How Long Do You Fry Or Grill Hamburgers On Each Side?

So, you have researched making the perfect burger! You have the ingredients you want. And, you know how to shape them. Though, there is still a step missing. If you wonder how long you should fry or grill a hamburger on each side, you've come to the right place! 

It depends on a lot of factors! Patty thickness, meat type, and your personal preference for texture (only applies to beef) are the essential ones. You will have to cook other choices of meat throughout. Here is a general guideline for cooking beef burgers that are 3/4 of an inch in thickness:

  • Medium Rare - On one side, cook for 3 minutes. Flip and cook the other side for 4 minutes.
  • Medium - Start by cooking one side for 3 minutes. Then, flip it over and cook the other side for 5 minutes. 
  • Medium Well - Start with 3 minutes on one side. Flip and cook the patty for 6 minutes.
  • Well Done - 3 minutes to start on one side. Once 3 minutes are up, flip and cook for an additional 7 minutes.

Of course, there is more to cover when you want to prepare the perfect burger! While beef is the most common meat, that does not mean you cannot make a juicy burger out of others. Though, there are still a lot of factors that need to become familiar to you. If you would like to find out how to make different variations of juicy burgers, keep reading ahead.

Raw minced meat beef burger cutlets. Cooking meat and burgers background with olive oi, How Long Do You Fry Or Grill Hamburgers On Each Side?

How Long Do You Pan Fry Burgers?

Let us first touch on burgers made with beef. The first thing you want to do is make sure you chose the best beef for a burger. If you want the best results, 80-85% lean beef is a better choice than other lean types of meat. To kick the taste up a notch, you can buy beef fresh from a butcher.

As you may already know, meat shrinks as it cooks. To avoid this process, make a dimple in the middle of the patty. By doing this step, you prevent the burger from forming into a meatball. Now, let us get onto the stove!

Cooking On A Pan

High angle view of a cooking pan with two grilled burger meats surrounded by a rosemary stick and an olive oil bottle on a rustic wooden table, How Big Are Hamburger Patties?

First, you will need to use medium-high heat. If you want to get a bit accurate, medium-high heat ranges around 375-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you place the patty on the pan, you should hear a sizzle. After 3 minutes on one side, flip it. You will know it cooked well when you see a golden-brown sear.

Cooking Times

Now, here comes the preference types. As you may have noticed at the start of the article, you will begin by cooking one side for 3 minutes. How long you heat the other side is up to you.

To recap, here is the total time you will need to cook for each type:

  • Medium Rare - 6 minutes total
  • Medium - 7-8 minutes total
  • Medium Well - 9 minutes total
  • Well Done - 10 minutes total

As a reminder, these are the cooking time for a burger that is 3/4 inches thick. Some variations, like the 6 oz burger, have different cooking times. For 6 oz burgers and larger, it depends on your preference choosing how long to cook it.

Meat Source Matters

Fresh minced beef and pork meat in a mincer.

As a general rule, you should aim for a medium-well or well-done burger. To hit this target, you will need to cook each side for 4-5 minutes. The internal temperature for a medium-well burger should reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want well-done burgers, aim for an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

For information on how to measure meat temperature, check out our post here.

If you brought meat from a reputable butcher and ground it yourself, it is fine to cook the burger however you'd like. Otherwise, be cautious when going with medium-rare or medium burgers. 

Grill Times

If you are wondering if cooking times are the same on a grill, yes, they are! So, while it is easy to read and understand, it's a complicated process doing it in real-time. That is why we will give you some visual guidance through a YouTube video:

Smaller Burgers (3 oz or lower)

Smaller burgers take less time to cook. In general, it should be ready in about 5-6 minutes total. In other words, 3 minutes on one side and an additional 2-3 minutes on the other. To give you an example of what kind of burgers you can make with these, here's a video to help:

Turkey Burgers

When making turkey burgers, it is essential to note that you should cook them throughout. You want them to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. As some suggest, you will have to cook turkey for a bit longer. It will take around 8-12 minutes to cook adequately.

For visual guidance on how to make a turkey burger, here's a helpful video:

How Do You Know When To Flip A Burger?

