Frigidaire Vs. Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker: Which To Choose?

A portable ice maker is a convenient kitchen appliance that you can use most of the time in a year. Are you choosing between Frigidaire and Magic Chef portable ice makers and don't know which is better? Look no further, as we've done plenty of research and have the answers below!

Frigidaire portable ice makers are best for small areas, while Magic Chef portable ice makers are affordable.

The Frigidaire has a wide window with a separate control panel away from the lid, but the Magic Chef has a small one on top with the control panel on the cover lid.

Although both products produce a bullet type of ice, they differ by one pound in capacity, with the Magic Chef taking the upper hand. Reputable American companies manufacture these products.

There is more to products than only the highlights. Continue reading to know cleaning methods and the pros and cons to make the best choice. Without further ado, let's dive right into this article!

Two types of ice maker one on the left is from the fridge and the right one is from a portable ice maker, Frigidaire Vs. Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker: Which To Choose?

Choosing Between A Frigidaire And Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

In every home appliance you get, the last thing you want to experience is regret after buying a product. That's why choosing and looking at each detail is essential, making you a wise buyer.

Look at the features and specific qualities of the two leading portable ice makers in the market. They have similarities in size and descriptions. But, some differences will help you make up your mind.

Clean ice cubes from automatic ice maker

Frigidaire Portable Ice Maker

Here is a summary of Frigidaire Portable Ice Maker. It will help you quickly see the pros and cons of this system. We also have some specs below for you to consider before purchasing one:

  • Model: EFIC128-6COM
  • Price: $129.99
  • Ice shape: bullets; select small or large size
  • Ice production: 26 lbs./day
  • Minutes to make ice: 6-13 min
  • Top window: Large
  • Control panel: LED, touch control with indicator lights located at the top corner
  • Color/s available: black and silver
  • System: fully automatic control system [add water, plug in and press on]

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Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

Here is a list that sums up the Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker. It's easy to read and compare to the other portable ice maker mentioned above.

  • Model: HNIM27SV
  • Price: $119
  • Ice shape: bullets; select small or large size
  • Ice production: 27 lbs./day
  • Minutes to make ice: 7 min
  • Top window: small
  • Control panel: easy touch with indicator lights located at the bottom of the lid
  • Color/s available: silver
  • System: fully automatic control system [add water, plug in and press on]

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Pros And Cons Of The Frigidaire And Magic Chef Ice Makers

A woman opens an ice maker tray in the freezer to take ice cubes to cool drinks

The Frigidaire ice maker gains a good review regarding ease of use. It is recommendable for a one-person household or a small family. However, it creates a manageable noise within the kitchen.

And, if you're sensitive to noise, this is something that you want to reconsider.

The Magic Chef ice maker is known for its durability among its long-time customers. Reviews show that it makes ice quickly. However, the disadvantage is that it keeps the ice wet and stuck together.

Cleaning Each Portable Ice Maker

Surface cleaning home kitchen All purpose cleaner disinfectant spray bottle with towel to clean

Each has a guide in the manual where you can see the cleaning instruction from the manufacturer. Read these easy steps below to clean the Frigidaire and Magic Chef portable ice makers.

How To Clean The Frigidaire Ice Maker

  1. Turn off the machine. The power button is the green indicator light.
  2. Unplug the machine and wait to cool down for a few minutes.
  3. Push the water tray vertically to unload all the water into the reservoir.
  4. Pull off the drain plug to get rid of the excess water.
  5. Take the ice basket out.
  6. Rinse the water tube screen under flowing water.
  7. Moisten a soft fabric with vinegar and warm water to wipe the inside of the machine.
  8. Afterward, wipe it again with a clean damp fabric.
  9. Use warm water with soap to wash the ice basket and ice scoop.
  10. Re-install the drain plug and water tube screen.
  11. Moisten a soft cloth to wipe the exterior of the machine.
  12. Take note, never clean the evaporator fingers.

How To Clean The Magic Chef Ice Maker

  1. Turn off the machine by pressing the power button.
  2. Unplug the machine.
  3. Pull off the drain plug to get rid of the excess water.
  4. Moisten a soft rag with weak detergent and warm water to clean the inside of the machine.
  5. Do the same to the exterior. Make sure you clean it regularly.
  6. Push the drain plug back in.
  7. When the appliance is idle, open the water drain cap to prevent the water from dripping into the reservoir.

Does The Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker Keep Ice Frozen?

The Frigidaire countertop ice maker keeps the ice frozen for about 30 minutes to one hour. Later, it recycles the melted ice into a new batch of ice blocks.

To use it, plug in the machine and instantly make ice.

How Long Do Frigidaire Ice Makers Last?

An ice maker generally has a lifespan of three to ten years. You need to consider the brand's durability, water quality, and frequency of usage. These and more contribute to the longevity of an ice maker.

Can I Leave My Frigidaire Ice Maker On All The Time?

Like your fridge, you can always leave your Frigidaire ice maker running. Therefore, if you want ice any time of the day, it's advisable to leave it running.

Turning off the ice maker will let the ice melt into the water reservoir. You must turn it on and wait a few minutes to get your ice.

Why Is My Frigidaire Ice Maker So Slow?

Your Frigidaire ice maker might work slowly in a warm or high ambient temperature. Make sure to set your ice maker temperature below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use cold water to quicken the ice-making cycle.

Why Isn't My Frigidaire Portable Ice Machine Making Ice?

Scoop of Ice

Make sure to put the right amount of water into your Frigidaire ice maker. If it's still not working, There may be ice blockage. Turn off the ice maker for the blocked ice to melt.

Choose the smallest size of ice cubes. If the ice-making cycle looks normal, but there's no ice, there can be a blocked pipe so call a technician.

For more troubleshooting guides, check out our other related articles:

Why Does My Magic Chef Ice Maker Keep Saying Add Water?

If your Magic Chef 'add' water indicator is on even after filling it with water, it could have a defective water dispenser valve. Alternatively, check if the filter is working alright because it may be clogged.

Why Is My Magic Chef Ice Maker Fan Not Working?

Place your Magic Chef ice maker without blocking its air outlet. Don't put it against a wall or secluded area. It may slow down the ice-making process.

You can also clean the air outlet with a soft, damp cloth and wipe it to dry. If the fan doesn't work after cleaning, you can replace it or call a technician.

Where Is A Magic Chef Ice Maker's Reset Button?

You can manually reset your Magic Chef ice maker. Unplug the ice maker and wait for 10 seconds. Then, plug the ice maker back in and turn it on. Once you hit the power button, its indicator light should light.

Why Is My Magic Chef Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

Portable mini ice cube maker

The ice-making cycle seems normal, but if there's no ice, it means the ambient temperature is high. It would help if you lowered it down below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

There might be a refrigerant leak or a blocked pipe in the cooling system.

To Finish It Up

Two types of ice maker one on the left is from the fridge and the right one is from a portable ice maker

If you're looking for a budget-friendly portable ice maker, choose the Magic Chef portable ice maker. It is durable and reasonably priced.

On the other hand, the Frigidaire portable ice maker is easy to use in small spaces like camping or at a party with friends. Hopefully, it isn't that hard to choose now!

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