How Big Is A Quarter Sheet Pan?

If your kitchen is like most, you probably have a whole host of pots, pans, and other baking accessories including a quarter sheet pan. Quarter sheet pans are the smallest size sheet pans, and they can be used to bake many different types of food. If you have ever wondered about the actual size of a quarter sheet pan, we are here to help answer that question, and we will tell you everything you need to know and more.

The size of a quarter sheet pan is typically 13 inches by 9 inches. It's a great pan to use for smaller baking jobs, and it works well for baking a variety of different foods. 

Quarter sheet pans are a kitchen staple. If you'd like to learn more about quarter sheet pans and all of their uses, keep reading this article and get ready to do some baking!

Baking a fresh baguette on a baking pan, How Big Is A Quarter Sheet Pan?

Quarter Sheet Pan Dimensions

Quarter sheet pans are exactly as their name describes. They are one quarter the size of a full sheet pan. Since they measure 13 inches by 9 inches, they are the perfect size to fit into any household oven.

Since quarter sheet pans are much smaller than half and full sheet pans, you can fit several of them nicely into a standard oven in a home if you are baking a few different things at once.

Because they are on the smaller side, many people like to use them for smaller meals for one or two people. You can easily broil vegetables on them or bake one or two pieces of meat. They are also great for baking cakes.  In addition, quarter sheet pans are small enough to use in a toaster oven.

A silver colored baking pan

If you like the convenience of a smaller pan, then the quarter sheet pan might be the right choice for you. In addition, since a quarter sheet pan is smaller, there will be less cleaning to do, and you will be able to store it much easier than other larger pans.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Quarter Sheet Pan?

Quarter sheet pans are often used for baking sheet cakes. These cakes are rectangular in shape and are about two inches thick. In addition to baking cakes, you can also use them to bake brownies, cookies, and other thin desserts.

Quarter sheet pans are also good for making smaller batches of food. They are perfect for roasting veggies or cooking potatoes, and they are large enough to cook an entire meal for one or two people.

How Many People Does A Quarter Sheet Cake Feed

A black baking pan on a white backgound

A quarter sheet cake is actually a good size cake and will feed anywhere from 12-30 people depending on how big you cut your cake slices.

Since it is a thin cake, many bakers will make several sheet cakes and use them all as layers since they are the perfect size for cake layering.

What Are The Different Sheet Pan Sizes?

Fresh baked hash browns on a baking pan

There are several different sheet pan sizes to accommodate any and all of your baking needs. Typically you can find full-size, half-size, and quarter-size sheet pans. The full-size pans are around 26 inches by 18 inches, and the half-size pans are typically 18 inches by 13 inches.

Each size is specifically designed for cooking different quantities of food. Half sheet pans are the most popular sheet pans, while full-size sheet pans are usually used in kitchens where there are larger ovens, so they aren't typically seen in homes because they are too big.

How Big Is A Half Sheet Pan?

A half sheet pan is obviously twice as big as a quarter sheet pan, and it is the size you are most likely to see in kitchens. It's small enough to fit in a regular oven yet large enough to accommodate more portions.

The measurements of a half sheet pan are roughly 18 by 13 inches. Like the quarter sheet pan, you can use a half sheet pan to cook fish, vegetables, desserts, and more.

What Is The Purpose Of A Sheet Pan?

Sheet pans are multi-purpose, and you can cook a variety of different foods on them. But why a sheet pan rather than another type of pan, and what exactly is their purpose?

Sheet pans conduct heat really well, so you can cook your food quite fast. They are great for getting veggies crispy, and they are roomy which means you can fit several different food items on the pan. From pastries to pizza, the versatile sheet pan is extremely useful to have in your kitchen.

Difference Between A Sheet Pan And A Cookie Sheet

A black baking pan with parchment paper

Cookie sheets and sheet pans are not the same things. Sheet pans have a lip around them that is about an inch in height.

Cookie sheets, on the other hand, are flat all of the way around with no lip. The reason that cookie sheets are flat is so you can easily slide cookies off once they are finished baking. They might also have a rim on one end for holding the pan.

Can I Use A Cookie Sheet Instead Of A Sheet Pan?

So what should you do when you don't have a sheet pan available? Never fear; in a pinch, you can use a cookie sheet. The only issue with cookie sheets is that they are flat and won't hold liquids in, so they are not a good idea if whatever you are cooking will produce any kind of juice.

Since there is nothing to hold them in, the liquid will run off of the sides, and you will end up with a complete mess in your oven.

One advantage of cookie sheets is that they are typically larger than sheet pans, so you can fit even more onto the sheet than you could on a baking sheet.

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Jelly Roll Pans

Another type of pan that is very similar to a sheet pan and a cookie sheet is a jelly roll pan. Jelly roll pans are as versatile as sheet pans and measure about 15 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches.

They are larger than a quarter sheet pan and smaller than half sheets, but they are basically the same design. Jelly roll pans are perfect for making rolled cakes.

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Other Uses For Sheet Pans

A black baking pan with baked parsley, tomatoes and corn

Surprisingly, there are uses for sheet pans other than just baking. If you are thinking outside of the box, then you can find many other ways to make the most out of your sheet pans.

Many people use them to freeze food. Simply put some saran wrap over whatever you want to freeze and you are good to go.

Sheet pans are also a great area for doing prep work when you're making other food. In addition, sheet pans are an excellent place to soak your skewers. Just fill the pan with a half inch of water and soak the skewers for at least 20 minutes.

When it comes to sheet pans, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

The Versatility of Sheet Pans

Baking a fresh baguette on a baking pan

Sheet pans are an excellent addition to any kitchen, and a quarter sheet pan is especially good if you like to cook smaller batches of food or bake sheet cakes.

The size of the pan is also perfect for a standard kitchen, and it won't take up too much room in your oven. So grab your quarter sheet pan and go get baking some really delicious dishes!

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