Like most dishes that use meat, it can get tricky knowing when it is ready to flip! You will know it is time to turn over with some liquid pooling on the uncooked side. After you flip, do not to press down on the patty. This way, you do not release the juices that make a savory burger.

Flaming grill and beef burgers. The cook flips the Patty on the grill with a metal spatula

How Many Times Do You Flip a Burger On The Grill?

Now, that begs the question, how many times do you flip a burger? If you have worked with other meats, like steak, you might have heard the rule of not turning it over more than once. Is there truth to that rule?

According to some, the rule does not hold its weight. In fact, it is better to flip the meat more than once. The reason being that flipping it more than once allows the meat to cook evenly. Additionally, it cuts down the cooking time and lets it develop a good crust. 

In essence, it is similar to cooking both sides simultaneously. You expose each side to constant heat. Nevertheless, it is a slightly noticeable difference. If you want to adhere to the flip-once rule, that is also okay. This experience applies to both grilling and pan-frying. 

Is It Better To Grill Or Fry Burgers?

Delicious homemade hamburger and french fries

So, we have to address the question of which method is the best to cook burgers. It's a tricky topic, some like the taste that a grill offers while on the other hand, others claim burgers do not get as juicy on the grill as when you fry them. 

The main argument against the grill is the grates and the preparation required to work on one. You will need to overhandle the meat. This way, it will not fall in between the grates. Additionally, the grates are the enemy of a juicy burger!

The Grates

As you may notice, 20% fat is an ideal range of fat for a juicy burger. During the cooking process, it will leak out. However, on the pan, it will sear in its own fat. On the grill, you are less lucky because it will fall between the grates. So, not only do you lose the precious fat, but you also flare the flames.

By flaring the flames, you will most likely end up with a charred underside. If juicy burgers are your goal, then the grilling method is not the best for it. However, if you insist on grilling, some suggest taking your cast-iron skillet outside and using it on the grill.

How Do You Grill Burgers Without Burning Them?

Close up beef or pork meat barbecue burgers for hamburger prepared grilled on bbq fire flame grill, high angle view

Grilling requires some considerations. After all, you are preparing burgers on grates on an open flame. It is tough to repel the fire away from burning or deeply charring a burger. So, let's find out how to prevent that.

Preheating And Room Temperature Meat

Before you cook the patties, you might want to let them get up to room temperature. This way, you will avoid having a charred outside and a raw inside. Likewise, you want to preheat the grill by giving the flame time to catch. After this phase, leave the grill until the smoke dies down.

Doing these steps will guarantee you will not have unpredictable flames and overwhelming smokiness. Additionally, if you are going to cook other foods, make sure they are similar in cooking time. By doing this, you will not have to panic while checking on different food items at once.

Prevent Flare-Ups

The essential factor you want to eliminate is flare-ups. It is a burst of high and intense flames. If you are insistent on grilling, you might want to consider using ground beef with a lower fat percentage. The reason being that the more fat the meat contains, the more of a chance it will drip between the grates and ignite a large fire.

Though, if you still want to use the sweet spot ratio of 80/20, here are some rules to prevent flare-ups as much as possible:

  • Do not press on the burger. Pressing on it will release the juice inside. Then, the juices will add more to ignite the fire.
  • Likewise, do not puncture the patty. Puncturing it will ensure the fat drips down the grates, adding to the flame. 
  • Close the lid while cooking. By giving the grill less oxygen, there will be less to burn. This method also allows the patty to cook evenly.

Do You Cook Hamburgers On High Heat?

As mentioned previously, you should cook hamburgers on medium-high heat. Medium-high heat can range from 375-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Though, be careful when cooking with high heat. The outside can cook quicker, leaving the inside underdone.

Final Takeaway

Raw minced meat beef burger cutlets. Cooking meat and burgers background with olive oi, How Long Do You Fry Or Grill Hamburgers On Each Side?

Researching how to cook a dish is the first step to making them perfect. Of course, it is easier said than done. So, get out there and whip up some magnificent burgers. 

Before you go, do you have other concerns? How about if pizza goes bad if left out overnight? We have the answer! For more information, check out our post here. Until next time!

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