Do Granite Countertops Need To Be Sealed [And How To Do That]

Do granite countertops need to be sealed? You notice that your granite has lost its shine and maybe has some scratches. When you spilled your wine, you almost couldn't get it out of the stone. This could be a problem. We looked into this to determine how sealing plays a role in the care of your granite countertops.

You should not need to seal new granite, but you may need to after time and daily wear. Stone is porous, and once the original seal deteriorates, the stone can stain if you do not reseal it.

Home kitchen sink with granite countertops, Do Granite Countertops Need To Be Sealed [And How To Do That]

Let's look at how you can reseal your granite countertops and answer a few other pertinent questions below.

Sealing Granite Countertops

Granite is a beautiful stone that comes in a wide range of patterns and colors. It's one of the most popular and asked for items in today's kitchens. It's easy to clean and durable, but is it a maintenance hassle?

Granite arrives at your kitchen already sealed. Over time, though, it will probably need a reseal. Some stones are more porous than others, and some seals are better than others, so this will factor in. It's not difficult to seal, fortunately. We'll talk about how often to seal it, how to know if it needs it, and what to seal it with below.

How Often Do You Need To Seal Granite Countertops?

This depends on how well your granite sealed the first go-round. There's a handy water test you can do to see how often your granite needs sealing. If you put a 1/4 cup of water on the surface and it immediately absorbs, you need to reseal yearly. When it takes 5 minutes to absorb, then you'll need to reseal every 3-5 years. If it takes 10 minutes, you may need one new coat of sealer, but then it may not need it again for many years. When the water takes more than 30 minutes to absorb, you don't need to worry about it anytime soon.

Do Installers Seal Your New Granite Countertops?

Generally, the sealing isn't done at the time of installation, though it might be done at the fabricators or wholesale distributor's warehouse before installation. There is an easy way to check, however. Does water bead on its surface? If the answer is yes, then your countertop has been sealed.

What Happens If I Don't Seal My Granite Countertop?

Because stone is porous, it will soak up spills. Light-colored granite discolors easily when darker liquids and semi-liquids spill on to it. Even water can cause staining and discoloration over time. Water often contains minerals and metals which can react with the properties in the stain. Sealing will prevent your stone from soaking up liquids.

How Do I Know If My Granite Is Sealed?

It's easy to do a water test to check your granite's seal. Simply pour a small amount, about 1/4 cup, onto the surface of the stone. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then wipe it away. You know the seal is good if your stone doesn't discolor from the water.

What Do You Clean Granite With Before Sealing?

About 24 hrs before sealing, give your countertops a good cleaning. First, remove everything from the surface. Them mix up a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent, two tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol, and cool water in a pint spray bottle. Squirt the countertop and using a microfiber cloth, wipe in circular motions cleaning the surface well.

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Microfiber cloths don't scratch when you use them to clean.

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What Are The Best Granite Countertop Sealers?

Once you clean your granite countertops, then the sealing begins. What do you use as a sealant? Fortunately, commercial sealants are readily available online.

This highly-rated sealant offers stain protection and an enhancer for gloss and shine of your stone's polish. It will even work on the grout to keep water stains and dirt at bay. It's easy to use. You spray it in and buff in 3-foot sections, wiping dry after a couple of minutes. Allow an hour for the countertops to cure.

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StoneTech BulletProof Sealer is another option for your granite countertops. This quart bottle provides up to 100 square feet of coverage and works on indoor and outdoor applications. It protects for up to 5 yrs on interior services, so it's a good value and a way not to have to keep sealing year after year.

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Weiman is known for its granite care products, and this spray sealant is an excellent choice for more frequent sealing. It's recommended for use every six months to a year and is easy to spray on, buff, and wipe clean. It's water-based and provides maximum protection against staining.

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Granite Gold is another well-known name in granite sealers. It's an easy spray, apply, and wipe solution and provides excellent stain protection. Like the other spray products, this takes about an hour to cure. It's a pretty simple thing to do yourself.

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Does Sealing Granite Make It Shiny?

The shine from your granite comes from the polishing technique applied at the fabricator's shop. They buff the stone to enhance its natural beauty. Look at the underside of your countertops before installation. You'll notice they are rough like natural stone.

How Do I Keep My Granite Countertops Shiny?

The best way to keep your granite countertops shiny is to keep them clean. Wipe up your spills and use a granite cleaner with a microfiber cloth.

A daily granite cleaner and a microfiber cloth go a long way toward keeping your stone beautiful.

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There are also commercial polishes available to purchase. These products don't seal and don't remove scratches, but if you want a fresh gleam on your granite, they provide an excellent tool for the job.

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Can You Use Car Wax On Granite?

You can, but do so at your own risk. Not all car waxes are equal, and not all granites are equal. Some folks claim that car wax can fill fine lines in the stone and buff to a beautiful finish. Others suggest sticking to products made specifically for granite. Still, others suggest coconut oil or a rubbing alcohol and water combination.

How Do You Rejuvenate Granite Countertops?

If your countertop is dull due to light scratches, then try using a polishing powder. A polishing powder creates a paste that you then buff into the surface of the stone, removing scratches and bringing the shine back to the surface.

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Try using an acetone product for a granite surface covered with a film from soaps or hard water or spills. These products cut through the surface grime and help you get back to your original stone finish.

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Though granite requires more work than quartz or Formica, the beauty of the stone more than makes up for it, if you've moved into a home with older granite countertops but don't have the budget for a re-do, try some of these tips and expect a pleasant surprise.

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