How Close Can A Pizza Oven Be To The House?

The pizza oven is a fantastic method to prepare a variety of tasty foods in the comfort of your home and yard, but just like with other cooking items, there are safety precautions to take. If you want to construct a pizza oven but are unclear about its location, this guide is for you. These are the concepts we uncovered.

Knowing where to place your pizza oven is the next step after putting together securely and safely. A position distant from flammable objects like washing lines and children's toys is what you should pick.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the oven's entrance faces away from your home and the front door.

To minimize smoke inhalation for anyone close, ensure your pizza oven has enough ventilation; avoid placing it beneath a gazebo or other covering and allow the smoke to dissipate.

Knowing the appropriate area of a pizza oven is essential among household members for their safety. Keep reading to learn where to construct a pizza oven.

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What Is The Ideal Location For An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

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No matter how you set up your backyard, we advise keeping all cooking equipment close to the house but a sufficient distance away to be safe and comfortable. Outdoor cooking areas can benefit from shared house amenities like plumbing.

It's also essential to have easy access to food, drinks, plates, and cutlery inside the kitchen, along with a sink to wash your hands after handling flour or dough.

Consider the following factors when deciding where to place your outdoor pizza oven:


Finding an open area for your pizza oven is not enough; you also need to consider how secure it would be. Therefore, the best is beneath a large, open structure. Such a location is more practical and provides additional protection during severe weather.


To avoid mishaps, you should construct your pizza oven outside the house. Avoid picking an area with dried grass and wood, and make sure it is clean. The pizza oven fire accident will be less.


The location of your outdoor pizza oven should have a flat, rugged topography. Any broken and piled-up landscape is unfit for the cooker. It requires land that can support the pizza oven's weight and heat.


People who want to use your outdoor pizza oven should have easy access. Therefore, an open area will be ideal for it. I would suggest a location near the pool because it is convenient and cozy.


Numerous feature that makes our homes more attractive is an oven. Therefore, make sure you built it correctly and placed it in a visually appealing area. It also contributes to raising the house's market value.

Are Pizza Ovens Safe?

Man is pulling a delicious fresh home made pizza out of a stainless steel home portable oven fueled by pellets.

Pizza ovens have evolved into the ideal complement to outdoor kitchens. But since they use propane or burn wood, people frequently ask if pizza ovens are safe.

Yes, pizza ovens outside are secure. However, it is crucial to precisely monitor the temperature because high temperatures can cause shatter. Also, ensure that it is not too close to the house and never left unattended.

There is a lot to learn about pizza ovens, including how to use them securely and correctly for your safety.

What Are the Types Of Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

Home made pizza is inserted in a portable aluminium home oven for pizzas.


Outdoor pizza ovens come in different sizes and designs. The following list includes the types of outdoor pizza ovens available in the market:

Wood Outdoor Pizza Oven

You can set the temperature, then place wood at the bottom of the firebox, after which they burn slowly and produce a steady flow of heat circulated the food with a fan or blower.

This pizza oven uses wood chips, sawdust, or charcoal briquettes, which don't need preheating time before baking pizzas.

Check out this portable outdoor wood-fired pizza oven on Amazon.

Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

This type of outdoor pizza oven uses gas to operate. You can enclose them in brick or stone materials depending on whether you desire a modern or contemporary appearance. Gas outdoor pizza ovens are popular because they heat up rapidly.

Check out this portable gas-fired pizza oven with professional-grade pizza peel on Amazon.

Coal-powered Outdoor Pizza Oven

While cooking takes longer in a coal-fired outdoor pizza oven than in a firewood one, the crust is crispier. Pizza in coal outdoor pizza ovens tastes better when cooked at the right temperature.

Check out this everything bundle portable outdoor pizza oven on Amazon.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Made Of Stainless Steel

A stainless steel pizza oven uses the strength and adaptability of steel to cook pizza is a fashionable option. People favor this kind for another reason: they include simple installation and maintenance features that don't take much work from the user.

Check out this stainless steel outdoor wood pellet pizza oven on Amazon.

What Are The Benefits Do Backyard Pizza Ovens Offer?

As homeowners, we occasionally upgrade the ambiance of our patios and backyards with items that may not be as useful as a stone pizza oven. This functionality is nothing new. Some benefits of using an outdoor pizza oven include the following:

  • After creating and using it, you'll realize it's the finest way of bringing loved ones and friends together over delectable meals. You'll enjoy using your outdoor living area even more.
  • The value of your home may increase with an integrated outdoor brick oven.
  • When it comes time to stage your home for the real estate market, a brick pizza oven is a terrific selling point that will help you highlight what's best about your backyard area.
  • A brick pizza oven will undoubtedly become the focal point of your patio if you enjoy hosting family and friends at your house.
  • You'll help lay a solid foundation for creating memories with the delectable cuisine you cook.
  • Additionally, this kind of oven cooks pizza perfectly; no indoor cooker can match the genuine wood-fired cooking experience.

How Can An Outdoor Pizza Oven Be Cleaned?

Woman cleaning an oven

A clean oven is vital to your safety. Unattended residual grease can damage ovens and cause a fire. When spills burn in the oven, the fumes they release can irritate the eyes and lungs of cooks and those close to the kitchen.

Do the following to clean your outdoor pizza oven:

Prepare The Cleaning Tools

Gather the necessary supplies to begin and complete the task. The following cleaning supplies are required: a kitchen sponge, an oven brush, a table, rubber gloves, a metal bucket, water, soap, and a garden hose.

Select a Location

Choose a location for your cleaning. Make care to clean it in a spacious area far from other objects. Set up a table with a height that can support the weight of the oven.

Wear Safety Gloves

If the oven is still warm, do not clean it. Before you begin cleaning, let the oven cool. To prevent injuries to your hands, make sure to use gloves.

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Inside Oven Cleaning

Use a brush to clean the oven's interior. To the back of the cooker, sweep the ashes and rubbish. Scrape the ashes inside the drawer when it is loaded. You can clean the floor with a metal dustpan and a brush when there is no oven drawer.

Check out this 10-inch stone brush scraper and cleaner for a pizza oven on Amazon.

Remove The Ashes

Keep in mind the oven and the ashes have cooled before you dispose of any ashes. The day after using your cooker, dispose of the ashes to avoid any fire risks. Dispose of the ash in a metal bucket.

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Outside Oven Cleanup

Use a stainless cleaner on the oven's exterior dome to clean it from top to bottom. Only clean the oven arch with this cleanser, and scrub the entire body.

Check out these stainless steel cleaning wipes on Amazon.

Run Water Through The Oven

Ensure to thoroughly rinse each item once you've cleaned it with soap. To properly clean the oven, use a pressure washer. If not, your pizza may taste faintly soapy the next time you use the cooker.

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Take Away

While a homeowner's personal choice may be to place a pizza oven away from the house, it makes the most sense if this position is close to or underneath a secondary building on the property, such as a pavilion or pool house.

Preparation should be placed in the same functional area to maintain comfort, cooking, and eating. Place your outdoor pizza oven in the right place from your house.

Place your oven far from anything flammable, such as a pergola or any vegetation in the garden.

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