for your cooking needs. We'll show you some great examples of what's available to help stock your kitchen!

An empty glass casserole pan on a rustic wooden surface, How Deep Should A Casserole Dish Be?

Casserole Dish Sizes

Casserole dishes come in various shapes and sizes -and materials such as glass, porcelain enamel, ceramic, cast iron, and sometimes stone. These versatile dishes are essential to any kitchen, enabling you to make entrees, baked goods, side dishes, and even store foods (for dishes featuring lids). When selecting a casserole dish, aside from the shape, size, and material, also consider:

  • Maximum temperature limits of the dish's (and lid's) material -for microwave, oven, and fridge/freezer safety.
  • Washing instructions -to confirm whether dishes (and lids) are dishwasher safe or hand-wash only.

Now, let's take a closer look at various sizes of casserole dishes to help you get the right fit for your recipe and serving size.

Square Casserole Dish

Empty square ceramic baking dish

The smallest square casserole dish measures eight inches by eight inches and is equal to two quarts. These dishes are great for side dishes and even small entrees for two servings. A square dish is a shallower pan used in so many different ways, like cornbread or even fudge.

The next size of the square casserole dish is 9" x 9" and is 2.5-quarts. This is an ideal dish for lasagna because it is a little deeper and will serve four people with decent-sized portions. Again, you can use this size for versatile cooking like side dishes, baked chicken, or a small cake. Some casserole dishes come with lids to assist the cooking process.

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Rectangular Casserole Dish

Classic white ceramic baking dish with handles

The smaller of the two rectangular casserole dishes measures 7" x 11" and is 2-quarts. Breakfast casseroles are a great idea to cook using this type of dish; it will not be too thick and will have plenty of room to spread out if using bread or biscuit mix. The serving size for this dish depends on what is being made in the dish.

The bigger of the two rectangular dishes measures 9" x 13" and is 3-quarts. This is a wonderful size to use for a roast or a small ham. It gives you plenty of room around the edge to add vegetables and potatoes. Also, deep enough to allow room for the broth in the pan to baste onto the meat. It is a wonderful choice for a one-pan meal.

You do not need to worry about the food sticking out a bit higher than the dish's depth. If you wish to cover the top, but the lid will not fit, aluminum foil is just as effective. Below is a great, rectangular casserole by Pyrex.

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Loaf Dishes

Baking banana bread with baking dish

Loaf pans have two different sizes: 8" x 4", 1-quart, and 9" x 5", 1.5-quarts. Banana bread is often baked in the 1.5-quart dish to allow for a thicker bread. You can also use these for other desserts or even fruit tarts. It is a wonderful dish to layer dips or cook meatloaf for a potluck or family dinner.

Below is a glass loaf casserole dish by Anchor Hocking.

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Round Casserole Dish

Round white ceramic dish with side handles

Most round casserole dishes come in 8" or 9" diameters. Some are also oval-shaped. These dishes range from 1.5-quarts to 2.5-quarts. Round dishes are perfect for soups, stews, and also fruit cobblers. They are very versatile and generally have lids. Either of the two sizes can also be used for cornbread, pies, or even a shepherd's pie. It all depends on how many people you will serve.

Here is a wonderful round casserole dish with a lid.

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What is the best size casserole dish?

This all depends on what you are cooking and for how many people you will serve. A square 9" x  9" pan is wonderful for desserts and even side dishes. The three quarts, 9" x 13" rectangular dish is great for any casserole to feed the family.

What Are The Most Common Casserole Sizes Available?

Any of the rectangular, square, and round dishes are readily available in department stores or online. Amazon has a wide array of sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from in casserole dishes.

How Do You Measure A Casserole Dish?

You can easily use a tape measure to figure out the dimensions of a casserole dish. Measure the length of the dish first and then the width. For a round dish, measure directly across the middle to figure out its diameter.

To measure the depth of the dish, use a measuring cup and water. A 1-quart dish will hold four cups of water, and a 2-quart dish will hold eight cups of water. Most dishes are marked on the bottom to show measurements.

In Closing

Casserole dishes can be used for nearly anything in the food world. You have to factor in the number of ingredients and how many people you will be serving. Casserole dishes can be round, loaf sized, square, or rectangular. Many come with lids to aid in the cooking process. They also come in many different materials for your preference and cooking needs.

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