GE Dishwasher Beeps Every 60 Seconds—What To Do?

Most dishwashers equipped with electronic controls will have beeping sounds or blinking lights to warn of operational issues. If your GE dishwasher blinks every 60 seconds, there is definitely an issue that you will need to address. But what is the issue? And how do you troubleshoot it? We've looked into the answer to these questions for you. In this post, we will go over them.

If your GE dishwasher blinks for 60 seconds, it is typically a sign that you need to latch the door to start the cycle. Check the door and assure that the latch is completely closed. If the beeping stops, then you'll know that this is the issue. However, if it continues, you will need to continue troubleshooting.

It's always best to refer to your user manual to determine the cause for any blinking lights and sounds on your GE washer. The beep will typically be accompanied by an error code, which you can look up in the manual. Continue reading to learn more about troubleshooting your GE dishwasher.

Man Repairing Dishwasher. GE Dishwasher Beeps Every 60 Seconds—What To Do

Troubleshooting Your GE Dishwasher

A malfunctioning dishwasher can be a huge inconvenience. If your GE dishwasher starts to make beeping sounds and you can't seem to find the reason why it's best to follow a series of steps to troubleshoot the unit. Often, your user's manual will lay out exactly how to do this, or it may direct you to the diagnostics controls. But here is an overview of the process:

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Try Resetting the Dishwasher

A reset is one of the quickest ways to clear up dishwasher malfunctions. Depending on the model, you may be able to simply press the reset button, and on other models may have a series of steps to perform.

Take a look at your user's manual to learn how to reset the dishwasher. You can also do a manual reset or a hard boot by unplugging the power cord or switching the circuit breaker off and back on.

Check the Dishes in the Dishwasher

You should arrange the dishware inside of the unit so that the dishwasher can function properly. So to say, if there are dishes blocking the propeller arms or any water or spouts, the unit may not function. Never overfill the dishwasher to the maximum limit, and always ensure that both trays are able to slide back and forth easily.

Check to See if There is Detergent and the Soap Dispenser

On many GE models, an empty soap dispenser can also cause the dishwasher to beep. If the dispenser is empty, add soap and then try to restart the cycle. You'll also want to check the rinse aid as welcome, as many newer models will beep when this is low.

The Water Level is too Low

Sometimes issues with the water valve or water line (or a faulty float valve) will cause the water level in the dishwasher to drop below what's acceptable for it to function. If this is the case, the dishwasher will blink and display an error code illustrating the problem.

There can also be a water clog that prevents water from entering the waterline. Open the dishwasher and look at any visible signs of damage or kinks in the waterline.

A Recent Power Outage or a Power Surge

The beeping could also be caused by a power surge in your home. If this is the case, a reset will usually do the trick. However, if the reset doesn't work, you may need to do a manual reset by switching off the circuit breaker.

The Dishwasher Filter is Dirty or Clogged

It's best to clean the filter every few days if you use the dishwasher frequently. A clogged filter can prevent used water from flowing down the drain line. As a result, the dishwasher will not start a new cycle until it's clear.

You can clear the drain line by removing the hose and running fresh water through it or by using an untwisted wire hanger to move any debris. Once you clear the drain hose, replace it, reset it, and start a new cycle.

There is an Issue with the Motor

If the motor or the wiring is going out on the dishwasher, there will usually be beeps for either 30 or 60 seconds. You may also notice error codes on the dishwasher control panel. The motor will likely need to be replaced, or the wires will need to be inspected by an appliance technician.

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How do I Clear the Error Code on my GE Dishwasher?

The quickest way would be to check the user's manual to determine what the area error code is illustrating. You can clear the error code on many GE dishwashers by disconnecting the power for about 30 to 40 seconds. You can also clear the error code by pressing the reset button on the control board. And if all else fails, you can always do a hard reset at the circuit breaker.

Where is the Reset Button on my GE Dishwasher?

It depends on the model of the washer. However, for most GE models, the reset button will be located on the front of the door near the top where the other controls are located. You may need to open the door for other models to access the reset button, which is on the top of the door.

How do I Run Diagnostics on my GE Dishwasher?

The diagnostic initiation process may be different for each GE model. However, for some models, the process may involve pressing and holding down the "Cycle" and "Start" buttons for about 5 seconds. Before doing so, make sure the dishwasher is in "Standby" mode. You also want to ensure that the door is completely closed as well.

For the Triton GE models, you will need to press the cookware button and hold it down while pressing the "Heated Dry" button. Hold both buttons for 3 seconds to enter the diagnostic or "Service" mode. This will allow you to troubleshoot the error codes on the dishwasher without having to do much guesswork.

Dishwasher Repair with Multimeter

What Do Do If The Dishwasher Won't Start

The diagnostic process should help you identify the issue with the dishwasher. However, if you still run into trouble, consider checking the following areas.

Check the Child Safety Lock

Most GE dishwashers have a child safety lock on them. This lock prevents children from opening the dishwasher or changing the settings. If the Child Safety Lock is on, the dishwasher won't function, so it's always best to double-check it first.

Check that the Door Latch is Operational

If the door latch on the dishwasher is broken, the door will not close, and as a result, the unit will not start. Sometimes the language switch can break, causing the door to hang open. You can check the glad to switch using a multimeter to test for continuity. The switch is faulty it will need replacement.

Check for Electronic or Timer Issues

Sometimes the issue can be with the dishwasher's electronics or the timer itself. If the timer is broken, the unit will not be able to sense that the previous cycle has finished so that it can start a new cycle. If electronics are the issue, a technician will need to inspect the unit's control panel to see if any fuses need to be replaced.

Check the Motor Relay

Once you have verified that the dishwasher is receiving power, check the motor relay switch using a multimeter. Sometimes the switch can malfunction, which will prevent the dishwasher from starting a new cycle. If the switch is faulty, it will need replacement as well.

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Inspect the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is responsible for providing power to the control board. If the fuse blows out, it will need to be replaced. The fuse has two wires attached to it, both of which you can check with a multimeter.

Is there a recall on GE dishwashers?

Yes. There was a massive recall on GE dishwashers in 2007. About 1.3 million dishwashers were recalled due to a liquid rinse aid leak inside the dishwashers' dispensers. The leak caused overheating and electrical shorts in the dishwashers—which can cause a fire hazard to consumers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that GE received close to 200 reports of overheated wiring and property damage because of the dishwashers.

Young Man In Overall With Toolbox Repairing Dishwasher. GE Dishwasher Beeps Every 60 Seconds—What To Do

Wrapping Things Up

It is fairly normal for GE dishwashers to beep every now and then, particularly when the usual settings are changed. However, It's always important to address any beeps and error codes immediately as they can warn you of serious issues with your dishwasher.

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