What Color Hinges And Knobs For Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

Your kitchen is a room used to eat, entertain, and visit with family. Because it is such a popular space in your home, it should be reflective of your family's tastes and style. Kitchen cabinets are not only functional but can also add a decorative element to your space. To help you make the most of this space, we brought you a selection of different colored hinges and knobs to spruce up your gray kitchen cabinets.

Hinges and knobs may seem like an afterthought in your kitchen remodeling project, but they can add the perfect touch. Many experts recommend using different shades of silver when finding hinges and knobs for your gray kitchen cabinets. Here are some great options:

  1. Brushed nickel
  2. Polished chrome
  3. Gold
  4. Black
  5. Antique silver
  6. White
  7. Brass
  8. Glass
  9. Crystal
  10. Granite
  11. Oil-rubbed bronze
  12. Rose gold

Finding the perfect hinges and knobs for your gray cabinets is just one of many decisions that will need to be made during your kitchen remodel project. You may wonder if cabinet knobs should match hinges or whether you can mix cabinet hardware styles.

You may find yourself wondering if you can paint hinges on cabinets or how to change the color of your hinges. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading!

Grey and white contemporary classic kitchen interior with dining table designed in modern style, front view - What Color Hinges And Knobs For Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Hinge And Knob Colors For Gray Kitchen Cabinets

1. Brushed nickel

Beautiful interior of a classic kitchen in light gray and white colors with led lighting

Brushed nickel is a simple flat silver color that makes a great pairing for gray cabinets. This simple silver color gives your cabinets a basic metallic touch that can brighten your space.

This burst of subtle shimmer can be the perfect addition to your gray cabinets. Gray shades pop next to brushed nickel hinges and knobs.

2. Polished chrome

Close-up of kitchen cabinet in gray color

For a brilliant splash of color against your gray cabinets, polished chrome may be the perfect color for your knobs and hinges. A shiny version of metallic silver, polished chrome will add a sparkle to your space.

While some may find this lustrous hardware color dated, there are tons of style options in polished chrome. You are sure to find a polished chrome knob style and hinge combination to fit your tastes.

3. Gold

Grey and white contemporary classic kitchen interior with dining table designed in modern style, front view

Nothing brightens up your space like warm metallic gold. Gold is rich and welcoming and can make the perfect color pairing to cool neutral gray tones.

Using gold for your kitchen knobs and handles can give your grey cabinets a brilliant contrast that livens your entire kitchen space. Gold accents used throughout the room only add to the inviting ambiance.

4. Black

Low angle view of a renovated kitchen in an older home with painted gray cabinets, marble countertops, a small portable island and a tiled floor.

Black is a modern color that can give your space a detailed look. Using black hinges and knobs for your gray cabinets will give them an unmatched edge.

Crisp shades of white are used to brighten this color scheme. Shades of deep wood tones are used to bring some warm contrast to this space.

5. Antique silver

grey kitchen cabinets

A deeper shade of silver, antique silver can make quite an impact on your gray cabinets. A rich contrast to bright gray tones, antique silver will give your cabinets a sleek modern look.

Antique silver hinges to match your knobs may be hard to find. Brushed nickel or black hinges can be used instead to coordinate with antique silver.

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6. White

Scandinavian classic gray kitchen with wooden details, minimalistic interior designScandinavian classic gray kitchen with wooden details, minimalistic interior design

White knobs and hinges may seem dated, but they can provide a decorative touch that is unmatched. If all white knobs aren't quite your style, consider a metal knob with white accents.

The color white can add a crisp clean burst of bright neutral color to any surface. This is a great way to accent and emphasize your gray cabinets.

7. Brass

Closeup details of grey and white contemporary classic kitchen designed in modern style, all furniture doors and drawers are open

Brass is a warm metallic color that is slightly deeper and richer than gold. Knobs and hinges in this color are the perfect toasty contrast to cool neutral gray cabinets.

This vibrant metallic shade is eye-catching and unique. Brass knobs and hinges are the perfect way to bring a subtle contrasting orangy metallic shade into your space.

8. Glass

Interior of modern luxury kitchen in North American private residence.

Glass knobs are sure to give your kitchen an unmatched elegant look. Brilliant shine is added to your gray cabinet when you use glass knobs.

Pretty much any color of hinges can be used to match these chic knobs. Painting your knobs the same gray as your cabinets is also an excellent option with this look.

9. Crystal

Kitchen with white worktop, grey furniture and brick tiles

For a unique ambiance in your kitchen space, crystal knobs can be the perfect answer. Crystal knobs are not only unusual but can be a tranquil addition to your gray cabinets.

Earthy tones of pink and white crystals are sure to add a soft calming feel to your kitchen cabinets. Gold hinges can be used to coordinate with the gold accents.

10. Granite

Another great option in kitchen cabinet knobs is granite. With small specs of different shades of gray, granite coordinates perfectly with your gray cabinets.

You can achieve an especially cohesive look when using granite knobs with a granite countertop in your kitchen. Any number of colors can be used for your cabinet hinges to match your granite knobs.

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11. Oil-rubbed bronze

For a deep warm color for your knobs and hinges, consider oil-rubbed bronze. This rich colored metal is the perfect pairing for your gray cabinets.

This dignified metal adds a sophisticated look to any kitchen. Hinges and knobs in this color will also create a warm and inviting ambiance in your kitchen.

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12. Rose gold

For a splash of pink-toned warm metallic color, rose gold knobs and hinges can be the perfect hardware companion for your gray cabinets. Rose gold is the perfect brilliant shade to contrast cool gray shades.

Rose gold hinges may be a bit harder to find. This problem can be solved with a couple of coats of rose gold spray paint.

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Do cabinet knobs have to match hinges?

While no hard and fast rule says that your cabinet knobs have to match the hinges, it certainly makes for a more coordinated look. Using the same finish is important to achieve this coordinated look.

When hinges that are an exact match to your knobs cannot be found, consider a color that is close to the color of your knobs. Using black is a great way to camouflage hinges when matching them with your knobs is not an option.

Can you mix cabinet hardware styles?

As mentioned above, mixing cabinet hardware can make your kitchen cabinets more interesting to look at. Mixing your cabinet hardware styles can add character to your cabinets and make for a subtly interesting look.

The function of your hinges can also play a part in choosing to mix your cabinet hardware styles. Sometimes the function of the hardware is more important than the style.

Do you paint hinges on cabinets?

Painting your hinges on your cabinets is a great method when you want your hinges to blend into your cabinets. To keep the paint on your hinges from chipping off, refrain from caking paint over the crevices of the hinge.

One disadvantage to painting your hinges on your cabinets is the paint seam that it will create, making them harder to remove in the future. If you do choose to paint your hinges on your cabinets, use light layers of paint.

How to change the color of cabinet hinges?

After cleaning and sanding your hinges, you can use enamel paint to change the color. This is a cost-effective way to change the look of your cabinet hardware.

Spray paint is also available in metallic colors for easy and even application. Primer is a great way to ensure that paint will not chip off easily.

Final thoughts

Cabinet hardware such as hinges and knobs can make a major impact in your kitchen space.

Because there are so many available options, choosing the right color hinges and knobs for your gray cabinets can be a huge decision. We hope that the selection that we provided has helped to narrow down your decision.

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